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Love Is What You Are

If you are seeking love come back to That which is undeniable: You ARE. This - Existingness - simply cannot be denied. This is what appears as the knowingness, I AM. As the ancients put it, I AM THAT I AM. Yet even THAT is but a tempral appearance to what is Real and Timeless ... your very NON-conceptual Being, or "Awareness Prior to I AM."

That is a Peace that cannot be disturbed, That is a Love that cannot be sullied by any "opposite" - That is a Timelessness before Time, That is the Isness before "It Is"; THAT is the Absolute before "I Am". That is No Thing at all! Yet THAT appears as "Every-Thing" in this wondrous dream of Being. To paraphrase Sri Nisargadatta, "This being No Thing is Wisdom; this Being Every Thing is Love".

Some residue of habitual energy-patterns in the brain, some thoughts and/or feelings of "me and mine" and desires to "attain" or "hold onto" Love or Wisdom, may arise. Not a problem so long as there is no investment in a belief that such stuff belongs to anyone!

Here is a pointer from my final teacher, John Wheeler:

"Sometimes the old ideas appear. There is no problem with that. Even if they appear they cannot really be believed, and so they whither away naturally on their own. How can you be a seeker or searcher when your very nature is what is to be obtained? So you can smile and watch the old ideas with some amusement! Whereas they used to generate seeking and suffering, now they cause a smile. In a few moments they are gone and you remain as you are, effortlessly. You are what you are. Any other idea, such as being some defective separate person is just a concept that appears to you and cannot touch you in any way. To discover that you are what you were seeking and no concept ever can touch what you are, is the end of seeking, suffering and doubt. What remains is peace and love itself, and this is none other than what you are. You are that. All comes to rest in this". ~ John Wheeler


It’s NOT “Just Words”

Paraphrasing one of my friends who shares as I do, "The difficulty is, when we apparently become individuals (in the belief in a "me") then we seem to have become "something" and we are convinced (falsely!) that "I am a thing and all that "out there" are "other things" and so now we have this longing for the thing called "me" to find another "thing" called release, or freedom, or enlightenment, or some other thing to be added on to "me"."

But since this "me" is only a false belief, this search for wholeness is totally FUTILE. All "paths, processes, practices" etc. only reinforce the false belief that there is an individual called "me" or "I" and "I" must seek and find Home, wholeness, emotional release, peace, or my "true nature". It is a hopeless search in which what is found is a temporary moment of peace which quickly disappears because the "me" has  not been investigated and found to be the phantom that it really is.

Understand that this is NOT "just words." It is common for the false self to reject the message out of self-survival. It's frightened to see this Nothingness because to it, this No Thing that is the Timeless Reality looks like its death! This points to 'personal death' - not the death of the body but the death of the "me"!

And, as a very wise fellow once said, again, I paraphrase, "There is a principle which is a bar against all true seeing, which is  proof against all pointers being heard and which cannot fail to keep one in everlasting ignorance--that principle is contempt prior to investigation".

You will not get anything here. It's really about "you" dying! You will get nothing for that "you" ... however you may LOSE something - the hypnotic and totally false dream of being 'you". In the Energy of Expanded Unified Aliveness that YOU are "you" may pass away. In Unknowing Freedom. This Spacelike Presence of Awareness, NON conceptual, NOT experience, NOT feeling, NOT any "thing" at all yet also being Everything ... This is What you always have been ... Life Itself devoid of separateness or suffering.

Let that sink in, please .....

And here is a highly recommended brief audio to listen to a few times:




Conference Calls

Q: Dear Charlie, I am sorry to hear that you are discontinuing your conference calls. I have found listening to them extremely helpful over the past months and would like to say thank you for sending them. I look forward to receiving your e-mails full of information and articles and hope they will continue. Listening to the conference calls everyone sounds extremely pleasant and great fun with a sense of humour and serious intent to see what is timelessly real. Unfortunately, living in the UK I am not able to attend your meetings in Enid followed by the lunch. However, I understand that you will be visiting the UK later this year and I look forward to coming along to the meeting in London. With my best wishes, love from BM in The UK.

A: Poor health has made the trip to London unlikely; currently there are no plans to visit London.

Tony Parsons ( is very clear on this and shares from the direct seeing that all there is, is The One. Tony is right in your back yard! Visit his site, get his audios, and if doubts arise just stay with his sharing - and you can ring him up if there are any questions.

Jeff Foster, also very clear, is also sharing this in the UK. His site is

You are also welcome to give me a ring if you like and as mentioned I am focusing more on one to one consultations to get any final questions dissolved.

Also, if a number of people want the conference call to be reinstated that would be possible but I would like to see at least five callers to make the effort worth it (recently there have only been one or two calling in and those would be better served by a one to one consultation.)

Pretty much all I have to share and all typical “frequently asked” questions are dealt with in my books and I am a bit tired now so I am not moved to simply repeat what has already been shared. But nobody really knows what will happen! The newseltters will most likely continue to appear once a week or so ... Anyway many thanks for your good wishes. Love, Charlie


Identity “I Am This Body” Is Suffering

When the identity goes onto flesh and bone, blood and guts, thought and feeling machinery called “This Body” that that identity as a born and sure to die body as I Am brings attachment or aversion. But only always.

When awareness “contracts" and appears or arises as consciousness the game is on!

Consciousness I AM, I EXIST (not the concept I but the pure I of empty consciousness or “witnessing Presence) though empty and meaningless energy, that energy contracts further and then that consciousness attaches to the brain-body apparatus, and from there on out there is always a sense of suffering, of something lost, of pain or pleasure. The identity now seems solid and the bones and flesh seem separated from Awareness and separated from Consciousness … and then appear solid and really separated from the Life Itself - as the positive-negative poles of the conscious identity called “I am this body, brain, thinking-feeling machine” contract more and more as life in the body goes on from birth to inevitable death. This identity is a vast cauldron of suffering as there is either attachment to the body (trying to extend its life) or aversion (really being so sick and tired of being sick and tired the consciousness just wants that body to die now as it has become a burden that can hardly be borne any longer.

This identity, though false, is so seemingly real to all but a few called sages that the world population is largely doomed to suffering this illusion of birth and death.

What to do?

First off understand that you are Awareness, and that Awareness is PRIOR to the Consciousness of Being. Then understand that whether the body lives or dies is irrelevant to Awareness and even to Consciousness (and do understand that Awareness and Consciousness while appearing as distinct are not actually separate, in the same way that a wave is not the ocean yet it is made of the same essence of water that the ocean is… and so the wave called Consciousness is both separate from and is essence the same as the ocean called Awareness.

What good is this understanding to the suffering identified one who considers himself or herself to be this temporary born and sure to die body? No one knows. But this understanding MAY bring a deeper insight into what is Eternal and Real distinct from what only SEEMS real (no matter how convincingly).

No promises!

Most suffer and die in this identity. Few recognize another bigger possibility … the Eternal Possibility of freedom, power and love… the freedom of Being. The power of Consciousness-Energy, and the Love of what IS as it is.

Being lived by Awareness-Consciousness and no longer taking oneself to be a separate born-sure-to-die body brain apparatus is the Eternal Possibility of Being Itself.

May all beings be free in This Presence, beyond body, brain, mind, emotion, beyond understanding and beyond seeking.

Paradise Found.



"Are You And Bob Adamson 'Enlightened Persons"?

Q: A “seeker writes, “Do you really think yourself and Bob Adamson are enlightened persons?

A: My response is twofold: One, There are no "enlightened persons" …there IS no "person" in What Is … "enlightenment" is a concept ... there is no such thing in Reality …  "bob" and "charlie" and “[seeker’s name]” are concepts describing hunks of mobile meat, machines … there is no enlightened "meat" …. Yet … all there is, is "enlightenment" (A LABEL FOR) the timeless being called "That" …

Tat Tvam Asi

That Thou Art

That IS (what is)

Q: So you know for sure that you are that and nothing else?

A: Don’t YOU?

Q: I am confused. I know that the only greatest certainty I have is that I am. I know that I am not my body, mind or the person.

But that only truth still which remains is that I am.

I know that I could be awareness because I am there even when I am asleep.

But what really irritates me is , in the book, I am that...Maharaj says you have to go beyond I am ....its the eternal state, the state in which beingness and non-being exist together… the state in which I was before conception in the mother's womb. I am not sure what the hell is all that about. How can I remember what I was in the mother's womb?

A: Irritates WHO!? One, Read the attached free version of “Paradise Found”. All these questions are dealt with in my books and I am tired now so do not simply repeat what has already been shared.

Two, ponder Bob Adamson’s pointers and decide about his authenticity for yourself! I assure you that there is NO doubt here that Bob is NO different than Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and speaks FROM that timeless Being that YOU truly are…

"Emptiness, suffused with intelligence (knowing), can be a useful pointer or description, but remember--the description can never be the described. It is a valuable pointer only if in looking or seeing there is a recognising of the actuality of this natural emptiness.


Every thing comes from, appears in, and returns to this natural emptiness. The coming and going of things is transience, but the cognising emptiness, being empty, does not come and go. Being empty, it is of itself no thing. It can never be filled or emptied of things, for things appearing in emptiness have no independent nature of themselves, and so in reality things are the same emptiness--appearing as other. Every thing perceived is emptiness.

There can only be a problem if things--including the so called 'seer'--are believed to be other than this natural emptiness".


"In recognising presence awareness, there is no 'thing' to see, just natural non-conceptual seeing, actually as it is without subject or object. See this and the realisation is immediate that what is labeled as awareness or consciousness or mind can never be formulated as either a subject or an object. Being empty of a subject or object, it is emptiness seeing (cognising emptiness). Emptiness can never be emptied of emptiness, nor can it be filled by emptiness. With that concept cancelled out, only the wordless thoughtless indescribable emptiness remains. Not a vacuum or a void, but a vivid self-shining, self-knowing, self-aware emptiness, like a clear sky full of light. See for yourself. No one or other can do it for you. Immediate simplicity. Continue to see that the seeing is continuous. Any doubt, question, or argument, and the conceptual seeker has appeared again. See that and non-conceptual emptiness remains undisturbed".


"Recognise the naturalness that you are--pure, all pervasive, space like, ever expressing, spontaneous presence-awareness, with no reference point (self nature) having any substance or independent existence. Failing to recognise naturalness (the unity of appearance and emptiness, space and its content), delusion happens and there is a grasping of or fixation on appearance--me and the other--a seeming duality. Without that fixation there is freedom as naturalness, delusion dissolves and evenness (non-duality) remains--the natural state--simply this, nothing else. Naturally remaining as naturalness (equanimity) is the natural (effortless) meditation of no one to meditate and nothing to meditate on--no trying to get or trying to avoid, just effortless being which is always already so. Recognise this again and again".


"The reflection is not in the mirror but of the mirror".

(More HERE.)


There are NO clearer pointers to the Nonconceptual Universal I AM that is the only Reality than these!


You Can’t See or Know Your Self

It is impossible to grasp and hold the eternal selflessness. Why? This timeless statelessness is unconditioned unkept raw and wild open darkness ... Love but REAL Love. This is is Endless Embracing allowing, a vastness beyond the ken of mind and self to grasp ....Being, appearing as what the mind (the ego-sense of being an individual) sees as either love or hate, either courage or fear, either war or peace. This Infinite Eternal Stateless Love IS ALL OF THAT and NONE OF THAT.


What Is "Love?"

There is NOTHING separate from Love. There is NO Love apart from This .... righthererightnow Awareness.......

What if the search really is over? What if you REALLY ARE what you have been seeking inside these “conceptual structures” – ideas only – of time, location and viewpoint? What is left to seek? Where is a seeker? The seeker is just a thought of a me. Where IS that person who claims I think and I feel? Try to grasp a thought. Might as well try to put a pound of space in a sieve.

Does a thought of I being me actually have any substance at all? And try to grasp it! Try and grip onto any experience! Too late! Clouds pass. You Are The SKY of Awareness - no thing but That thou art. Be Still. Be. Empty.

By the time you show up as an apparent entity to seemingly have a go at grasping and hanging onto an experience - or a thought - too late - long gone!

What will your next thought be? Until it appears do you know? Can you? If not ... then who thinks? 

In unknowing all alone - This Endless Love is seen. This is Essence, Source, One Taste ... Belonging To No One.

Only when your life is lost into Life Itself can it be said by nobody at all that "awakening has happened". But that is just another unplanned thought ... and there will be no one to claim "i am awakened". (Such a claimant would be just another unsought thought ...)

This Cannot Be Taught.

Seeking "Wholeness", Completion, Happiness, Love or "Liberation" from “Another”, whether that "revered other" be a "Guru, Guide, Lover, or Friend", is a perfect way to avoid Paradise. Paradise is THIS. Just as it Is and just as it Isn’t. All seeking "out there" is a dream of a “me”, foolishly knocking on the door to Paradise, from inside Paradise. Paradise is only lost in seeking it!

This Loving Oneness Cannot Be Known. To “know” Oneness there would have to be a sense of separation FROM Oneness. Who cannot see the fault in that logic?

"Can you identify a single thing that is not an object to the subject that you are? Is the you, that is attempting to do this, an object as well?" - John Greven

Objects, by definition, are temporary... what is That which is NOT temporary, That which has NO beginning or end, That which does not change? The Eternal is NOT a thing, yet there is ISness. What is That Unchanging Isness? Is That Isness an object appearing to the subject that You are?


Resolve Your Authentic Identity First

If there is a sense of longing for love, happiness or peace, a feeling of needing to locate a truth, a sense of something still missing or something wrong, you must resolve the core issue of your real “self-identity” right from the beginning. Knowing what you are and also knowing what you are not is essential to realizing the natural state of your true Being. But knowing what you are not (not that not that, not body not words not this or that) will not necessarily give the final push into the Eternal State. One can spend a whole lifetime on self-inquiry, yoga, study of scriptures, meditation, worship, or any other path of “becoming” and “someday” and end up with nothing more than extreme frustration - unless the core issue of authentic identity is not resolved right out of the gate.

Do you know what you really are? Get THAT handled first.

What are you? Undeniable Being. YOU ARE. Any doubt about that? Awareness IS. Any question that Awareness IS?



Notice that language is temporary, and that temporal appearance comes and goes IN what is Real – Emptiness, zero and less than zero, also called (but only with language) “Being”.

But where is Being PRIOR to the assumption of a linguistic reference point? Do "you" exist at all? Without language how would you know this "me" you claim  “I Am”?

Know Not

Most of what we "know" is past, memory. All else we seem to "know" is future, speculation, imagination. All we think or believe we know as now is Not Really Now.

What IS is Prior To Now - and how could THAT be known? And by whom? 

What is REAL? Not that not this. No thing? NO! Not even no thing. This is NOT a perception, NOT an experience, NOT an experiencer, NOT a thought, NOT a thinker, NOT knowledge, NOT a knower, NOT a thing, NOT no thing.

Anything said is past and a lie. All beliefs are lies and only linguistic folly. This is no thing and not no thing. That and Not That.

Un figure outable, un knowable, un experiencable, un graspable, un. UN. Not one and not many, not two and not even NOT two.....

Stop. Drop. Drop. Drop it drop the dropper drop that and stop. Drop till you stop.

But Wait? There is NO Person. Who would drop what?


This Message is for No One.

If "you" are reading and ears are hearing your reading this as a self-centered "me" identity there will NOT be a true hearing, or seeing... the message is NOT that there is nothing you can do, it is that in Reality there IS no "you". The "message" is From I Am to I Am (with great Love.)

Many share they have pain, unwanted and persistent. Pain, hurts, are happenings in this dream as this timeless energy of aliveness pulsates into all forms from and AS formless Being. And it is only when "you" assume it is "your" pain or that it is “me” that hurts, that suffering arises. ALL suffering is rooted in one core false assumption: "I'm ME" - and that gives rise to "This is MY pain and moreover 'I' do not want this"!

The cure is simple: Remove the false cause and the effects cannot remain. To look within the space, that presence of awareness that is always clear and always present wherever “you” are, to seek the source of that assumed identity called “me” with “my” body and “my” thoughts, uproots the assumed cause of all suffering. Simply look for the one you call “me” and see what you find. If anything! (You will find nothing - which is another label for the Unborn You - Being-Energy-Love.)

Remove the false and only the Real remains, shining presently as the One Self you are. Ever fresh, appearing as Everything, to No One (or NoThing, to EveryOne.)

Paradise Found - But Paradise was never lost.


What Is Seeking Who?

Many say “I have been seeking”. That is not true! There is no I apart from all that is; that “I” you claim as an identity is nothing but a thought that comes and goes in awareness. And the concept I points to No Thing - That no thing is simple Awareness, Presence, Being. That is NOT a concept. I as a concept points to that awraeness. Like air as a concept points to the stuff that the body breatehs in and out. Can't see air but it IS. Obviously. Can't see awarness - that IS ... obviously. IT IS and IS what you are.

Seeking is a story added to that I that is just an assumed identity and that identity is just flat false. What is TRUE? Who are you really? That assumption of being an “I” apart IS the assumed separateness and it is ALL just a bunch of thoughts. Whether any thoughts or stories are here or not awareness is simply never missing, never changes. This understanding is simplicity itself: That awareness is what you are, silent, clear, empty, all embracing stillness in which sounds and movements arise. Take your stand as I AM Awareness and refuse the mind’s stance or positionality “I am I, me, separate form awareness”. How can any appearance, any thought, any story actually be separate for awareness? Nothing can appear unless the No Thing of awareness is. Awareness is here now, first and foremost. Who can’t see that awareness is never missing?

Don’t mistake what you are – awareness – to be a thing apart from itself. You are No Thing. Only That!



Who Asks?

Q: With respect Sir, Who is this message for... From one character in this dream to another.... Both do not have any control... Without control how does one say 'Who am I' ???

C. Believe NOTHING! Ask YOU who is this entity here which now believes "there is no control!?" That is another ego-ignorance! ASK YOU. WHO AM I? Seek the Source of the I that asks and believes....

Q: Who is to ask 'Who am I'

C: The assumed entity that asks THIS

Q: So the 'Assumed Entity' should ask 'Who am I' on and on mechanically without expecting any answer. What is achieved here?

C. What is "achieved"? Absolutely NOTHING. Find the Source of that I that refuses to ask itself. No more of  these sorts of questions will be answered here now. REFUSE all questions except "who am I?" Refuse all answers except I AM I. See that I is empty, meaningless. You are that I – THAT is NO THING. Full Stop! Love!


15 August 2008

Great New DVD

A Review: Consciousness and Beyond - The Final Teachings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj DVD Video (Click Link above to get it on Amazon)

Stunning and Authentic Pointers to What Is REAL and PRIOR to All 

Very moving tribute to two great Beings - Bhagavan Nityananda and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. Stephen Wolinsky has come out of the direct non-experience of That which IS and Prior To I AM to impossibly share the nonexpressible unknowable Isness of Absolute Love.

A movement of Love, Grace, whatever label you like for the Reality beyond appearance of name form and language.... Prior to Consciousness, prior to language, even prior to nothingness, You ARE - THAT. That IS The Absolute ... A humble bow to This ... gratitude flows into awareness from This.

Highly recommended!


15 August 2008

Keep It Simple!

Q: Why did the Buddha advocate the eightfold path as a means to liberation? (goes on to list the whole 'path' thing! - deleted.)

C. First off - who is this entity that “wants to know?” What is this persona-mask ‘me’ that assumes it is real, and wants to have answers, which are all useless, and that does not recognize that ALL “why” questions are simply going to lead to more bullshit story? WHO wants yet another endless meaningless “tale told by an idiot, filled with sound and fury, signifying … NOTHING!”?

Secondly, nobody really knows what that appearance of Life Itself some call “Buddha” REALLY uttered and yet from direct seeing I tell you that beyond ANY doubt, the truth is a pathless land (as J. Krishnamurti put it- purportedly.) Look: ALL paths lead AWAY from Paradise! Moreover, all "why" questions are coming out of an assumption that (a) there is an entity that needs or wants to know, a "me", and (b) another entity called "Awake one i.e. Buddha" who had answers and talked to others "not awake". There just ARE no such "persons" - it's all a bullcrap story!

Frankly I seriously doubt that the Buddha appearance ever did "teach" any such. The sense of it here is that since there IS no person, no individual, no Buddha, no not-Buddha, no "awakened one" and no "unawakened one", that this story got perpetrated in the ignorance of those minds that interpret and turn a spontaneous utterance of a fresh timeless burst of energy arising as sounds into some holy bullshit.

Ponder this: If the Buddha really said THIS -- (which from here seems perhaps more likely that the exhortation to follow some arduous “path”) -- “Actions happen, deeds are done, but there IS no ‘individual doer thereof” -- then for whom would any ‘path’ have been advocated!? And BY whom?


Let’s be clear! In this Timelessness, this ever-new Being-Awareness-Love, there IS no path and there IS no such “attainment” as “liberation”. There is NO path, NO goal, NO seeker, NO Buddha - the old zen masters said "If you meet the Buddha on the road kill him!" Thereby pointing to the FACT that there IS no "Buddha" --  and no "you!"

There is NO Liberation ... OR, all there IS is Liberation i.e. Timeless Spaceless BEING appearing as everything! ...  but the words only POINT and do not describe – THIS that You ARE is UTTERLY beyond description, beyond perception, PRIOR to language, Empty yet Full Being – LIFE Itself, ALIVENESS. NOR do the words prescribe a path to "somewhere other than here" that can be reached "somewhen other than now”. There just is NOTHING to get and NO-ONE to “get” that!

You cannot get Here from Here! AND there IS no "person," no "you" - that is a false assumption that leads to endless questions and seeking (and suffering!) so long as the assumption goes unchallenged!

The bottom line is there is nothing to get because there is no one to get this No Thing that IS – Timeless Being, Nothing being Everything NOT TWO! It’s an already Done Deal! Seeking and paths are DENIAL of that! STOP NOW. BE. There is ONLY This Being as it is! Full stop.

To be real and straight about it, that "path to liberation" is absolutely bullshit. As is pointed out in the introduction of the book “Paradise Found”, if ANYTHING is assumed to be other than ignorant bullshit then the perspective is simply one of utter ignorance. Ignoring your Emptiness you tell a bullshit story of a me and a Buddha and a path. THAT is all a load of ignorant crap. Got it?

IF “you” still accept the mind’s lie that there IS a “you” person, then that you is being a FAKE. ERASE that phony, that mental assumption of a separate “me,” the con man or woman - just ask that believed believer “you” assume “you” are, "who asks this question?" WHO AM I? WHAT AM I? I AM. But WHAT?

Give up ALL your other questions and stop believing these stories; dismantle that believer! Drop it all by refusing to ask anyone else OR yourself any question other than WHAT AM I?" And tale no answer but I AM. What Am I? I Am. Let that ERASE "you" once and for good!

The idea of paths and the idea of liberation are all just mental noises that are absolutely meaningless. What you are is empty, naked, meaningless presence awareness -- and even less than THAT!

Ponder these simple pointers:

“Get back to basics with this stuff. Do you know what your true nature is? You obviously exist. So is it clear what you are? If this is not clear, any amount of other pursuits will only be temporary palliatives that may sooth the symptoms of seeking, suffering and doubt. But since the resolution is only temporary, those things will return again. The resolution lies in clear self-knowledge, that is, knowing what you are without any doubts. This has nothing to do with any teaching, path or practice, but getting down to brass tacks and answering the question, "What am I?", not in terms of concepts or mental assertions, but in direct experience for yourself. What progress have you made in this essential, core pursuit? Is what you are clear at this point? Yes or no?" - John Wheeler

"Give up all questions except one: ‘Who am I?’ After all, the only fact you are sure of is that you are. The ‘I am’ is certain. The ‘I am this’ is not. Struggle to find out what you are in reality. To know what you are, you must first investigate and know what you are not".

"Refuse all thoughts except one: the thought 'I am'. The mind will rebel in the beginning, but with patience and perseverance it will yield and keep quiet. Once you are quiet, things will begin to happen spontaneously and quite naturally without any interference on your part." ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

"We are That, 'That' meaning the seeming place in awareness where awareness shines out. But in ignorance of the true nature, That we are, that seeming place in awareness is called me or I". - 'Sailor' Bob Adamson


13 August 2008

“Thanks, Mike!”

T.C. says, Listening to the last audio file (A Consultation With Mike) in the email I received, I realized that I react just like Mike. I feel like I have to respond like he did to a pointer that I am getting. To show I understand. When you admonished him basically to shut up that did me a great service.   Please thank him for me that he had the guts to sit there and take it.    

I know much of the time he was responding because he wanted you to realize he was still there on the other end of the line. I got a lot (or nothing) out of "you are what you don't know that you don't know." 

When that is considered it puts everything to a screeching halt.   

Full stop. Game over.

Thank you.

C. That is great to hear!

I have sent your note to Mike, I am sure it will be appreciated.




How Did Nothing Happen to No One?

"FAQ" (Frequently asked questions; all are answered in the books - free samples are available - and on YouTube - which is totally free)

Q: How did this realzation happen for you?

C. Two answers: First, pointers to The Timeless Inconceivable Truth? Nothing happens to no-one: There IS no “realization” for any “person”.

Or, nothing happened. There was a dream and the dream got seen as a dream by no-person.

Or, it is seen there is and never was or could be a real “personal entity” – that was a delusive assumption that, when seen through in Timelessness, is seen by no one to have never existed.

This will make no sense to a grasping thought-identity called you or me or mind or yourself myself. It cannot make sense because what is pointed to is beyond sense, beyond perception, conception, experience, and even beyond consciousness or being-awake or the space called “beyond”.

A pointer: This is naked-awareness and that is absolutely No Thing.

Second: In the “relative” or the dreamer’s story of happenings in time to apparent persons: In apparent “time”, upon a dreaming of this charliething meeting the apparent johnwheelerthing ... and this timeless Presence being pointed to ... and the false assumption of “I am me” being challenged, investigated, and it was proved absolutely that this “I” does NOT exist, and never did! ... the dream ended in This No Thing of Emptiness Loving ... (So the story goes … :-) … !!

Q: Another question: I love your pointers. Why don’t you advertise so you can become really popular like Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Liqourman, the Landmark Forum, Siddha Yoga, and The Sedona Method, to name just a few?

C. This appearance just really LOVES what “another non-entity” name of Sri Ranjit Maharaj said when asked this one? “I don’t exist!”. So who would advertise to whom? There IS no person here there any where.

This a dead man talking, nobody thinks or writes yet talking and writing happen. Strange paradox to the mind but you are NOT that thought-story than began with the thought “I am me” and got added to in ignorance so just see that right now! Refuse all thoughts expect I AM. Refuse all further questions and only ask “you” “Who Am I?”.

That’s all there is left for no-one to “do”. If there is still a believed assumed “identification with a “me” put that fake "me" to the task of finding itself. It can be seen that the search turns up nothing (and onlythat) and in this timeless seeing the search ends, the “person” falls away and all there is is This Naked Love – and directly there is the seeing that belongs to no one …  That, I Am.

Give this a listening – but not as a person listening to a person; rather as Self sharing Itself with Itself: 


No-one called charlie

PS: ponder the following from a cohort in this Oneness ... if you dare and ...let the ignorant identy crumble and die now...

“The Open Secret communication is totally radical and uncompromising. It is a rare and singular expression of absolute non-dualism. It bypasses the mind and speaks directly to the very core of a wisdom that is inherent in all of us. When there is a readiness to hear, all seeking and need for personal endeavour falls away, leaving simply the wonder of what is.

There is no me and no you, no seeker, no enlightenment, no disciple and no guru. There is no better or worse, no path, and nothing that has to be achieved. All appearance is source. All that apparently manifests – the world, the life story, the hypnotic dream of separation, the search for home, is the one appearing as two, the nothing appearing as everything, the absolute appearing as the relative.

There is no separate intelligence weaving a destiny, and no choice functioning at any level. What is sought has never been lost . . . the abiding, boundless wonder that is beyond measure”.

- Tony Parsons,


What Is Love?

P.A. Says, Thank (you)  thank (you)  thank (you)
I thought you might enjoy a pointer that I put into words:
What is?
Love is.
What is love?
Love is What.
What is.
I love you Charlie.  I'm grateful for your showing up. 

Watching your YouTube contributions leave me gone and just present.

C.  Great! Thank YOU.

Self Loving Self Alone (All One!)  _______________________________________________________________________________

out beyond here

i am That I AM

  way before now

 i am not yes

    i am not no

no sense out of control

  i and not i

no One in charge

no fault no blame

   out before here in That where

                 surprise ?!?

there is no-person 

i am that I AM

I AM That i am

out of sight out of mind

not not now not not here

or verses vice-a

not i not thou

not god not satan

not good not evil

not you not not you

not this not that not other not

not different not the same

no me no thee



what is i  ???

what i don’t know that i don’t know

and not that either  !!!

forever no

no love no hate

not desire not desireless

not this that or the other THING




) who am i

no one !  i see said the blind man ( 

who am i  !  i am who i am i am who ?

i  am That I AM

i am i am i am i am i am i am

     bang          !  ?


(this is LOVE



05 August 2008

Is Awareness Eternal?

Q: I watched the latest Video on YouTube, and I get that I/we am awareness now,but is it eternal? how do we know? Is awareness aware of itself after the death of the body? It's possible we are just awareness from the brain. Maybe brain consciousness is all there is and it dies when the body dies or goes to sleep.....

A. NOTE Charlie will be on vacation through 7 August. Read "Paradise Found". It covers most all such dilemma questions. In essence, you are mistaking consciousness for eternal awareness. Always the suggestion is to come back to what you know directly: I AM. Be- ing, just That. ALL else is mental speculation and empty philosophy. BE. Just That. Awareness is PRIOR to consciousness of waking or dream. The Eternal is UNKNOWABLE yet It is the Ultimate and Only actual Reality...

Ponder this from John Wheeler: "The point of all this is to know yourself. Is your being and its true nature clear at this point? All the questions and problems arise from this being in doubt. So, rather than deal with questions on a piecemeal basis, go right to the root issue.

"Who and what are you? You know you are. That cannot be denied. But what is the nature of this that you are? Tackle that first, and all the rest will stand clarified by that. Until that point, if even if questions are addressed, there is no real end to them." (

Full Stop!


03 August 2008

You Neither Attain Nor Lose Awareness...

You ARE Awareness.

Q: "I am practising the "I am" method for a few months now. And now I am able to be in awareness some times of the day. Hopefully if I have any questions I hope you will reply to me. "

C. You do not "go in or out" of awareness. YOU ARE AWARENESS.

The thought "I am" “and even the "experience of being "I Am" is NOT Spaceless Timeless Awareness, NOT Being, NOT Eternal, NOT the Ultimate Truth. WHO says "I am practicing"? WHO claims this doing of any pondering or taking up practice of any method? Who are you assuming you to be? The doer? The knower? The one who attains or loses Awareness? Who believes this? Where is that one who believes, practices, claims to know OR not know?

You neither attain nor lose Awareness. Your real nature IS Awareness. Awareness is SAT, Existingness. Just “I-I” or No Thing, Being And Not-A-Concept. Is IS THAT TRUE? ASK YOU.

Inquire: What IS “reality”? What IS “Eternal”? What IS “Time”? What IS “Love”? What is That What Never Changes EVER?

“I AM” is CHIT, Consciousness or Clarity. Is it true? Ask YOU.

The word THAT in the pointer I AM THAT is pointing AT ANANDA ... Bliss or Peace. SAT-CHIT-ANANDA - YOU as Awareness-Clarity-Joy. Reality BEYOND assumptions, perceptions, sensations, emotions, stories, identities, beliefs, beyond all yet permeating all, Ultimate Emptiness, Tat Tvam Asi - THAT THOU ART! These are NOT three, NOT two, NOT one.

Try to grasp That which NEVER Changes, try to grab and hold THAT which is Beyond Perception, Beyond Knowing, Beyond Grasping, Beyond both Being and Not-Being.

Look And see, can anything graspable last? It is all gone the moment it arises. Only Life is Timeless, isn’t it true? look and see.

Nothing you can grasp lasts. Nothing you can grasp is real. Reality is Not That Not That.

Grasp THAT!


02 August 2008

What IS ‘Ruthless Compassion’?

Q: I hear you use a term, “Ruthless Compassion”. Can you explain what that is please?

C. Call it ... "A Divine Fire that burns out the false; Absolute Unconditional LOVE" .

BEYOND labels, BEYOND description, UN knowable. IT IS. That is ALL.


01 August 2008

A bit more from The Holiday Cave :-)

First: A Potent Pointing from my teacher John Wheeler:

"Pause all thought and look in direct experience. What is here and now, and what are you? How far are you from non-conceptual presence-awareness, and where is the presumed person, with his or her need for paths, practices and purifications? Before granting the need for such things, one must first establish the presence of the defective person. If there is no person, then who are we speaking about? The problem with teachings, however grand they may be, is that in the end they are collections of concepts. The recorded teachings of the greatest teachers, such as Shankara, Buddha or whomever it may be, are nothing but words and concepts. What I am talking about is your natural state, which is here and now and not even touched by the mind. This is the beauty of the direct, non-conceptual truth of things. All the questions and problems are constructions in thought, for and about an imaginary entity whom we cannot even establish as present. That is the hitch with approaches that are dualistic and unfold in time or through a process of becoming. These approaches reaffirm the primacy of the individual, time, processes, attainments, teachers and students and so on (all of which are purely conceptual), as opposed to the ever-present, non-conceptual reality that you are".



Q: Charlie, you were a long time student of Kashmir Shaivism, yes? How did these teachings influence you and what is in your sense of that the essence of those teachings?

C. True, I did study the Shiva Sutras (Swami Lakshmanjoo's expression) and about a thousand other pointers of Shaivism. It finally all boiled down to these two:

1. Chaitanyamatma

The common translation: “Universal Consciousness is one's own nature”. “Chaityanam” = Consciousness. “Atma” = Self or The Undivided One. This is what we point out over and over here: You Are That ONE, NOT Two. Yet the paradox inherent in any such translation is, it is not “your” nature; is is, simply, True-nature, impersonal and self-knowing Being, or Cognizing Emptiness.

A clearer translation might be, “The Independent State of Supreme Consciousness is The Reality Of Everything”.  This is a newer translation which resonates beautifully here (from “Shiva Sutras, The Supreme Awakening” by John Hughes.)

2. Jnanam Bandhah

Again, one most popular translation is: “Knowing the individual consciousness as one's own nature and not knowing the Universal Consciousness as one's own nature, is bondage”.  Again I point out that the words “one’s own nature” tends to mislead owing to the seeming identity as True nature being somehow personal, which it is absolutely NOT. “IT” is not “an it” at all. Herein are the limits of language; impersonal consciousness is beyond language yet  - again paradoxically – the One Essence of language and all appearance of in and as language or what is usually called “mind”.

The Sage is saying here, to identify with any “separateness from Consciousness”  is bondage. As Nisargadatta repeatedly pointed out, “Knowledge is Ignorance”.  Jnanam = Knowledge and Bandhah = Bondage. But this knowledge is FALSE knowledge; as the Christian metaphor of Adam and Eve losing Paradise owing to their “eating from the tree of knowledge”. This false knowledge is simply, mistaking the Self which is Universal Consciousness to be a limited entity with paltry powers of will and choice in appearance but which is, in truth, a powerless concept and nothing more. A phantom, a chimera.

To come to see directly that what we are is Universal Being-Consciousness-Peace and NOT a person with limitations and problems is the natural happening of what some call “enlightenment”.

This – Perfect Peace – is what is timeless, eternally Real, a non-state state of Isness prior to concepts of time, space and location. This is the essence of what is called “Kashmir Shaivism” – and all other “isms” or “spiritual traditions”.

Feel free to write again if any other questions arise; meanwhile simply ponder these two essential pointers to what is Real and what is false. The Real never changes; the false is always changing. Yet these are Not Two. As The Buddha said it – form is emptiness, emptiness is form. Not Two.

Now cut through all that; just scroll back to the top and re-read that quote from John Wheeler. SO simple. SO direct!


31 July 2008

Another Holiday Reply (seems to just …. Happen!)

This Horridly Confusing - And

Incomprehensibly Wonderful - Paradox !

Q: Hi, Charlie, I hope this email finds you well and...dead.

C. Yep still dead.

Q: I've been contemplating my own death a lot lately, and, strangely, enough, this practice has given me a great deal of peace.  I know that, at some point in the future (nobody knows when), Joe is going to die...all of his hopes, fears, dreams, aspirations, and failures are going to end... it will all disappear back into the nothingness from which it came.  If this is true, and I'm not sure about the logic of this, I'm dead already!  What difference does it make whether or not it happens this second or 40 years from now...the result will be absolutely the same.  This is my "darkest night", my deepest fear, and yet, paradoxically, this seeing brings me great peace...there's no hope....and that feels very peaceful.

C. Now strike that "I" and "mine" and "my" and what is left? Nothing Being That. Any identification, drop it and no there is no you to drop it so it's a horridly confusing incomprehensibly wonderful paradox.

Q: I don't know what the next step is...

C. There is NO "next. There is a concept time that the mind takes to be real. Where IS "time", "next", "now"?

Q: …but I want to abide in this walking corpse for awhile and see how that works out.  Facing the thing I feared the very most has somehow produced a profound sense of relief...and freedom. 

C. Again: Now strike that "I" and "mine" and "my" and what is left? Nothing Being That.

Q: It's like, "You thought you were gonna die...well guess what, you're already dead...and loving it! (with apologies to Mel Brooks).  It's also like, "Well, every single thing you thought, hoped for, dreamed of, coveted, believed, etc. is going to disappear at the moment of your death, why not just get rid of all of that baggage now?"  Lay it all just doesn't feel necessary at all to animate this corpse.

C. Who tells this story? Who believes the lies this story is telling? It is all imagination, speculation, based on one faulty assumption: There is an I and I am that I. It's a pack of lies.

Q: Your thoughts, reflections, corrections as always would be greatly appreciated!

Ponder: Now strike that "I" and "mine" and "my" and what is left? Nothing Being That.

PS ...and, in point of fact, the "I" that I think I am never was born...never existed in the first place!  Literally mind-blowing!

C. How can what never existed be “blown”?


No one but Your Self 


31 July 2008

Let the Questioner Dissolve

N.D. Writes, A question is arising in consciousness to which no answer is arising.

How painful is death?

C. I am on holiday but Love wants to reply

Who would be there in death to care? Death is extinction – Nirvana – No thing no where! Beyond pain and pleasure. The pointer is, die now … look, who asks this? Seek the Source of that “that thinks IT IS and can DIE!”

Q: If painful why does consciousness experience this pain? It must be consciousness that experiences the pain as THAT's the only real thing capable of any experience? What's the point of experiencing it countless number of times in its countless identifications? Does consciousness see the organism collapsing? Or Do the lights go off? What does consciousness identify with now?

C. Nothing. Consciousness is an appearance in No Thing and even THAT is only an Ultimate and not The Absolute. You are Not That Not That. Drop all and look for the Source of that I asker that wants some “master” to “tell me a story”!

Q: These questions arise in consciousness but no answers arise. The ever present consciousness has no clue... Warmest Regards…

C. Here is your answer, my friend ...

Ponder, WHO asks? WHO AM I?

The I AM is sure. Seek the SOURCE of I AM. You do assume you have control! 

The one you assume you are must be challenged!

Seek the Source of that "I" which asks and doubts. You will find all sorts of assumptions but NONE of these assumptions are real. The final answer is in Not That Not That Not That!

I Am Not That.

  You Are Not That.

    All Of This Is Nothing But Not That.

That is all. Not That Not That.

   This is Now and Never........

And Now Not That either!

Stop. Drop. Let the I been seen through -- it’s Now or never -- and Not That either!



  24 July 2008
  A Goodie from L.G. -
  Hi Charles, thought you might like this!
  C. Yes! Priceless!
      The Birthday Card >>


21 July 2008

Rich Hay's Review of "Paradise Found"

Charlie’s Living Expression of the “Truth that Sets us Free” is, as he himself (or Not Self) is so fond of saying, is of the “Hardball and/or End Game" variety. With this in mind, one might also say that Charlie Hayes is, quite literally, a perfect expression of “Tough Love.” As such, “Paradise Found” does not offer to wake “YOU” up to “What YOU Always Already ARE” softly or gently, but rather (if one has the nerve) to provide a “cold slap in the face" (and repeatedly hard kick in the "ego’s butt") until “No One gets It"! 

However, if you truly are “sick and tired of being sick and tired" (read: suffering), and are actually serious about “getting out of the way” (of your Self), this is the last book the “seeker you believe yourself be” will ever think it needs.  And although Charlie's "north end" will repeatedly remind you that anything other than I Am (and even That) is BS, his Obvious Love for That Which Is Beyond Relative Conception (read: YOU) is Self-Evident and Passionate.  (Note: Though there may yet be other books forthcoming, this one may actually be “Mister Charlie’s Opus”!) 

Friend and Author of “Out of My Mind and Back to My Senses,” retired Military and Airline Pilot, and 40 year (some of us become true masters of avoiding the Obvious Truth of Being in favor of “self-delusion and suffering”) seeker of Truth as the Common Thread in All, Rich Hay, Major, USAF (Retired)

PS Today’s Hay-Ku:

“Who I think I am”

Is a reflected-image

Of the “One I Am.”

PS: Today’s Hay-Ku:

“Who I think I am”

Is a reflected-image

Of the “One I Am.”


20 July 2008

Who Do You Think You Are?

Questions Requiring Honest Answers

Who do you think you are? Are you the Source of your life? Are you responsible for controlling the beating of your heart? Are you the Source of that beating heart?

Who do you think you are? Are you the Source of the world of others? Are you responsible for the war in Iraq? Are you the Source of the Stock market’s rollercoaster ride? Who do you think you are? Who do you know you are? Are you the Source of thinking you know who you are? Are you the Source of that energy making the sun burn, the earth turn? Who do you feel you are? Are you the Source of what you feel? Who do you think woke you up today? Who do you think you are? The One who woke your body up? Did you make sure not to die in your sleep? Who do you think believes feels knows accepts denies rejects adores hates loves what IS? Who do you think you are? Are you the Source? Are you responsible for anything? Everything? Nothing? Are you at all? Are You I Am I you IS there a Source? WHERE IS IT?

Questions Requiring Honests Answers

Who do I think I am? Am I the Source of my life? Am I responsible for controlling the beating of my heart? Am I the Source of that beating heart? Who do I think I am?

Am I the Source of the world of others? Am I responsible for the war in Iraq? Am I the Source of the Stock market’s rollercoaster ride? Who do I think I am? Who do I know I am? Am I the Source of thinking I know who I am? Am I the Source of that energy making the sun burn, the earth turn? Who do I feel I am? Am I the Source of what I feel?

Who do I think woke I up today? Who do I think I am? The One who woke my body up?

Did I make sure not to die in my sleep? Who do I think believes feels knows accepts denies rejects adores hates loves what IS? Who do I think I am? Am I separate from my Source? Am I a thing at all? Am I Source? Am I responsible for anything? Everything? Nothing? Am I at all? AM I? Am I at all? Are You I Am I you IS there a Source? WHERE IS IT?

Do I have a Source? Do you? Where is my Root Core Source? Your Source? Am I Source? Are you Source?

Who do you think you are?


19 July 2008

No One Really Wants To Know This

Gilbert shares this today … The radical view IS this natural SEEING, happening right now, right there.  (You wont be able to find a 'point' where it is happening).

In that SEEING, the so-called 'mind' is obviously nothing but appearances, words, concepts etc.....they do not actually appear as 'something' seen, in the ACTUAL seeing.  If you believe they do, then what color or shape are they?

These points are so obvious (here) I never give it a thought, so to speak.  If I contemplate it, it seems strange that everyone can't see this obviousness...but that thought dissolves by itself.

The obvious thing is that no one wants to know about this stuff.....they want to hang onto their beliefs, knock them into shape and continue on.

Many want to play with the non duality jargon and play games of 'getting it' etc.  The latest gig is Psychotherapist catching onto the business opportunity ........ “POST AWAKENING”  ........ those appearances posing as “teachers” 'create' masses of believers in having to LEARN how to live the Awakened State of Being ......... apparently it is rife in places like Santa Cruz, California ........ [yes, and also in places like” Ashland, Oregon”].

It is SO one is released...they just learn how to pretend to be released from suffering ....... if they knew how transparent the whole thing is, they would cease to play these silly games .............. Ordinary awareness is totally present in everyone .... it has nothing to do with 'personality and ego'.

C. Spot on as always, Gilbert.

Can it be seen? Happiness is what you are ... to seek it denies it ... The wonderful paradox! "You must get rid of you” - can what does not exist get rid of what does not exist? Wherever you go, HERE, You ARE! Nowhere, Everywhere ...  Simply Being. Full Stop!

(Gilbert’s blog can be found at


19 July 2008

Flowers In Air

Many pen lovely poems! Rumi. Hafiz. Kabir. But still these poems are ONLY conceptual. The Real is NOT a concept, no matter how “flowery”! Some are quite lovely, but still, they are like “flowers in air” – and try but always must fail to point to That which mind cannot grasp.

What IS, is inexpressible yet Does Exist…

A seeker writes and asks for “guidance, says a teacher is wanted. The seeker says say "I" a LOT. "I, me, myself" - what are those? What IS that "I"? Dear seeker: What exactly do you assume you are? Look! Really LOOK and do NOT just "think about it"! Look from Naked Awareness. LOOK.

Who – or what ‘mechanism’ - asks for “guidance”? Who says “I’m lost”? How can you LOSE the actual indisputable ever present FACT that There IS BEING? Who asks “how”? Who asks “who am I”? WHO!? Where IS the Asker? The Speaker? The thinker of all this imagination of a “me”? WHO says “I cannot see it now”?

Find out!

What do you assume you ARE? A “knower”? A “self”? This ‘I’ thought? An “experiencer”? A “me”? Who wants a teacher?

Bad news! I am NOT a "teacher". You can't teach this because that would assume there is a knower who could teach a non-knower. That is an utterly FALSE construct, a false paradigm, a set of false assumptions. The "set" is, I assume there IS separateness, an assumed I/other dualism, then added on is the assumption “I am me” and “there is ‘time’ and nOT Only tis moment of timelessness, therefore there are others” that are “not me” and some “one of those others” will teach “me” how to be The One (that I already ANM, The I AM of Awareness Just That) and “then” this "I" will "gain paradise" but not now, only “someday’. This is ALL BULLSHIT.

You are NONE of those. NOT that “set of assumptions”. What ARE you then? You are NO Thing. Or Ordinary Awareness, No Thing Else but That. You see, what you ARE is just Plain, Ordinary, nothing-special, Awareness.

All you are describing is weather in an empty sky - Awareness. ALL knowledge is ignorance. Imagination. A dream!

You are the Dreamless Awakeness that sees the dream, the sleep, the birth, the death. YOU WERE NEVER BORN.

The sky is Empty. Untouchable. You ARE that sky of Pure Empty Awareness. That is not "precious or special. That is NOT a "state" - all "states" come and go ON that Empty Screen of Awareness.

That is unattainable and inescapable. You cannot GET that. You ARE That!

That Awareness Simply IS, Empty, Meaningless, and THAT registers and allows ALL of it to appear in Timeless Peace.

Simply KNOW this: YOU ARE.

That is all that is being pointed to: YOU ARE.

This Presence is NOT an object.

You are this Silent Blank Screen we call Being, Consciousness, Peace.

The Peace you are is the silent observer of all you are describing. You never left that. You ARE That.

ALL your experiences are imagination. The dream.

ALL paths of looking, meditating, pointing you back to nothing, etc. lead AWAY from Paradise.

This is all there is. As It IS. And as It is NOT.

Let the weather come and go in what You are.

Being Awareness is what You are.

All else is imagination.

Full Stop.

Okay, now you have been anti-virused. 


18 July 2008

You Find Nothing, Yet Still Assume You Are  A Thing?

B.L. writes, The me sense is seemly strong, yet when I look for the me inside, there is nothing. This is clear, your words and others such as Tony Parsons and John Wheeler bring such a resonance at the time of hearing or reading it is the end of the search, there is a sort of knowing. Douglas Harding’s way of getting the looking to turn in to find nothing is great. Yet, (don’t you just love the “yet’s and but’s”) when emotions run such as anger or fear, the me feeling is so strong it (the feeling of I am) seems to be really real and is something precious that does exist and can be lost.

C. How could BEING be “lost”? Doubts are thoughts about a flse entity called me that now egoicly claims when “I” look for “me” “I” find nothing. Then if you really DO find nothing what mechanism makes you keep searching for answers? Fin out where you are starting from and the whole thing is seen as stormy weather in the Empty Sky of this inescapable timeless presence of awareness.

Q: When the excitement passes, I can look for the one that was afraid and find nothing. If someone else was to tell me this tale, I would spout “What’s the problem, look in right now, can you find the you that was afraid now? No, nor was there ever a you, so who was there to be afraid or angry, problem fixed. But (there’s that but again) I know what was felt and don’t want to feel it again.

C. I I I. WHO?

Q: My question that I am about to ask is daft, as I seemly know the answer, so why ask? I wish I knew.

C. Again, what or who IS this I? If the question is REALLY seen as “daft” than what force makes it get asked? The issue here is that you are starting from an assumption of a separate entity called “I” – the questioner. That is the core mistake. Why not start from the ONLY FACT you KNOW beyond all doubt (reasonable or otherwise)? YOU ARE. BEINGNESS IS and THAT is absolutely inescapable.

Q: Why can’t there be knowing and fear/anger in the same moment.

C. You ask “why” this and “why” which will only lead to an embellishment of an already FALSE story of a nonexistent "me"!

What asks? What do you assume you ARE? A “knower”? A “self”? An “experiencer”?

You are NONE of those. You are NO Thing. Or Ordinary Awareness, No Thing Else but That.

You see, what you ARE is just Plain, Ordinary, nothing-special, Awareness.

All you are describing is weather in an empty sky - Awareness. ALL knowledge is ignorance. Imagination. A dream!

You are the Dreamless Awakeness that sees the dream, the slpeep, the birth, the death. YOU WERE NEVER BORN.

The sky is Empty. Untouchable. You ARE that sky of Pure Empty Awareness. That is not "precious or special. That is NOT a "state" - all "states" come and go ON that Empty Screen of Awareness.

That is unattainable and inescapable. You cannot GET that. You ARE That!

That Awareness Simply IS, Empty, Meaningless, and THAT registers and allows ALL of it to appear in Timeless Peace.

Simply KNOW this: YOU ARE.

That is all that is being pointed to: YOU ARE.

This Presence is NOT an object.

You are this Silent Blank Screen we call Being, Consciousness, Peace.

The Peace you are is the silent observer of all you are describing. You never left that. You ARE That.

ALL your experiences are imagination. The dream.

ALL paths of looking, meditating, pointing you back to nothing, etc. lead AWAY from Paradise.

This is all there is. As It IS. And as It is NOT.

Let the weather come and go in what You are.

Being Awareness is what You are.

All else is imagination.

Full Stop.


17 July 2008

Empty Words from Nowhere

Just some words that arise, all great fun and ultimately MEANINGLESS - LOL -

Q: On a practical level, do you experience love awareness whilst dreaming or deep sleep? I don't at the moment, I just experience being involved in the dream state, which seems to go  on, and on more intensely much more now than in the past. The only love awareness I experience is in the so called waking state, but not all the time. I hope this will become permanent!.  Perhaps this needs to be so before I become aware in the other states of consciousness.

C. You are No Thing.

Who asks these questions?

A phantom.


Q: Nothing, is there a danger that is a concept for some?

I remember reading a long long time ago in a TM book I think, that one can becomes aware that one is dreaming and also aware in deep sleep, when one is FULLY Self realised . So self realisation gets deeper then in the human form..... Much like  now we are aware that we are awareness and not dreaming as an ego. What happens after death I don't know, don't mind at all .

C, Again, You ARE No Thing.

As a concept that's totally valueless.

You say "I read" "a long time ago".

That's the DREAM of "I and Time"!

YOU are No Thing.

THAT is not a really big or really small THING!

So: As a pointer it may provoke Seeing Rightly.

Being-Awareness IS No Thing. It's not an "awareness OF". That "awareness OF" is usually described or pointed to as "Witnessing Consciousness".

Being - Awareness witnesses ALL of it - Birth, death, sleep, dream, waking dream.

Only difference is Being-Awareness arises as "witnessING consciousness which is the appearance of Being as Consciousness.

ALL concepts!

Nothing is "true".

ONLY Nothing is True!

The mind cannot grasp it. EVER.

The attempt to grasp This ends in utter frustration, and  there (HERE) and then (NOW) arises Silence. No Thing yet Being Everything.

If you are not suffering then all this is MOOT.

If you ARE then LOOK where this POINTS rather than "trying to get it all figured out!" THAT is a fool’s errand.



From "Paradise Found":

Q: How do I tell the truth from the false?

C. That's easy. It's ALL false.

As my dear friend John Greven, author of “Oneness,” notes: “Here’s a ‘Litmus Test’ - If ANYTHING is assumed to be other than bullshit – then there is something wrong with the perspective".

So? So: There IS no “true perspective”.

Full Stop. Love ya!

Only Love is Real.

ALL Else is Imagination.


16 July 2008

The Ego Is The "Me" That Says "I Can't"

What is pointed out here over and over until it REALLY sinks in is that there is NO authentic  "freedom" until the root has been absolutely severed. Until that happens, the ego’s claim to now “know” “There is no one in here who can do this investigation”  can quite often become its own mental egoic-justification for refusing to listen and look into what the urge to “investigate” is actually  pointing to - that what we point to is that when "the me" is STILL operating deep down, and driving the emotions and stories of right and wrong, acceptance and rejection, approval and disapproval, then the search is NOT over.

One way it (the fake) kept its job in "charlie" for a while after meeting John and Bob was, "I cannot do what you suggest - to investigate, to look, to get at the SOURCE of all my flip-flops, because there is no one here with control".

THAT is the EGO USING the "truth" to its own perverted ends.

To enter the Kingdom of Wholeness you start from the FACT that YOU ARE. That YOU ARE is indisputable! But what the ego assumes you are is totally false.Absolutely inauthentic!

The price of freedom is, all you know and all you believe and all you assume that you ARE.

So you see, as long as you believe “you are you”, that assumed-to-be entity you CALL “you” MUST get real, get down, and once and for all root out the cause of thought-identity. When you have NOT done this, you will often claim, usually with a great deal of frustration, “I CAN'T” That  is how the EGO maintains its power and force. WHO makes such a claim?

Find that personal power that claims “I can OR I can’t.

Look within.

Ask you what AM I?

Am I separate from others?

Who said so?

Who believes that crap?

Who AM I?

Who AM I?

Who AM I?

Who AM I?

Who AM I?

Who AM I?

Full Stop!


  15 July 2008
  Scott Kiloby writes,
  Never trust a teacher who appears to believe his own bullshit. 
  Simply recognize love. 
  Sometimes love appears as a teacher.  Sometimes it appears as a dog.
  C. Spot ON, Scott!

15 July 2008

Cults, Cons, Coercion, and Catharsis

One definition of a cult is, “a religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader”.

You’ll never have to worry about falling into THAT trap with any true sharing from Oneness to Oneness.

The appearing patterns of Infinite Energy of Love, seen as organisms with names and forms that speak and write about Nothing-Everything, those which most effectively express this timeless Non-teaching are definitely NOT “charismatic”!

One of the most revered, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, would summarily toss out of his meetings anyone who tried to turn him into an “exalted master” and put him on pedestal. Others that come to mind include such really excellent expressions as Bob Adamson, John Wheeler and John Greven.  And a very austere and potent sharer of this, one Wayne (Ram Tzu) Liquorman. I have experienced “Ram Tzu’s” fire directly! Burn baby burn! Ram Tzu wrote in “No Way”, “Ram Tzu loves you so he is out to destroy you”. Pretty NOT charismatic, wouldn’t you say!?

If you are looking for the charismatic leader where those guys hang out you are in for a rather rude awakening. Not that they are “rude” – these men and women who share Oneness from Oneness are generally quite kind and courteous to those who find themselves in their company. Unless you are looking to prove your bullcrap “enlightenment” to them or seek approval from them. Then you might experience the fire of ruthless love (and if you are so blessed you would be well advised to TAKE IT and NOT run away with your tail between your legs one more time.)

You see, it’s just that there is none of the ass kissing approval-seeking forked tongue nicey-nicey speaking to you that often takes the form of a seeming sincere but really inauthentic “I love You so very much” - whilst the dagger of invalidation and assertion of unchallengeable authority is concealed in the folds of their holy robes (actual or metaphorical).

Or, behind their backs and masked by their persona of me holy you stupid nut stick around for another 33 retreats and maybe someday … all delivered by a master con woman or con man presenting such a smiling kindly face.

They are easy to recognize: The take a position that they have the answers and you must obey regardless of what your nagging intuition may tell you. You might sniff out a sense of cult-feeling but you are told that this is only your failing to “surrender” and that you must NOT object when your own One-Self suspects something is rotten in this fish market, when the stink under the pretty face and words is sniffed – Oh NO! You must according to these cult leaders keep eating the crap (or as in the extreme case of this ignorant leader-follower paradigm, swallowing the poison laced Kool-Aid) and never challenge this postured authority. If I believed that there were evil surely this must fit the concept!

So if you have been roped in and the “teacher” keeps demanding you do more exercises, practice more and more processes, and attend another retreat and another retreat and another retreat and more, grab your wallet and run as quick as you can.

Come back to the simplicity of this sharing (this is NOT a teaching, and there are no “teachers” of this) - what we call Paradise Found” around here: A) You ARE full stop. No-one can claim I am NOT. That – the impersonal not-a-concept Beingness that “mind” calls “I AM” IS the natural, eternal Isness that you really are. That is a knowing that is imbued with Timeless Love. B) IF you still assume you are anything – any thing! – OTHER than that I AM, see if you can fine a separate actual “thing.” All you find is thoughts arising in Awareness, This Presence of I AM that you are.

Believe NONE of this. Neither accept nor reject. This that You are is not a belief nor a believer.

Those bits of energy forming into words come and go. What You are cannot come and g. IT IS and You Are That. That is all: Paradise is Found when the search for it is seen to be futile and it drops through the bottom of the empty net and all there is is all there is. Home. Love.

Love can be ruthless. Yet in the end, Love is all that really matters. Being loving is the natural way. Being a greedy “charismatic leader’” is not natural and not ever going to matter. Love is Empty, and Meaningless, yet filled to overflowing with a timeless courage that appears as an unconditional yet uncompromised Loving Respect for all that is. Baba Muktananda, John Wheeler, Bob Adamson and John Greven all showed me that in their unique ways, and made me see that only Love really matters in the end. Let it be so for you. This One Love is all you need. Everything else is dust.


14 July 2008

Just NOW

Q: In your experience, how long does it take you to sense that a person is not ready or ripe for the realization you are offering?"

C. It's NOT "my experience"! That is the error! There is no "person here" who sees that a "person there" is ripe or not. There is JUST SEEING and this Seeing belongs to NO ONE.

You see? :-))

The sensing of that only arises in Timelessness and is then pointed to...

But: There IS NO "Realization"! THAT is the "realization".

No one is either ripe or unripe. That is merely a story-like way of pointing to the apparent ego resistance and a sense of there being a person believed in, who is trying and always failing to attain some imaginary realization. 

Also, "time" is a belief pinned onto the belief in a "me" that now believes there iS "time" and there IS somewhere other than this as it is and "I" must attain that whatever-it-is which nobody knows ever...

This is it! Look for a seeker or time and all you find is ideas, concepts, memories ... all imaginations that arise and disappear in that which never changes ... Timeless Naked Awareness.

You are that Awareness and NOTHING else.

That Awareness is “experiencing itself” as the One Love That Is no thing arising AS every thing. This Love is the only reality and ALL the rest is just imagination. You cannot imagine what You are. You ARE what You Are and THAT is One-Not-Two.

Full stop!

Q: Thanks Charlie. Perfect answer!

C. De Nada!


14 July 2008

You Cannot “Own” Oneness

J.D. Writes, Hi, Charlie - after about a year of reading and thinking about non duality, I believe I am beginning to get it.  Also, I am understanding the difference between the two camps, neo and traditional.

C. There are no “camps” in This Timelessness. And all "understanding” is useless. It's the booby prize. This Beingness is the Seeing Nowhere for No one - just NON-Conceptual "Knowingness" - that is spaceless, empty and belongs to no one. You cannot "OWN" Oneness: You ARE Oneness. You cannot get it. Give that idea up straight away! What is pointed to is the ABSENCE of a "you" to "get it or NOT get it" There is NO "it" to "get"!

Q: I see that we are only awareness, and that which we are aware of is perfect. 

C. WHO claims "I See"? That one does NOT exist.  Seeing IS. There is NO se-er (look and see where any "se-er actually is. You find nothing. You are that No Thing. That is Love.)

Awareness is NOT “awareness OF.” Awareness is all there IS. Another “name” for Awareness is Being, or Oneness, or “One-Without-A-Second”.

Q: Does that not also apply to our awareness of our thoughts and emotions?  And if so, from this perspective, are not all our feelings perfect just as they are?

C. Again this is pointing to ONE and THAT is NOT “aware of”. Awareness and appearance are one essence, one Loving Spacelike Beingness. Thoughts, feelings, all object-concepts! Arising in Emptiness. Thou Art The Emptiness, NOT any object!

Q: Taking this to the next level, all emotions and all thoughts, good and bad, are perfect in that they are reflections of aliveness - right?

C. Neither right nor wrong. NO concept can be true! Yet it can be said – as a ;pointer ONLY - that ALL "reflections" are in Reality reflections OF The Timeless Self that you are. There are NO levels in The One You Are. Nothing said or written anywhere is “right”. There is NO “truth” in words. Words are only pointers to that which always IS and That cannot be languaged, described, or grasped.

Q: If I am on the right path, this is astonishing.  From the perspective of awareness in the present moment, if everything is perfect, can anything be wrong?

C. A) There IS NO path! B) There IS no “perspective. If ANYTHING is assumed to be a “true” perspective, that “perspective” is totally off base. What you are is perspectiveless, pointless, unlocatable in “spacetime”. And that IS “astonishing” (a definition: to fill with sudden wonder or amazement) – but only to a person which is never found anywhere anywhen! C) Asked and answered! NOTHING is ever wrong or right. Those are thoughts that seem to separate what IS and judges some good and some bad. That is an arbitrary and capricious movement of language, thoughts arising in Timeless Spacelike Being and these thoughts are all absolutely empty and meaningless. Full Stop!


13 July 2008

You Are Dreaming Up a "Virtual Reality"

T.L. asks, 'I' being my mind, is it possible that the mind is pretending to be I AM, consciousness itself, what do you think?

C. You are dreaming! This "I" is a dream character, yet the Atma (True Self, Existence-Knowingness-Aliveness) ) is REAL as Not-I - not Two - This Self, This empty, spacelike, True I, is Awareness - Only That and THAT is NOT a concept, NOT a feeling, NOT an experience.

The I is not YOUR mind (or MY mind). There is NO mind. NO I. This is all a dream and the I-mind thought/thinker dichotomy IS the contracted Consciousness that "sages" describe, and point to as the fake persona - the great pretender - that false entity which seemingly dreams up an empty world.

Look: It's a "virtual reality"!

And all that this dream-reality is made of is, as some point to this, The Shakti of Shiva, the Pure Formless Energy of Love .... and so it appears that the I consciousness comes and goes while what You are - Formless Timeless Being (Existence) is PRIOR to and NEVER changes ever ever.........

Q: I have always believed these words [of sages and gurus] to be true,but I didn't KNOW they were until I met Ramana Maharshi through sweet Gangaji in my heart.

C. There is NO Gangaji AND you ARE Gangaji. You might like to ponder this until there is no longer any false sense of me/other. There never was any separation! That was only an assumption, part of the "set" of the assumed false paradigm of quote reality", the "dream of the jiva" (the apparent but false conceptual "individual".)

Moreover, the words are NOT "True!" There is NO believer. NOTHING is to be "believed." As always the pointer is do NOT accept, agree or believe, or reject, disagree, or disbelieve! Look for a "believer". Where IS any such "subject-believer"? Only as imagination or memory in Awareness does a "believer" arise. In other words, in thoughts and only in thoughts! Can a thought attach anything or grasp or do anything? YOU are NOT a thought! The "believer" is NOT real; it's your dream!

Words are ONLY “pointers” or descriptions! NOT the ACTUAL. The Reality is, there is NO conceptual or linguistic "Truth". The words potently POINT to the real but NO word is ever or could ever BE the Actual.  The irrefutable proof in your own experience appears if you write the word "water" on a piece of paper and then when the body is thirsty, you swallow the paper and see if thirst is quenched!

Q: I feel love is my form.

C. Yes, sure; the energy here says YES, when the language arises to say "I feel Love is My Form" you are pointing directly to What IS and Prior to Language.... now take the I" out and there is Only the Reality, Timeless Formless and Time and Forms, NOT TWO. One-Without-A-Second, You ARE....... Ponder:

 "That in whom reside all beings and who resides in all beings, who is the giver of grace to all, the Supreme Soul of the universe, the limitless being -- I am that." - Amritbindu Upanishad

"That which permeates all, which nothing transcends and which, like the universal space around us, fills everything completely from within and without, that Supreme non-dual Brahman -- that thou art".

– Sri Shankaracharya

C. There is a happiness here that the Reality is being cognized there and the false is crumbling into The Infinite Love that You are. Paradise Found!


13 July 2008

There Is No Final ‘Goal”

J.M. Writes, Can you write a bit about this 'final goal' bit that I've heard about?  The intellect hears "Final goal" and wants to achieve it.  It is no problem to what I really am, obviously.  The final goal is described as 'the drop going into the ocean never to return' or 'the bucket being completely dropped into the well'. 

C. Poetic mythology!

Q: From what I can tell, what they are talking about simply doesn't exist. 

C. Quite correct!

Q: What I mean is that there is no "drop" or "bucket" as such to return to anywhere.  It is only thoughts appearing out of the beingness that constantly appears and disappears until the clinical death of the body.  Is this not so? 

C. Exactly.

Q: Please elaborate on your own insight.

C. Sure. First off, as you have intuited, there is absolutely NO “final goal”, “final understanding” or “final” anything whatsoever. Like many, I had the delusion that there was a final big casino maha-liberation great “enlightenment-awakening-liberation” to arrive at someday! It’s a very common myth. Just another of what Stephen Wingate likes to call, "The Outrageous Myths of Enlightenment”.

But the bad news is that there IS no such thing!

Of course, that is also the GOOD news. When this is seen (by no one) the search ends… full stop.

A bit in the new book “Paradise Founds addresses this dilemma and more. Read and ponder and if any questions remain please feel free to write again!

 “And so, the final truth is clear and self-evident: I AM That I AM. Being, Choiceless Awareness ... Just That and Nothing Else."

In the sage words of Sri Ramana Maharshi:: “There is no dissolution or creation, no one in bondage, nor anyone pursuing spiritual practices. There is no one desiring liberation nor anyone liberated. This is the absolute truth”.

And That is That!

With Love,



12 July 2008

Indian Seas

D.W. Writes, Charlie, I have been reorganizing my computer and I ran across something I wrote after returning from India four years ago.  There on the beach one night a crack appeared that scared the crap out of me, took my breath away.  Just thought I would share it with you. 


Eyes wide open, staring,

Engaged in fierce embrace

Once vividly held in my dreams

Now reaching beyond illusioned seams

Sweet wet kisses seal this joyful return

Alone, stripped of all voice to speak


Melting of the framework

By ripped emulsified waves

Absorbed into totality

Fluid breath exchanged

Knees bent in reverent sand

This sweet surrendered bow


Appearing void of silence

Now awakened to its tune

Beyond any reflections

Yet illumined in each appearance

The flowing formless beauty

Revealed in Indian Seas


C. Stunning. Thanks!


11 July 2008

Have A Good Laugh

Maury writes, Regarding "Awareness – Sat-Chit-Ananda - is Open And Empty"… Sometimes I have to laugh when someone writes to you with so much intellectual crap. I laugh because I know what your response will be -- sniff, sniff.

I laugh to because I used to be caught up in intellectual bullshit. What can you do when you see through it, but laugh? As always, you stay right on point like a bird dog. There really isn't much argument left when you just point out that you're not arguing, just look for yourself and see what isn't there. I have been a premiere intellectual, and I love the simplicity of just looking. Thoughts are thoughts, full stop. Are we still here without thought?   Yep. Full stop!

C. Ha! Yes indeed!

M. Keep up the good fight. Entertaining as ever.

C. Glad to hear it! As many have said, after it is all said and done, about all that is left is to have a good laugh!

B.C. Writes, also regarding "Awareness – Sat-Chit-Ananda - is Open And Empty"…

Oh wise one, at last we cut to the chase and understand that…

"All is bullshit."  I agree 100%. :-)

C. Yep. Nothing Special!


Ponder this reminder from my dear friend John  Greven, author of "Oneness" .... before you read the long 10 july post below.

“Here’s a ‘Litmus Test’ - If ANYTHING is assumed to be other than bullshit – then there is something wrong with the perspective".

Full Stop!

Just In:

10 July 2008

Still Giggling

D.W. Writes, Charlie, just read the 10 July dialogue on the site. 

Still giggling.  Enjoyed the exchange.  Straight to the tap root!!!

C. It is fun, isn't it!

Love ya!



10 July 2008

Awareness – Sat-Chit-Ananda - is Open And Empty

Q: Please do not be offended by this message. If you are convinced I am wrong then just delete it or you may choose to reply. I was browsing the internet on Advaita and found your website.

C. Happy to hear from you.

Q: Like you have mentioned in this week's pointers it looks like you have mentally reconciled to the fact that there is no separate jiva [assumed 'individuality'] or the limited personal self. Permanent and continuous Self- awareness is known as Self -realisation. Are you consciously aware of this state of Sat Chit Ananda continuously?

C. There is NO awareness OF Being-Wakefulness-Aliveness. Awareness is what you are and That cannot be “known” - as the “knower” is not real and only a mental movement of an ego assumed to be real in ignorance.

Q: Otherwise your self limiting tendencies of the personal ego have not ceased to function, non existent they may be. The personal self may not be real as you say but they do the mischief of one that is real. The effects of this false ego is almost the same as if it were real.

C. What “false ego” are you referring to? If the ego IS false then how could a false entity have any power to be the “cause” of any “effects”?

Ponder this from Sri Ramana Maharshi: “How is the ego to be destroyed? This question is a sure way to cherish the ego and not to kill it. Can the ego ever agree to kill itself? If you seek the ego you find it does not exist. That is the way to destroy it".

Q: Are you totally and irrevocably free from the innate tendencies or samskaras?

C. WHO is there or here or anywhere to be “free of samskaras” (tendencies of the organism’s programming, DNA and subsequent apparent ‘conditioning’)?

Q: Unless the root of the samskaras is totally destroyed they will sprout again at the appropriate occasion, meaning one is not totally free from rebirth. Even after death the jiva with samskaras takes one a new form. So the jiva has to totally merge with the Source or Self for it to be totally free from rebirth. A tree whose branches have been cut grows again. So long as the roots of the tree remain unimpaired, the tree will continue to grow. Unless the samskaras are totally destroyed by Jnana they will automatically attract rebirth at the appropriate time.

C. That is a very popular set of totally FALSE beliefs by a so-called “Enlightened Believer” (THAT is a real oxymoron!) WHO believes all that stuff? Seek that one. Again as Ramana points out, “Seek the ego (believe-ER) and you will find it does not exist. Rather than argue concepts and assert some truth to be “right” look into that for yourself, dear Holy Sir!

Q: The rivers discharged into the ocean lose their individualities. But when the waters evaporate and return as rain on the hills and plains, they once again flow in the form of rivers and fall into the ocean. The jivas or apparent individuals lose their separateness at death and yet return as jivas according to their samskaras or past tendencies. It is so after death, the jiva of the person with samskaras is not lost until and unless it is totally extinguished in the present life time. This can only happen to one who has realised his Self.

C. There IS NO “one who has realized” The Self. ALL THERE IS IS THE SELF. You seem to separate yourself from that Universal Self with your very language of dualism. But can language ACTUALLY create separation? Can an idea do or undo anything? Can the Timeless ever be divided by a concept called “time”? Can the endless beginningless Unborn Self ever be divided in Reality? Does the dream character in dream of sleep wake itself up? Was the dream character ever solid, real and separate? The Self that You ARE in Reality is PRIOR to language. All this conceptual nonsense will apparently keep you suffering as you try to grasp the ungraspable and know the unknowable. Ponder this!

Q: The famous example is as you know of Sri Ramana. Of course there have been many others. You may be one of them too. I will not be so arrogant to assume you are not.

C. Nor should there be the arrogance of assuming I or any other IS “realized.” LOOK: There are NO “realized ones.” There was NO Ramana! Ramana Himself said that in many ways. The most potent is: "There is NO creation, NO dissolution, NO seeker, NO path, NO goal. Nothing ever happened"! In short this is ALL a dream of being – no more real than flowers in the air. The only pointer that Ramana and many others stressed ultimately was and IS just THIS: “’I AM THAT I AM’ sums up the Whole NON-conceptual Truth”.

All there IS is Eternal Love and NO one “knows” That. This ancient Mahavakya: I Am That. Thou Art That. All of This is Nothing But That". FULL STOP. Everyone-everything IS That. All else is imagination. You imagine a self apart from Love and then imagine all manner of “scriptural truths” to be real and thereby suffer! Give up ALL your posturing and come home to the one Final Knowingness: I AM THAT I AM. And give up all questions of anyone OR yourself except one: WHO AM I?

Q: The samskaras which have merely sunk in the heart on death, but have not perished for that reason, occasion rebirth at the right time. This is how jivas or individuals are reborn. This is the teaching of Guru Ramana himself (also of Adi Shankara and his Guru's Guru Gaudapada) and not mine.

C. That is NOT what these sages were pointing to. You pervert these teachings and make them into dogma and that is a huge error of an unexamined mind. With all respect, sir, who is in that form that cannot recognize this as the utter folly that it is?

Q: If you look in his compiled works it will be there. Guru Ramana had reached the state of a Jnani having eliminated his personal ego or jiva finally and irrevocably. He was ever in the state of sahaja (natural and continuous) Nirvikalpa (no differences) samadhi (absorbed in awareness).

C. ALL concepts! There is NO reaching what you are. YOU ARE THAT. To assume you are not That and then attempt to attain That is the delusion of the “spiritual mind”.

Q: In Bhagavan's case after the boy Ramana went through the death experience at age 16, he became consciously aware for the first time that his real nature was imperishable and that it was unrelated to the body, the mind or the personality (jiva). From that time on till his maha samadhi [body death] his consciousness of being an individual person ceased to exist (never to pop its head again ever) in his entire life time. He was constantly in the state of Sat Chit Ananda or the Self. Are you also in that stateless state?  I concede you are far more intelligent being than me (reading your messages)

C. Again you assume that there was a person who died but the person was simply never born. The false sense of a “me” that “died” is only a description of some appearances. The Self is Ever Unborn and shining here and now as always, in plain view. Can what was never born ever die? This is a story told that entrances “seekers” and makes MUCH mischief.

I do not imagine you will take kindly to this disruption of your cherished beliefs! But this expression as always is arising out of nowhere and so it appears here now as an invitation to see far beyond delusive concepts and imagined “truths” which merely reinforce these false notions of paths, practices, and goals in a non-reality called “time”. In any case thank you for writing and feel free to stay in touch as The Self of All moves the arising of that, IF It does.

If you like, do recognize please, Unconditioned Timeless Love is the ONLY Reality. ALL else is only imagination. 

The TRUE "end game" consists NOT in rooting out the ego or dismissing the "I" thought as "not me." The final stroke comes in simply seeing what you already always ARE. Being IS and there is no escape from That nor any possibility of attaining That. You ARE.

Can you deny that this Isness IS obviously Present and Aware, open, empty and clear? It is the most available and undeniable space. IT IS. That was never lost. You are That.

That's all there is to this - Seeing what was never absent and always completely free.

Listen to this song from John Wheeler as he shares the authentic pointing that Adi Shankara espoused:

Nothing Special.

PS: What do Spiritual Guru Bullshit and Mundane Eveyday opinionated Bullshit have in common? <sniff sniff>


08 July 2008

Grace Is This

Grace shares, Thought just occurring...

… to have the seeker claim, it 'gets it', is the dreamer, dreaming it's awake. Yet Presence through conscious awareness sees the happenings arising and falling... revealing the fact that a dream person never existed.

C. Nice!


09 July 2008

Search Cancelled – Seeker Gone

Q: I was going to go to Sedona Arizona to see [a teacher] this week, but canceled. There just wasn't the drive, the necessity. Although I would have enjoyed it, the search ended after my phone call to you.  It's true that the search can end. Not that I don't still enjoy reading a good non dual book or blog. And I still very much enjoy [that author], but there is just no drive for searching. The answer IS.  It was so wonderful that you were there to take my call and end this seeker.

C. Yes, as always, the best news is NO news and the Recognition that there IS no one to be driven ever again!

Beyond concepts of either power or force, here you are!

Love ya!


08 July 2008

The One I Am Is Universal

Q: I am what you can call a spiritual seeker. But I have a question that I can't resolve in my mind and that causes a lot of confusion. It has to do with other people. To me it seems almost strange that there are so many people and different forms. I can't explain it very well but it's like it's not normal to me-like it seems to be for others- that there can be so many different human forms. For example when I am in a crowded area I am almost overwhelmed because of all these people. Now I have read in spiritual books and so that all humanity is actually one person and that an other person is actually you. Can you say something about this? Thank you very much and all the best.

C. First off you say I am … what you can call a spiritual seeker etc. – that is a false identification! Stop at I AM. The I AM is the only true and certain thing you can know about yourself. All that FOLLOWS I am is false. Lies!

Secondly we do NOT say there is only one "person"! The apparent persons are certainly separate and appear AS individual body-mind organisms! What is pointed to is there is only one I AM. This I AM is NOT a “person” or any “thing” at all. This presence, that is aware there where you are, is the timeless I Am-ness that is PRIOR to language and has NO separate “identity”.

This is the essence of it: Being IS and there is no escape from That nor any possibility of attaining That. You ARE.

Can you deny that this Isness IS obviously Present and Aware, open, empty and clear? It is the most available and undeniable space. IT IS. That was never lost. You are That. That's all there is to this - Seeing what was never absent and always completely free. That is the universal I AM that I AM and YOU ARE.

That’s IT.




07 July 2008

Open And Empty

The TRUE "end game" consists NOT in rooting out the ego or dismissing the "I" thought as "not me." The final stroke comes in simply seeing what you already always ARE. Being IS and there is no escape from That nor any possibility of attaining That. You ARE.

Can you deny that this Isness IS obviously Present and Aware, open, empty and clear? It is the most available and undeniable space. IT IS. That was never lost. You are That.

That's all there is to this - Seeing what was never absent and always completely free.


07 July 2008

Is Death Real?

Q: Has anyone ever brought up death or loss of a loved one on a conference call?

C. Not specifically. Of course you’d be welcome to do so. In short, though:

In the experiencing of the life appearance, there can be a shock when an appearance disintegrates, similar to the organism's programming that experiences a shock like a "blue screen crash" on a PC while you are working. that is just another experience that comes and goes in This Timeless Presence. That happened here when NBC's "Meet The Press" moderator Tim Russert "died" suddenly.

There is nothing special or significant about any appearance - even death - in this movie show called "life" -except "thinking makes it so".

But the more salient question is, “what dies”? Only the “born” can “die”. What got born there where “you” are? Only an insubstantial, essentially unreal, cloud-like thought of an "I". To take the unreal to be real brings a fear of dying and the assumption there are "others" called "loved ones" that CAN die. It's all assumed and NOT real in what IS.

See if you can find a “born entity” in the space of awareness where "you" appear to be, here and now, and as you find it’s absence IN and AS the actuality of what IS – No Thing – then you can no longer assume a "born entity'  that is real, I mean actually real, anywhere in "anyone" - in any organism-appearance.

“Death” is “time’s mighty illusion”!


07 July 2008


Q: Sometimes there is great stillness with isolated sounds, sensations and thoughts becoming more and more sparse, great fear emerges. Is this something that has been experienced there?

C. Yes. It is the terror of the mind facing its own annihilation. It passes in clarity. The thing the mind of a seeker longs for yet is at the same time terrified of is its own absence.

Once everything disappears  will it come back?

When we assume there IS a thing called everything then we imagine it will disappear. What if it never was? Look at it that way: all this is imagination. And the one who imagines is also imagination. So can what never was either disappear OR come back? Ponder this.

Then also ponder this question: what IS “fear”? Is “fear” a real solid thing? An object with properties? Or not? There IS energy happening. Movements of energetic presence imbued with thoughts about the energy. A thunderstorm or sorts happening in you. What is it really? Drop the label “fear” and what is the actual experiencing without any label?

I AM appearing as energy moving and roiling and then collapsed into a story called me afraid of nothing? Look into this….




07 July 2008


Q: I was just wondering how do you know what you believe in is the real truth and nothing but the truth???

A: This is NOT a knowing by a knower. NOT a belief. There is NO "believer" anywhere! Not here. Not there. Not in this bodymind, nor in that bodymind. That idea of a believer-knower is a totally false assumption, an idea of a believer that simply was never real - just a ghost, like a cloud in the empty sky.

In This Nonconceptual Beingness there is NO subject knower/object known splitness.

How do YOU "know" that YOU ARE?

You will never know.


04 July 2008 (BANG!)

This Is The Empty-Fullness Of Being

G. Writes, The weirdest sensation presently arising, is the delicious emptiness that fills you up completely. It's an odd feeling being empty and full at the same time. No amount of stuff can fill a person up, yet the emptiness fills one completely. This emptiness is completely indescribable, yet undeniable. Thank you Charlie…

Yes, Empty-Fullness! Ha! A silent Yes to all of what appears to No-one.

YES, as far as a concept goes, your expression-description (of what cannot be described, so it is really lovely!)  is awesomely pointing to what is Real and it's just Bang ON.

Love ya!


03 July 2008

The real laugh is there's nobody here who cares

A little traveling music please?

G. writes, Since the realisation that there is nobody here, this dream has gone crazy. The hitherto tranquil scenes have virtually on all fronts turned into angry storms.

C. The weather in that empty space, the sky of Awareness, CAN arise as very stormy! Ever watch a tornado? This humanness is like that! Emotions and stories all in a furball, or like a tornado… while the awareness (or sky, space) remains ever untouched.

G: A friend who seemed as interested in the search became very angry and almost walked out on the friendship as she listened to the consultation. Her words were 'it felt like nails down a chalk board.'

C. Paradoxically the non-existent ego HATES this message! That one inauthentically doesn’t REALLY want the search to end because that one would improbably believe it is dying. So as one wag through whom this message happens puts it, “I hope ‘you’ die soon!” … LOL!

G: Hey, it's not the end of the week yet so there's still time for more happenings....

C. Verily shit doth happen (to no one) and so what?

G: The real laugh is there's nobody here who cares. The watching presence, witnesses the scenes unfolding with mild interest. Just to share, how has the week been unfolding on that side of the dream?

C. That is beautiful! Yes, it is quite correct that NOTHING ever touched that Presence of Awareness. This can bring a sense of wry amusement!

All happens to no one. The "week" here was sometimes calm sometimes filled with sound and fury signifying nothing! Breakdowns in the electronic systems, confusion from a service who are saying they might restrict access due to their having forgot that an issue they are bringing up was already resolved a year ago (!) ... Kind of like, well THAT sucks ... but not for "me" ... it is just ... sucky ... for no one :-) !

So as is seen (T)Here this appearance is ultimately  ... so what? Who is there to care? Not I said no-one! There is no person to care yet all arises like weather.

You are Un-touch-able and un-disturb-able! This Perfect Peace IS the anchor of Your Being. Now it's known.

Now. That. Is. Home.

Infinite Love.

(Songs above composed and sung by John Wheeler)


02 July 2008

The Paradoxical Dilemma

Q: When people are told to investigate and question their thoughts and to question who is actually doing the thinking - that implies that there is someone separate who can go about investigating.  But from what I understand, who we truly are is the Awareness in which all thoughts just happen, just come and go.

C: It feels here that this is more hypothetical than something you need to have answered because you are suffering. If that is so, then enjoy the long reply that came up in response because it is a very common question that many who ARE suffering have. And it is also so that “clarity” is NOT Liberation from the person. Liberation is the dissolution of the false belief that there IS a person seeking clarity. Or a “person who is clear”.

So this is quite is a common point of confusion. Especially when the seeker has been exposed to the more “uncomprising” pointers and messages or websites on Nonduality. What is needed for one who is on the horns of this dilemma is to recognize that the expression out of Oneness is absolutely paradoxical!

Sure, IT IS ultimately so that all is One. And one might well ponder, where in that One would there be a "person" to investigate, to self-inquire? Look at it this way:

The First Principle so to say is that when the Self is known to be Awareness and just That, that knowing does NOT 'belong” to anyone. So to say "I understand" is to reaffirm that this Nondual Being is still confusing itself to be a conceptual “knower” and not the Unborn Awareness. This is a Knowing that belongs to NO ONE. And you ARE that No One. It has been said that "There is only Being and not even That".

But so long as there is the assumed believed-to-be real person, an assumption that the thought “I is solid, separate and real, and taken to be “who I am,”  then investigation is called for … as Sri Nisargadatta and many others pointed out - simply because so long as that belief is operating in deep background there will almost assuredly be suffering happening because the root cause has not been severed. And if the tendency is to somehow justify that suffering by claiming egoically, "well, it is ALL just The One", then that is just the ego's perversion of what is pointed to! So many "True Sages" have said suffering is optional! When it is known that suffering is unnecessary and can be dissolved through competent pointing out of what is false and what is real suffering dies on the vine of Endless Truth, the Nonconceptual Isness of Life Loving Being.

Basically I say that in regard to this paradox of there being no person to investigate, to LOOK (if you are still seeking): So long as YOU “think” or “Know”  “I AM”, as a thing you own, that YOU take on board as a separate knower that now knows some “truth” like “there is no person”, it must be looked for and found to be not only absent here and now but found that it was NEVER real, merely a dream!

The dilemma is, the mind must discover for itself that there is no mind, no person. And the mind will NEVER grasp this paradox. Yet if “you” (if there is any suffering or seeking) simply sit with that, BE with that, it may well frustrate the mind into giving up and then what is now and now and now is RE-cognized as the Unborn Love that is Real.

There is a chapter from the upcoming book “Paradise Found” that you might find answers the query and DISSOLVES that Paradox: (A copy of that was sent to the correspondent).

New Book due in late summer, "Paradise Found" ...

To Read the excerpt  Click HERE. 


01 July 2008

Can An Idea Do Or Know ANYThing?

Q: I have a question about the Unknowable.

C. What possible answer could there be to The Unknowable!? Answers are knowing. This that You are ... the God Within - IS and yet is Unknowable. You cannot KNOW That. You ARE That!

Q: Some times you refer it as happening to No one, nothing, emptiness etc. I know they are just words. But then you say it is Oneness which implies there is Someone and only that Someone who is in charge who is appearing to make things appear. Are these terms not confusing to us who are still suffering from the afflictions of the idea of a separate person?

C. Who asks these questions? Who has the "desire to know" the UN-Knowable?

WHO claims "I am confused" or "we" are confused? What mechanism claims “We are suffering”? Where IS this “us”? Unless you think there is us, there IS no us. That "us" is only a thought, an idea. You take an idea – a thought! - to be solid and real and THAT is the fundamental error of the seeker mind. But LOOK: Can an IDEA actually know or do anything at all? No. See that one right now!

You assume you are a thought, the idea “I am,” and then try to get some “right concept” to add to the false, which merely reinforces the false (!) … and that is never going to work because there ARE no “right concepts”. ALL are words that point to that which is beyond comprehension. What YOU are is PRIOR to al concepts and all experiences; YOU ARE and prior to language.

And that is not “true” either! IT IS A POINTER and NOT some new thing to believe.

What is missing is investigation: Look in that space of awareness there and see right now …Where is that assumed solid personal entity? Without assuming you are an idea in mind, where ARE you?  LOOK for that “person” and you find … nothing. You are that nothing, arising as everything.

The mind CANNOT grasp it.

Go beyond thought to what IS - Presence, Awareness, Here Now always and forever timeless spaceless Isness.

THAT is ungraspable.

Try to grasp This with mind and you must fail. It is like trying to tie Space in a knot.

Q: Or have I not heard you properly?

C. When it’s “you” trying to “hear another” the message is completely lost in concepts and confusions. So NO there is NOT yet the hearing of I AM hearing I AM. Who is "trying to hear properly"? WHO!?!

Ask that one you take to be "you", or "us", WHO is this that is attempting to grasp the ungraspable!?

That is all.

Keep it really really simple: by way of a review of the basics ....

1. YOU are Awareness, simply being. No one can say they do not exist. That existence, the constant ever-fresh sense of "I" as in "I Am" (NOT the thought!)  is undeniable and inescapable. Try to NOT BE. Cannot be done. So the simple pointer is, what you are is That Presence of Awareness... Being. Just That! This True You ... BE-ING... is POINTED TO in language with concepts like Impersonal Consciousness; Awareness, Being, God, Love ... and YOU are THAT, prior to the mind's translation into the thought I Am and I am this or that.

2. You are NOT an "individual." There are NO "individuals" anywhere except in unreal stories. The idea of a separate person is a fiction, a mind-construction, a house of cards, and it is only a story that tries to say, “I’m ME! (Unsuccessfully!) This idea of a "me" is ... on investigation ... seen to be a false claim by a brain - thinking machinery - to its own separate existence. This ever-changing idea of a person is simply unreal. WHO says "I'm Me?" The mind. To be blunt, it's bullshit. The whole fabricated story of me is pure bullshit: all stories of “individuals” is actually a fiction. As Shakespeare said, it’s a tale told by an idiot, filled with sound and fury, signifying … NOTHING.

3. Let all thoughts drop into the Nothing from where they bubbled up, except Who Am I?  Do not relent, but do not try or force.  Honestly and gently ask. You can't force this Divine Grace, The Love You are. That (The Real YOU) is more Real than that idea called "you" or "us" is, so allow That Love to do the job as That will. Relax and ask. No answers only ask. Am I? WHO Am I?

I Love You. 


01 July 2008
Heart is where the Home is

To sell Love out to be right, to win, to dominate, to avoid domination, to justify “self” and invalidate “other”, is simply the disease of the Mind Of Humanity.

Examples of this are stunningly abundant. Read the news. Watch a political discussion between two pundits from the extremes of left or right wing viewpoints.

All perspectives are false. No perspective is real. ONLY No-Perspective is Real. :-) Oneness is what you ARE and That is NOT a concept OR an experience. NOT a "perspective". All of that comes and goes on the screen of Awareness Itself ... The One That IS...  This Timeless Love that is simply beyond description.

This mechanistic human doingness (doing not being) that we call “mind” lives in the imaginary infamy of a zealous need to argue and win over what it perceives to be those poor ignorant ones to ITS point of view, ITS perspective.

This can bring an experience of deep sadness laced with a ruthless compassion that might lash out in what looks to a mind like anger or outrage (as Sri Nisargadatta often demonstrated! Many a disrespectful seeker got tossed out of that loft in Bombay; that is well documented.)

To be self-righteous, judgmental and argumentative with the Love that WILL ultimately burn away that mind-stuff is a rather desperate ploy of the ego’s last stand.

Nisargadatta and those who reaped the benefits of his pointers and his ruthless Love had no time for fools. The true expression will simply NOT suffer fools who value being right over being Freedom Itself … not gladly nor otherwise! (I speak from experience, having got kicked out of a fine teacher’s meetings owing to that kind of ego-ing behavior!)

This authentic expression is quite simply, is Love in action. If a “you” objects and fights the expression then that organism identified as a “you” is a being lived in a loss pf paradise, by a false sense of self that was never real and will never win. Love WILL destroy anything unlike Itself and that happens Just Now.

So the message is, as best “you” can let Love win! Die now. BE the Infinite Love that you are and don’t give that diamond away for the paltry and dubious gifts of being RIGHT.

To be right is to be dead to what is possible.
Be Love or be Dead Right.
If there is a choice who would NOT choose Infinite LOVE?
Good question.
Ponder this. Who chooses to be right rather than be Love-In-Action? Who indeed.
Who are you? Are you a thing apart from Love? If you believe so, then where is that “one apart” from Love?

Look within. Find out what is real and right now, right here, abandon once and forever the dream of not-love that desires to be right and loses paradise in the bargain. That is a really bad bargain!

(Excerpted from "Paradise Found" - 'Recognizing And Living AS The Infinite Love That you Are' - due to be published in late summer 2008) (Copyright Charles David Hayes 2008)


30 June 2008

The One You Are Is No-One

Q:  Lately I encountered a dilemma I which I am almost sure you can help me with. I got a little closer to the notion that things just happen as they happen, they are not "mine" and that "I", the person, should not necessarily DO anything, just let them happen until they finish themselves on their own accord. While I am at this state I have no questions, or at least the questions are more weak and remote and not occupying the center of my mind, but at the rest of the time, which is most of the time, I start doubting whether I have to deliberately spend energy and do anything at all (for example, I am a musician; should I spend so much time in making music?, is it important?, anything just happens so why bother?). But the thing is that my egoic self or whatever it is is attracted to music for example, and so is the question regarding almost every activity in life.

C. Dear friend, you say all kinds of stuff about some "I" that it seems you are convinced is YOU. There is NO person, no "you". This must be rediscovered there! It is NOT that “the person should not do anything”; that is NOT the message. It is just a strikingly common MIS-interpretation of this Timeless message arising from Oneness to Oneness. That  “message” is that there IS NO “person”. And that no-person CANNOT "get closer". There is NO reality to the seeming "process" and at best it is a distraction and at worst merely reinforces the notion of separateness and propagates more and more suffering!

The idea of a person is a false assumption, an assumed belief that seems to create a dream of being a separate “entity” that assumes (falsely!) that IT has some power to create actions, and it also erroneously assumes that it must manage things, do things to make its life work, and choose from its apparent “options”, or “decide’ what is best and then try to make it happen. That idea of a “me” is ONLY a thought, an idea that arises as a conceptual label for the Presence of Awareness that you actually are.

The IDEA of a SOLID AND SEPARATE “I” or “me” or “myself” is NOT there all the time, is it? Where is that in deep sleep? Gone! Yet the body is breathed, the heart is beaten, hair is grown, all is done by No One. That - No One - IS what You truly are.

Now LOOK: Can an IDEA - a THOUGHT - actually DO (or not do) ANYTHING?

Q: But preventing from myself doing things I like (like music) is another kind of doing. So, to do or not to do (and just sit and watch things do themselves)?

C. Who is going to DO that? Or any other doing? Look for the doer and see if you can find anything in this awareness except nothing, space, emptiness. That emptiness is the true ground of ll being and that emptiness is full with the One Infinite Love that is the REAL Reality.

That, Being-Aliveness-Lovingness - is NOT a “state” that a “seeker” can attain. You cannot attain Freedom, or Power, or Love -- simply because you already ARE Freedom, Power and Love. Freedom is not FOR the “person;” it is freedom from that falsely assumed IDEA that the person is a separate, real, actor-thing. Actions happen but there is NO actor anywhere to be found of investigation. So we usually do say that as long as you believe in a “separate you” that must be challenged directly. Look for the I and you find what you always are … No thing.

Q: Thank you very very much.

C. You are very very welcome.

Keep it this simple:

Remove the false cause and the effects (confusion, indecision, dilemmas, and the attendant suffering) cannot remain. To look within the space, that presence of awareness that is always clear and always present wherever “you” are, to seek the source of that assumed identity called “me” with “my” body and “my” thoughts, uproots the assumed cause of all suffering. Simply look for the one you call “me” and see what you find. If anything! (You will find nothing - which is another label for the Unborn You - Being-Energy-Love.)


30 June 2008

You Are The One Undivided Whole

F.D. Writes, I read a bit about you on your website and listened to your "do I exist clip".  I am sure I will read to and listen more on your website.  I was brought to your site through reading and surfing the net for Nisargadatta Maharaj.  "I am that" has also made its mark on me. 

That book has started a lot of seekers onto the path to NO path :-). But what is this “me” that claims some “other” or “thing” “out there” has “made its mark on me”?

Currently I appear to be in a bizarre search/non-search for something or nothing. (How is that for speaking this jargon?)

Ha! Pretty good. Yet that “jargon” DOES POINT to a reality beyond concepts and experiences, and yes, beyond even itself. Yet that Timeless Spaceless being that appears here and now as Awareness and what appears here and now as some "content of awareness" is NOT TWO (A-Dvaita). But when there is mistaking the pointer for the actual, that’s like eating the menu and ignoring the meal.

What has driven me is a depression that has become even worse since starting this search.

Been there. Have you been checked by a good doctor, for a brain chemistry imbalance?

I am planning a trip to Maryland at the beginning of July to see Jeff Foster. 

Good. I love the way Jeff expresses the Inexpressible.

This whole non-duality thing has taken what was a low grade suffering in me and created a deep and painful full time suffering that I can't hardly escape. 

The attempt to escape IS the suffering. Who is suffering? Where is that “me” that claims “I am me and I am suffering, depressed”, or anything else?

Again, part of me is really connecting with Maharaj, but I also feel as if I am going more insane, the deeper I get with this. 

You don’t HAVE “parts”. That is the language of a separate entity which when looked for is found to be utterly non-existent.

I write because it is hard to find people that understand.  It is even harder to figure out if anyone understanding is even needed! 

Understanding is the booby prize! Tens of thousands have understood this but it seems to be that very few are actually liberated from the false beliefs in “me”, “time” and “separateness" (two-ness). That is stunning! Blessedly, however, there ARE A few who share this - it is NOT a "teaching" - notably John Wheeler, ‘Sailor’ Bob Adamson, Jeff, and Tony Parsons. These appearances which are unswervingly expressing the actual Reality that you are - Timelessly Being, Awareness and nothing but that.  Yet everything IS that. This is the paradox: You are what you seek! You were hiding from yourself by being everything. The natural recognition of this is what I label "Paradise Found".

Give this audio a good listening to as if it is I AM speaking to I AM (which it IS) rather than assuming it's "person to person." (There is NO person here OR there; that is a false belief and patently unreal.)

LOOK: Paradise was never lost.

WHO “believes” otherwise?

For a mind still stuck in duality, this creates a bizarre way of being.  I don't know what I am wanting from this mail.  Maybe just a response.  Anyway, thanks for the website.

There is NO mind. NO stuckness. That story is a bunch of lies. ALL concepts are LIES. ALL PERSPECTIVES ARE false. ALL POINTS OF VIEW ARE POINTLESS AND NEVER HAPPENED. YOU were never born. Full Stop.

What you are is the Being-Arising-As-Awareness and PRIOR to concepts, PRIOR to thoughts, PRIOR to experiences. Don’t buy these lies. This is pointing ultimately to the FACT that all speculations are false and what is Real cannot be grasped because The One You Are is hiding in plain sight - as EVERYTHING. What You REALLY ARE IS NOTHING-EVERYTHING, AWARENESS AND CONTENT, DREAM AND WAKING, ALL ARE THE ONE YOU "IS".

So there is NOTHING to get and NO-ONE to get This No Thing Every Thing.

Give up seeking. you will simply NEVER "get it". You ARE IT. There is ONLY ONE.

That is Everything …

That is Love beyond description. That is all.


28 June 2008

Meditation Or TV?

MT writes a follow-up: I am wondering, is it beneficial for me to do certain activities and avoid others?

WHO is this I “wondering”? Beneficial to whom? Are you back to assuming that the sense of being an I is a real thing with the ability to plan, control, or do ANYTHING? That “I” thought is NOT a real entity and has not the slightest trace of any actual control.

It seems it is more beneficial to be meditating than watching TV, but sometimes the opposite is the case.

Who believes otherwise? Who would choose TV or meditation? What happens simply happens! Whatever Totality is doing happens with no control by any “entity” – not even a Great Big Huge “Entity” called “GOD”.

It seems the sun is not shining at night! But that is NOT true. Nothing -  nothing you know or believe or assume or speculate in the mind about - is true. Only Nothing is True.

There is also this sense of desperation to 'end the search ASAP.' Then there are ideas of visiting someone like yourself, in order to bask in the presence of a so-called realized "person."

You will be utterly disappointed. There is NO such thing as a “realized PERSON”! Come here with such expectations and all you will see an old man talking nonsense. An ancient Hindu proverb declares, “If a pickpocket meets a saint all he will see is his pockets”. If an individual comes looking for an enlightened individual all he will see is an individual. Yet if there is seeing, openness, there is an energy of full-on aliveness. Wherever you go that IS what you really are. Jo need to travel to be – that is always ON, always SO, always HERE and forever NOW.

The simple question "Who am I?" reveals that all this speculation is empty of any self, but it just seems difficult and challenging somehow, and quite painful.

To WHOM? Only to a false belief in a separate “me”. That is the ego’s defense mechanisms. Stay at it until there is no-one left assuming “I am ME”!

 The two year old throwing a tantrum gets louder, and sometimes efforts are made to relieve the suffering, rather than face it and and go through it. It seems like the simplicity of awareness is starkly obvious sometimes, and other times missed completely.

That is childish. Don’t be lazy to investigate! Where IS that “two-year-old” right now? Only in a story, a tale told in ignorance by an assumed entity that takes itself to be real, separate, and the “do-er” of all apparent “actions”.

There is also a sense of futility, as though there is nothing I can possibly do to "fix this".

GOOD. Stay put in that – Not Knowing ANY thing. All knowing is absolute ignorance. But only 100% of it.

Thanks for listening to another deluded rant. Back to "Who am I?"

Why bother to leave? Only an insecure ego-sense would depart from that final unanswerable question! Stay put in Who Am I?. Refuse all the mental lies. Full stop.


26 June 2008

This 'No Thing' Is Love

A friend writes, Here's a weird thing that started happening about a week ago. Suddenly, people are just talking to me. You don't really know my personality, but pretty much my conversations tend to stay focused on-task and I don't chit chat (though I like to joke around). Now, I say hi to some acquaintance or even a stranger, and they're telling me all about themselves. And sometimes the faces of people I barely know, or don't know at all, will light up when they see me like I'm their best friend or something.

You ARE their Best Friend. You ARE the Same One Self that “they” are. You are simply radiating that acceptance and love which arises AS the natural and eternal Isness that is always present - and as the false identity slips away the Self shines and is recognized by so called others - so this is good news, dear One. You is what you IS and it does seem to “get noticed” as a kind of natural charisma.

That's really weird because with talking I could be doing something that causes people to respond differently. This is just out of nowhere.

Everything is out of Now Here (Nowhere).

This is either related to the inquiry, or has something to do with jumping out of an airplane over the weekend. Have you ever skydived?

Once. Fun and scary as hell to the organism.

It's not something this organism would have done even six months ago. I know that the inquiry is not about changing the personality, but my personality is changing. Positively, luckily.

It happens. Or it doesn’t. Ya never know!

So, that's my ME story for the week. Now that I've told you, I hope I can let it go and get back to "who am I?"

There is the trap, thinking I am ME and “hoping I can let it go”.

There was a short period in there when that was more interesting than the ME story.

And I must ask, TO WHOM? See that all the assumptions and stories are only about a false identity that is never there but ONLY assumes itself to be real in innocent ignorance, due to some laziness to investigate and challenge it -- So come back to seeing, you are aware and there is nothing “wrong” or “right’ in awareness itself. That is the eternal state, Reality, timeless and space-like love. Refuse to accept the mind’s false assertions that “you are a thing apart fro Awareness/. It’s that simple.

Thanks for everything, by the way.

Oh, it’s Nothing! :-) But REALLY. Ha! En-Joy the Now!

Love ya!


25 June 2008

“Teachings” Are A Distraction

You can listen to CDs of “teachings” endlessly. Doing that will never end the search … rather that "doing" more often than not just reinforces the false notion that you are NOT already whole and complete, that you are a separate being apart from your own wholeness, and that something is wrong that you are endlessly trying and failing to fix! You simply cannot EVER fill that empty longing for home with temporal concepts or experiences, all of which come and go! You’ll never get enough of what is false to make the true appear! Instead of that why not rest quietly in what IS ... awareness, present and alive, unchanging and serene?

Then regarding a desire for listening to such CDs (anyone’s including mine for that matter! LOL...) ask your mind- the “i-other” storyteller that plagues you - Who is listening? Why? To become convinced that what you are is Timeless Being? That's a denial OF That which you are; you give way to the mind's addiction to "I am ME!" and thereby continue to suffer. I am speaking sharing direct experience here, NOT theory or “teachings” like most CDs and books, and NOT from spiritual concepts or jargon!

These CDs seem to give a rush of experience that feels good but when they stop that feeling goes and whatever your assumed default state is resumes. It's like having a few martinis which feels great while it's happening but the hangover really sucks, right? This is the same thing! The seeker is an addict in search of a fix. What we ignore in listening to these endless CDs and whatnot is that we already ARE that which is sought and the seeking of that DENIES us That. So the seeking IS suffering....

The understanding these various talkers describe may be seem “accurate" but that is ONLY a description and the description is NOT the Real No Thing that YOU are!

Just recognize here and now that these elegant-seeming expressed understandings are  not the "end of all ends". Intellectual grasping is the booby prize! It is nothing but mistaking the feeling-thought story of "me" and "my life" as a "spiritual person" for the actual Endless Being of unconditioned unbounded Love that you really are. Stop seeking and here you are, whole and complete, awareness without beginning or end. Start seeking again and that seems to be masked or covered over but IS awareness actually masked? AWARENESS IS. You are That. Can you move out of or away from awareness? Never. No. Not possible!

Here is the final point: If ANYTHING - including these pointers for "understanding" - is assumed to be other than ignorance – then that creates a perspective that is absolutely only more ignorance. There is NO "truth". All "teachings" are bullshit.

What happens here is NOT a "teaching" and not "understanding". If a label is wanted then it is best called a "sharing" - Of The One with The One. I AM to I AM. In Timeless Love.

Do get this last pointless point, said another rather more direct way by my friend John Greven, author of “Oneness”: If ANYTHING is assumed to be other than bullshit – then there is something wrong with the perspective.

"Who am I" is the final solvent that erases the false. leaving what You already ARE ... wholeness, One-Essence, Energy-Being-Aliveness ... just That and no thing else. Refuse all except THAT. Listening to talkers droning on about this is a distraction and not really helpful in the end!



24 June 2008

Who Wants To Know What About Nothing?

Q: How will this awakening or whatever happen? It is so much resistance.... or something? Am I already liberated? I dont know?! How will I know that I am liberated?

C. When you no longer ask that question. And that “when” will be Just Now.

Q: It seems too easy! Like, everything is just happening... It is like I need some checkpoint, or reference that this really is it. I’m skeptical of what is happening, and looking for something else. You’ve probably heard this a couple of times already... I have heard it a couple of times already...

C. Who IS that I you keep referring to? Is it anything but a thought that comes and goes? What NEVER changes? You are That and nothing but That. And That is No Thing!

Q: Is something wrong?

C. For whom??

Q: Really, I don't know that.

C. That’s another thing that “you” know. But that “you” is a FAKE.

Q: Everything is spontaneously and leading into spontaneity.

C. Who believes THAT bullcrap?

Q: I don't know who's looking!

C. Who knows “I don’t know”?

Q: But it is kinda scary.

C. For whom??

Q: I feel like an ENEMY to everyone! And everyone feels like an ENEMY to me.

C. Really? Then I hope you die soon! We don’t need any more enemies of you or me.

Q: Maybe ENEMY is a too harsh a word?

C. It’s ONLY a word. NOT real, only a passing movement of energy happening and unhappening all-by-itself in that Awareness which never ever changes.

Q: What do you say, Charlie?



25 June 2008

Fools Trump The Wise

Q: How do I tell the truth from the false?

C. That's easy. It's ALL false. Like my buddy Werner sometimes said, "All there IS is Bullshit, and Nothin'...".

Another riff: "Only a fool would trade everything he is and has for Nothing." -Paraphrasing "Ram Tzu" Esq.

The Ultimate riff: "If ANYTHING is assumed to be other than bullshit – then there is something wrong with the perspective". - A. Friend Esq.

Fools Trump the "wise" ... but only always. – No-one Esq.


25 June 2008

Get Real

What is right here right now breathing that body? Where is the Source of breathing? It is “you”? If YOU are breathing then how come breathing didn’t stop all those times “you” forgot to “make sure “I” take another breath”!?

So who is breathing? What is making the sun burn? Are YOU that power which causes the to earth rotate and hurtle around the sun? isn’t that just a little arrogant?

What is the Ultimate Source? Where is the “control center”? Who’s making all this HAPPEN? Is there a controller at all? Find out…

Notice that breathing which This Omniverse effortlessly does for that body you call yourself. That – livingness, arising here now, as the energy effortlessly breathing “you” -  is immediate and inescapable. Life itself breathes all the bodies. This Life is Impersonal Being-Aliveness. That is REAL. The idea that “I am breathing is patently false. Challenge all assumptions of doing and making happen and see if you really have ultimate control over this Omniverse!

Get real what the REAL. All concepts are meaningless. All truths are false. This pathless path to nowhere is trodden by no-one.

“The truth is a pathless land”. – J. Krishnamurti

“The path is a truthless land”. – John Wheeler


23 June 2008

Who Refuses To Ask Who Am I?

Q: Does doing the inquiry increase the chances of an egoic dissolution? I've heard it said that the mind may simply grow tired and give up since it can't answer the basic question. There have also been cases where there was a sudden realization, with no prior "work". It seems by writing this out, there is some clarity. Who wants to know anyway? I guess there is no real point in endlessly asking these questions, other than seeking some false security in getting "an enlightened person" to answer.

C. Asked and answered over and over!

Come BACK to this - NOW: Refuse all thoughts and questions except WHO AM I?  Let That One Thought dissolve everything, leaving No Thing - the Gift of Absolute Freedom.

Now, what part of REFUSE do you not understand? The only “understanding” you need is that the I that thinks “I AM” is a concept that POINTS to awareness. That is NOT a concept or a feeling or any sensation. IT IS EMPTY AND MEANINGLESS. You are THAT ... THAT is NO THING. YOU are NO THING.

What about REFUSE ALL except Who Am I? is NOT clear!? TO WHOM? Only to an assumed separate thing called I.

I Repeat: Refuse all thoughts and questions except WHO AM I?  Let That One Final Thought dissolve everything else and even itself, leaving What IS (No Thing - the Gift of Absolute Freedom.)

Honestly and gently ask. You can't force Grace, That (The Real YOU) is more Real than the false idea of a separate I is, so allow That to do the job as That will. Relax and ask. No answers only ask. Am I? WHO Am I? Am I? What Am I? Am I?


23 June 2008

Who Wants To Control Feelings?

Q: There is desire for a true acceptance and experience of being an organism rather than a person (the sense of separation) when it comes down to living in this world and still wanting that life to look a certain way. So many ruminations seem to be "wasted" on that, followed by the thought that they should not take place. When the question is posed "Whose ruminations?" and "Whose thoughts?" stillness laced with anger and dissatisfaction arises, and those feelings on some level cannot be accepted.

C. Are you expecting control and to never have some universal energy arise and get labeled (by you) as anger or dissatisfaction or any other unwanted therefore resisted (by you)?

The exhortation out of Oneness is THIS: Refuse all thoughts except who am I?. You ANSWER with this surmised thought-feeling story! That is NOT the suggestion. The suggestion is REFUSE all that and ONLY let the thought “Who Am I?” remain! Any answer and all experiences are stuff to drop, and simply come back to “Who?”.

That awareness which always IS and never changes has NO “experience component’ and NO cares about accepting or not accepting. This is NOT “self improvement”! What we point out here is that what you are is NO THING and that mans NO THING. That pure empty space of ordinary awareness – your true nature – is that in which all that appears arises, including stories and feelings of “dissatisfaction or anger. THAT is not “laced with” a damn thing. Ask you who believes these lies? Who tells that story to whom?


21 June 2008

Awareness Is No Thing

Q: I keep hearing that we are not our thoughts as thoughts come and go and can't see or do anything (and this makes sense to me as well) but, what if our thoughts and our True Self, the Awareness, are the same? I mean instead of our thoughts arising from us as Awareness, what if they actually come from Awareness? In other words, what if it's Awareness that is having these thoughts?

C. Thoughts are energy bubbles arising here and now. ALL you can “do with” awareness is think about it. The idiot mind thinks the thought of awareness is awareness. That’s like thinking the thought water is the wet stuff. Next time you’re thirsty write the word water on a piece of paper and swallow it. See if that quenches the body’s thirst!

Awareness is EMPTY and both IS NOTHING and DOES NOTHING.

Thoughts about thoughts about thoughts is suffering. All what if questions are suffering and ignorance, speculations about what never existed in the first place. So stop with all that and only abide as silent awareness. What is your real direct knowing? I AM. Stop there. Follow I AM and you suffer. Drop all that comes after I AM. Just BE.


* meditation-buddha image from
** Writing Hands by M. C. Escher

Some 2007 Correspondence can be found in the
book "No Way Out". Go HERE to preview and order.

Independence Day USA 2008

Choices, Choosers, and Other Dreams Of “Me”

The “Sages” have asserted, there is no free will, no choice, no chooser in any organism. There is the assumption of an individual “person” but is an assumption actually true? Who is the assumer of “I am”? IS there an “assumer of” that assumption? Or is the assumption a belief assumed by another belief? Where is the I am apart and independent from Awareness, this Presence which is That which is the natural Knowing that Being is and I exist therefore I cannot say “I am NOT”?

So where does that leave us in this apparent dilemma of the issue of choice and chooser?

I ask you to ask YOU.

And so we arrive at the paradox: There is NO person with control even over the thoughts that arise in this space of awareness from a brain imbued apparently with the predisposition of its DNA and its subsequent environmental influences. This can be seen directly when that “person” is looked for: gazing into the space of awareness, here and now, where IS any separate willful chooser of choices? Unless there is a taking on board of a thought of a “me” that must “choose” then where exactly IS such a chooser? Looking, you find only what you are – No Thing.

That said, we still find ourselves in this dilemma (unless we don’t). What dilemma? It certainly seems to the dreamer that he or she IS a real and solid chooser of choices and must somehow decide issues that confront her or him IN this dream of life. Therefore, we can perhaps arrive at a third alternative in the seeming dilemma:

Consider the possibility of simply letting this seeming dilemma be. And when a "chooser" seemingly arises (which always arises as a partner with “choice”; haven’t you noticed?) then go right ahead and exercise that apparent chooser by choosing what leads back to Love, and only That.

Love is the Home you never left. If there is a momentary dream that you are a thing apart from love, stop and ponder: AM I? Can I say “I am not”? Of course one can SAY anything. But to tell oneself a lie is a rather grievous error, is it not!?

Love allows all that appears within Its Space to simply be and when a belief in a chooser is appearing then put that one to the task of dropping all choice to be right, to win, to dominate, to control another or the appearing world.

Seem difficult? To whom? Who thinks or believes or “knows” "I am me" and "I am right"? Ask you.

Shall we keep it simple?

You are. That isness IS and what you are is That and nothing else. Full Stop. Then if there arises an assumed belief in the  myth of separateness and a sovereign self apart for Totality investigate that assumption. Prove it false for yourself. And abide as the Freedom and Love that you REALLY are.

And in This Now as there appears a chooser, allow That to Choose to love What Is as It is. Until in this Eternal Now it is seen by no one that there is ONLY Love and no need to choose as the "chooser" has evaporated - and all there is is This. This Love. This Freedom. Chouceless Love!

Happy Independence Day!


The Booby Prize

The understanding these various currently popular living "spiritual teacher-talkers" describe may be seem “accurate" - but it's ONLY a description - and the description is NOT the Real No-Thing that YOU are! Just recognize here and now that these elegant-seeming expressed "understandings" are  not the "end of all ends". Intellectual grasping - or talking ABOUT what is Real - is the booby prize! Taking that booby prize as the end of seeking is a BIG mistake. Therein lies suffering. YOU are NOT any concept!

You Cannot "Grasp" What You ARE

This "spiritual talking" is nothing but mistaking the feeling-thought story of "me" and "my life" as a "spiritual person" for the actual Endless Being of unconditioned unbounded Love that you really are. Stop seeking and here you are, whole and complete, awareness without beginning or end. Start seeking again and that seems to be masked or covered over but IS awareness actually masked? AWARENESS IS. You are That. Space-Like. Could Space grasp Space? No. Can you either grasp, or move out of, this awareness? Never. No. Not possible! Here is the final point: If ANYTHING - including these pointers - is assumed to be other than utter nonsense – then that creates a perspective that is absolute nonsense.

There is NO "true" concept OR experience. All "teachings" are nonsense. The Real is a truthless land.

All "knowing" is wrong. Full stop.

Potent Pointers

"The primary illusion is only this knowingness ‘I am’, prior to that there was no illusion. This very consciousness is the source of illusion. This illusion or consciousness or ‘I amness’ does not remain as something eternal. It is liberated; this non-eternal consciousness is liberated, when the knowingness is transformed into non-knowingness, that is liberation". - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj 

"Some call it 'non-conceptual awareness; or'“pure being'. Others called it 'non-duality' or 'your true nature'. However you label it, it is simply what you are, your natural existence prior to concepts." - John Wheeler


What IS The "I" Really?

The I is an imaginary character you have assumed is the real you only in innocence. It's like you believe in Santa Claus. The tooth fairy. The "I" - me. You must give up all childish beliefs. These “entities” including the so-called “me-entity”, the core misunderstanding which arrived at around age two, are ALL fictional. That primordial illusion that all the rest depend on, this “I” idea, was the first to come and is nearly always the last to go.  The fictional "me", is always the last illusion to be disillusioned of!

That “I” simply needs to be seen and understood for what it is … nothing but a thought with no substantiality … just bubbling energy arising in Timeless Awareness. Yet YOU ARE so that “I” MUST represent something. It does! The sound “I” POINTS to awareness, which is always so and prior to time and thought. That is always here now wherever you are and whatever you think. Stop searching and there You are, simple awareness, free and clear. This is The Eternal Is and all your problems are completely imaginary. All is taken care of. You need not meddle with Nature. She brings the organism everything it needs when it needs it. It could NOT be otherwise. Trust THAT.

YOU ARE AWARENESS, NOT the “thought-story”, the imaginary waking-dream character which appears and disappears in thought. All the time you take your actual being to be this thought you try to get that thought back to wholeness, which just reinforces the sense of being a thing apart from other things and from “God” or The One.

There are NOT "two I Am's" - I AM is universal, singular. That is The Timeless One which YOU know as your sense of being ... your very Is-ness … the knowing YES I AM … but that sense of Being is neither thought nor feeling. It is simply awareness. Just that! It's this serene, blank, accepting, empty space of knowing, I AM which encompasses all that appears within it in unconditioned, Infiite, Impersonal Love. You are Love. Nothing more, nothing less!

Naturally you do know that YOU ARE. That is NO Thing. Know yourself this way: “That, I Am”. “I Am That”. This is the ancient pointer to what You are, NOW, Here, Eternally. Just This and NO other! This is “Advaita” – “Not Two.” NON duality.

Without taking a thought, and considering a thought to be what you are, where any is separate "you” that is not surrendered to a separate “God?" Who would surrender to whom?? A thought? Can a thought do ANYTHING? It's just a thought that comes and goes in awareness. You are that awareness, NOT that thought. This I-apart from other - and God - is a story of suffering. Look for the one telling the story. Do you find any separate thing apart from thoughts about thoughts? A vicious circle of falsehoods? To say it as directly as can be noted in language: There IS No God and YOU Are God. Sit with that, like you’re letting a pillow rest in your lap.

Look at it this way:

“’I am’ itself is God. The seeking itself is God. In seeking you discover that you are neither the body nor the mind, and the love of the self in you is for the self in all. The two are one. The consciousness in you and the consciousness in me, apparently two, really one, seek unity and that is love.” – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

There was never any separation. You have a concept "I" or "me" and another concept "God". But God, or “The Absolute”, is already HERE NOW as your own sense of being, I AM. As the truth is told in language, "God" is defined as "I AM THAT I AM." You cannot separate yourself from what you are.


21 June 2008

Using The Mind To Transcend The Mind?

Q: I have heard and read that the answer is not in the mind. If that is the case, then why do we ask 'who am I?' or 'Who is asking this question?' etc. ? Or 'Am I this body?', 'Am I this mind'? Those questions do involve the mind don't they?

C: Yes. But: The paradox in all these pointers is that the mind MUST discover that for itself. Why? Didn’t that search begin in the mind? The stunning realization is that there is NO answer IN the mind and that the mind cannot find Source because Source is that present awareness that SEES the mind (the thought I and so on). To paraphrase Sri Nisargadatta, the mind's realizing that there is no such thing as enlightenment for it is in fact enlightenment.

Q: One of my Psychotherapist friends once mentioned that the mind still has a use in 'seeing' the truth. I know that even if the mind is 'seeing' the truth, I am still aware of this. 

C: Take the I Am CONCEPT out of it. Awareness that I AM that is NOT the thought “I am”.  That empty cognizing beingness IS seeing all -- including that idea “I am still aware” presently arising and disappearing. That I – I am – I am still seeing- chain of thoughts is not always there, is it? WHAT IS always there wherever you go, whatever you think? What is it that silently sees all the seeing, knowing, thinking, feeling?

As is pointed out on my web site,

Is Awareness Ever Missing?

So long as there is waking, there is Awareness. Try to not be aware. Try hard. Did you succeed? Maybe you thought 'I AM NOT aware,' or maybe you thought 'I AM aware', but did awareness leave? Did awareness change when thoughts changed? Even if you shout I AM NOT AWARE! at the top of your voice does awareness move or change? The true Nondual understanding, the direct understanding-knowing that belongs to no one, is that YOU ARE that awareness and nothing else. Only in thoughts is there the notion of "something wrong. See this now and end the search: You Are No Thing. Now. Here. There is nothing wrong with awareness. And THAT is what you are.

You see, the search for the One you are began in the mind, that mind which is nothing substantial, not really a “thing” at all, but rather a set of believe thoughts which are actually only vibrations of energy, sounds. The sound Ayeeeee – “I” - assumed to be a solid actual object, while in fact that assumed “identity” called “I” is nothing but some sound that comes and goes in the awareness that is your true nature. That I then took on the properties of an object separate from other objects, and assumes IT is real, and therefore NOT whole and complete. Then the seeking to come back to the original state, wholeness, starts up like a swirl of air starts up and becomes a tornado. And so Paradise is lost! (Paradise is just a concept I use to point to the timeless freedom, power and love if Infinite Being.) That “Paradise” is that awareness itself – nothing special or significant! -  that Being from which you (or mind) cannot escape, and when the mind sees that its true nature is empty, yet the fullness of ALL, Paradise is again re-discovered. What is THAT? This natural ordinary observing awareness.

That’s a lot of words to say YOU are NO THING. Awareness is No Thing. This is the direct understanding of nonduality, the clear empty understanding that is owned by no one. That is (as a future book title points out) “Paradise Found”. And that is already so here and now. You are That. That is All.


Keep It Simple!

A.D., who has been following a “Guru’s Path”, wrote lots of mental chatter that ended with, “I thought I heard you say that Gurus or practices to reach the Infinite of any kind are unnecessary – since we already ARE THAT.  Any HELP?


You finish with a reminding yourself of the real: “We are already THAT”.


It is SO simple!

Do you exist?

Are you aware?

Is that Awareness a thing that comes and goes?

What is the nature of awareness?

Do you see Awareness NEVER changes and all the changing appearances arise from That and disappear back into That?

Does it take any "practice (even the final practice of abiding in the last thought of ego - who AM I?) to BE? Does Awareness ever waver? Can you escape Awareness? Can you get away from NOW?

Do you see that wherever you are that place is always HERE?

Do you believe that you can "attain" the Awareness that the thoughts of ego and attaining and some day arise IN OR ON?

The belief “I’m me” is a BELIEF. When you were a kid you believed in Santa Claus. Then you found out there ain’t no Santa Claus. It was a story made up in the mind of a child. Now you must grow out of the belief in a “me” by simply gently looking in this Space of Awareness, this naked empty Presence that you ARE, to see if there really IS a “Santa Claus” … a “me”.

That is all there to this. Simple, obvious, nothing special at all.

All there IS is The One and now that you know that don’t trade The One Unborn Awareness in for the dust of a false belief.

So gently ask you Who Am I? And let all other thoughts such as the lot you wrote which I snipped away arose, and simply welcome all these thought with Love without latching onto them and identifying as the thinker or the thought. Resist nothing, even resistance! Welcome ALL with Unconditional acceptance and love. Welcome every thought, feeling, sensation, perception and experience with love and simply gently come back to the final question that has no answer (No Answer IS the “Final Silent Answer) … who AM I?

This is the Return To Paradise. The gateless gate is wide open Here and Now. 

Walk right in, dear One. It takes NO “time” or “practice to BE the Awareness that You are.

Keep it simple and let it BE. “Speakin’ words of wisdom … let it be. Leeeet it be”.


Notes From Nowhere

Out Here in This Field

I Am You

You Are I

Out Here In The Now

Beyond All Dreams Of Being

Here, We Are

In Love




Is Awareness Ever Missing?

So long as there is waking, there is Awareness. Try to not be aware. Try hard. Did you succeed? Maybe you thought 'I AM NOT aware,' or maybe you thought 'I AM aware', but did awareness leave? Did awareness change when thoughts changed? Even if you shout I AM NOT AWARE! at the top of your voice does awareness move or change?

The true Nondual understanding, the direct understanding-knowing that belongs to no one, is that YOU ARE that awareness and nothing else. Only in thoughts is there the notion of "something wrong." See this now and end the search: You Are No Thing. Now. Here. There is nothing wrong with awareness. And THAT is what you are.

"How can you speak or develop any concept unless the primary concept ‘I am’ is available? This primary concept begets further concepts, that is all other concepts occur to it. However, whatever concept occurs to you, including the primary concept ‘I am’, is not the eternal state". - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

"You are the one to whom all appears, including the fact of being conscious and all that subsequently appears within that. - John Wheeler

Listen Now to a brief MP3 - "Rest In This"


That, I AM

J.H. shares, Your posted “Keep It Simple!” email response was so Beautiful and it resonated so clearly that I just had to send you this Right On King Kong, thank you note. I’ve been experiencing quite a lot of slippin’ and slidin’ on the delusion/illusion ice pond the past few weeks. But clearly the seed has been sown because even on the hardest days with “personal” bleachers filled to near capacity with experiences of fear, doubt and insecurity, there are times each day when all of the Stuff just falls away and there I AM, Here, Now, and Free. Presence Awareness simply Is and That is what I AM.


It seems that all of the pain and suffering in this place we call the World flows from the river of mis-identification with imagined little, separate me’s struggling to find a safe harbor, that simply does not exist, within the ever hungry fantasy land of I, me, and mine. It is so crazy, just completely nuts. A vast parade of humans lost in darkness while walking down a sun drenched street with closed eyes.


Be Well and Happy dear friend!

And YOU!

In case you missed it ....

Keep It Simple!

A.D., who has been following a “Guru’s Path”, wrote lots of mental chatter that ended with, “I thought I heard you say that Gurus or practices to reach the Infinite of any kind are unnecessary – since we already ARE THAT.  Any HELP?


You finish with a reminding yourself of the real: “We are already THAT”.


It is SO simple!

Do you exist?

Are you aware?

Is that Awareness a thing that comes and goes?

What is the nature of awareness?

Do you see Awareness NEVER changes and all the changing appearances arise from That and disappear back into That?

Does it take any "practice (even the final practice of abiding in the last thought of ego - who AM I?) to BE? Does Awareness ever waver? Can you escape Awareness? Can you get away from NOW?

Do you see that wherever you are that place is always HERE?

Do you believe that you can "attain" the Awareness that the thoughts of ego and attaining and some day arise IN OR ON?

The belief “I’m me” is a BELIEF. When you were a kid you believed in Santa Claus. Then you found out there ain’t no Santa Claus. It was a story made up in the mind of a child. Now you must grow out of the belief in a “me” by simply gently looking in this Space of Awareness, this naked empty Presence that you ARE, to see if there really IS a “Santa Claus” … a “me”.

That is all there to this. Simple, obvious, nothing special at all.

All there IS is The One and now that you know that don’t trade The One Unborn Awareness in for the dust of a false belief.

So gently ask you Who Am I? And let all other thoughts such as the lot you wrote which I snipped away arose, and simply welcome all these thought with Love without latching onto them and identifying as the thinker or the thought. Resist nothing, even resistance! Welcome ALL with Unconditional acceptance and love. Welcome every thought, feeling, sensation, perception and experience with love and simply gently come back to the final question that has no answer (No Answer IS the “Final Silent Answer) … who AM I?

This is the Return To Paradise. The gateless gate is wide open Here and Now. 

Walk right in, dear One. It takes NO “time” or “practice to BE the Awareness that You are.

Keep it simple and let it BE. “Speakin’ words of wisdom … let it be. Leeeet it be”.


That Gap Is The REAL YOU

E.R. writes a follow-up - Recent conference call posts have been so penetrating for this me thing over here. The huge gaps of silence are so blissful and with the occasional chirping bird. You've reinforced the work done or "hitting the pavement" between the calls and that's stuck with me too. Thank you as always...

You did it! Now you know that there ain’t no “you” that did or did not do or undo – That Gap is The Stillness moving. The Real You has stood up and disappeared the false “you”. Mazel Tov!! Way to GO (quite literally!) Ha!

So I was cleaning up and noticed this book I have. A collection of cartoons from Bruce Eric Kaplan called NO ONE YOU KNOW. It seems each word is could be a pointer...or something like that.

Great cartoons. The New Yorker has always had awesome ones, like Gahan Wilson, Charles Addams and the like. BEK’s are stunningly funny and wise.

It’s happiness to hear from not you, my friend! Love ya!


You Were Never Born

H.G. writes, Your book ["From I Am to I Am, With Love"] has been read and as you say period, full stop. There are no questions to ask about its content. However I would like to comment with you the following, hoping an answer or a guidance may come through. Thoughts have come and go, problems have come and go, sceneries have changed, the body is getting older, ideas have changed etc etc., but the inner sense of me has always been the same, it has never changed, age is not felt, there is this inner sense that I am the same one always, the same one when I was a kid, the same one when I was at School... always the same one. No age, it does not get old, it seems ageless.

That is the “sense of being” which is conscious of life as an “entity”. It’s the assumption that this sense of being is separate from the Whole that is at the root of all human suffering. The appearance of all that arises, including the sense of being, happens in timeless Awareness. This Awareness is the True Being, Eternal and absolutely free and clear, standing as The All outside the appearance of Life, Bodies, World.

In short, YOU ARE THAT.

That is NOT a thing or a sense or a feeling … all those come and go IN what NEVER comes and goes. What NEVER changes? This Here, this Now. Empty yet throbbingly Alive. Life itself.

You were never born; all that is “born” is a thought, a sense-of-being, that I am Consciousness. That is born on waking and dies in sleep. The LIFE never dies and is never born. LIFE beats your heart and breathes your lungs while there is no-one home, in deep sleep. That is always so. You are not an entity. You are the I AM that is The ALL. Full Stop!

Who Are You?

Just THAT. Nothing Else.


Stay With The Basics

S.G. Writes, Fear comes again. I been doing that inquiry, but seems some notion of a me still persist.  I don’t know, i do that inquiry, but the but but but comes... I dont know how that comes again. Seemed over.... Probably are histories in the mind, but still arise that. ...Im not in control of this. ...Also if i imagine another conversation with you, some fear is there....How is possible this to come again... probably this mind is so hard reasserts itself. And want to over the game of becoming. I’m afraid. I want to jump from the boat.  IS hard, because when you have tasted that eternal state... is hard to return to the man. I know all of this are histories, but want to over the histories !    probably you can help. I been doing that inquiry for so long, and still there is this mind.....This is ego, but what can i do ... Also when doing the inquiry, i repeat who i am over and over, but nothing happens.

You ARE that Nothing.

Let that last thought "Who Am I" ERASE you. Stay with The Basics:

1. YOU ARE Awareness, simply being. No one can say they do not exist. That existence, the sense of "I" as in "I Am," is undeniable and inescapable. Try to NOT BE. Cannot be done. So the simple pointer is, what you are is That Presence or Awareness pointed at with the concepts "I" and "I Am". That, YOU ARE. Being. Just That! This True :I" ... BE-ING... is "represented" in language with concepts like Impersonal Consciousness; Awareness, Being ... YOU are just THAT, prior to the mind's translation into the thought I Am and I am this or that.

2. YOU ARE NOT an "individual." There are NO "individuals" anywhere except in unreal stories. The idea of a separate person is a fiction, a mind-construction, a house of cards, as the story tries to say, “I’m ME! (Unsuccessfully!) This idea of a "me" is ... on investigation ... seen to be a false claim by the thinking machinery to its own separate existence. This ever-changing idea of a person is simply unreal. WHO says "I'm Me?" The mind. To be blunt, it's bullshit. The whole fabricated story of me is pure bullshit: all stories of “individuals” is actually a fiction. As Shakespeare said, it’s a tale told by an idiot, filled with sound and fury, signifying … NOTHING.

3. Drop ALL thoughts except Who Am I? WHO? Who Who Who?  Do not relent, but do not try or force.  Honestly and gently ask. You can't force Grace, she (The Real YOU) is more stubborn then you are, so allow her to do the job as she will. Relax and ask. No answers only ask.


Nothing And No One Is Wrong Any More

J.B. writes a follow-up - It seems like most of the suffering is gone. Yes, it is sweet and surprisingly undramatic. And at times when suffering does come (and it did when I got up this morning) it's sweet, too—just another chance for the little gong to go off, gently prodding me to check things out. 


I appreciate, Charlie, how much you've stressed the Ramana question. You're a total one-pointed nut on it— that's been great for me. "Who Am I?" seems to pop up all on it own all over the place. It also seems to take the juice (maybe hook is a better word) right out of judging, lusting, opinion making, crankiness, future fears, and that old familiar critter, making John (as well as everybody else in the world) wrong! Love ya, take care.

You did it!

Love ya back. C.


Invincible You

What never changes

and yet

is That which silently

Yes. watches

And yes permeates… yes

all the changing appearances appearing?

That, indescribable, inescapable, silent

unblemished perfect Eternal Stillness ...

That is what You are. Who is not aware? Who is not Being?

Being Is yet Is Not.

In THAT there IS no 'me', no 'you', and no 'suffering'.

Being That, Unborn, Indestructible

there is no path and no goal.

No true and no false.

No good and no evil.

Just this –

Unborn being.

Not-two Not-One.

That is Nothing, Nowhere.

That is Everything, Everywhere. 

That is Unborn, yet That is also birth and death,

Universe Omniverse.

All is One.

Or One is All.

Whichever way, forever now It Is.

Being That, Abiding as That, there is nothing "wrong" any more

        (and there never was or will be ever no way hey?)

Words! Drop all and be That which is Here Now before another thought is.

And who is here to do that? You? What “you” is there in The All?

Present and absent, always changing, you appear.

Absent forever you disappear and so You are You – The One.

        There is Only This One. And The One is No One.

That is Also Known By No-One

         As YOU.

Note: From a new book coming this summer"  ... “Paradise Found  - Recognizing And Living As The Infinite Love That You Are"



04 June 2008

No One Working

Follow-up from M.T. - I listened to the audio clip “You Are That" and  that resonated very well… the idea that as we are working, playing, eating or whatever, and are one with that activity, that is the awake state. When there is the idea of "I am working" then that's where apparent duality starts. The thoughts seem to say, "You have to think in order to do this," but in reality, doing happens naturally and is more effective without unnecessary thoughts. Thanks so much Charlie.

That is PERFECT.

Happy to hear it’s all sinking in. Keep going and do stay in touch! Love ya!

(Click Here for MP3, "You Are That, A Guide For Effortless Seeing & Living")


03 June 2008

Reject The Bankrupt Paradigm Of Separation

A.J. writes, Charlie, I received this message and I want to know if you agree: “When we say that God is everything, it means that HE is all that is real.  What man creates through his separation-thinking and greed for power is not real.  For example, Hitler created more suffering than many others dictators like him, and yet, it ended by him committing suicide and seeing how stupid the whole thing was.  There was no gain it at all.  He ended up like the people he treated.  This doesn't mean that the war didn't happen or that people didn't suffer.  It means that it was created by man's ignorance and need for personal power because they were devoid of love in their past.  God had nothing to do with war and suffering in the world.  God is love.  Therefore anything created without love is created by man's ego.  God is everything means that even Hitler has a soul that can recognize God and love but he denied through it his through his unawareness and need for lust and greed and power.  God created us in His image but it is up to us what we do by our choice.  God will always forgive us no matter what we do if we turn to him.  God is everything means that everything has that potential of love but we have been given choice -- to choose love or fear.  Of course, this choice is not conscious but unconscious mostly.  Do you see that”?

Do you agree?

Absolutely NOT.

First off, the idea of a Big Separate God who is LOVE and therefore would never "choose war" is rampaging ignorance. If God is One and only One where is any separate ego? It’s bullcrap. Look: You cannot have it both ways. Either God is ALL or God is Nothing. Where is any separate ego that can somehow “thwart” the “Will of this Loving God”?

Who chooses? That is what needs to be examined. So, NO I do not agree. There is NO ego! It's a ghost! You scare yourself telling yourself ghost stories where YOU are the main ghost character, the star in your drama. It's crap.

Don't get me in the middle between you and that writer, whom I do not know. If you keep roaming the Internet and writing to other teachers I will NOT reply to you again. As awise man said, if you are wanting to hit water digging a well, dig in just one place. Stay with one teaching. If you like that expression what difference will my assessment make? The real question which you keep avoiding asking yourself is Who Am I”? I say refuse all thoughts except who am I? If you can, just do it. If not keep looking in all the wrong places, in thoughts and outside yourself. But get real with it, man!

In any case as I read the post it seems whoever that is IS trying to point to the Universal I AM that we "label" God… but the idea of choice and chooser is out of ignorance. The assumption of a chooser-entity. Look for such and you simply cannot find any such thing!

So the expression is fundamentally flawed. The idea of conscious OR unconscious choice is nonsense, it depends on that ubiquitous false assumption of an “individual me”, entity that has to choose to love. Who would NOT choose love if there were any real choice in the matter? The Hitler example is just silly noise.

If you stick with the final point, to refuse ALL speculations, thoughts, stories etc and come back to JUST "Who Am I"? all the questions dissolve.

Follow-up: Alright, I see what you mean and I know God and I aren't separate.. I just didn't get why another advaita vedanta teacher believed in that type of crap.. Sorry, for the questions.. I just want you to be my teacher

Be your OWN “teacher”. You ARE THAT. Chooserless Choiceless Awareness. YOIU ARE Just THAT. Full Stop!

That “crap” as you put it and I agree with is the real problem when a “teacher” believes they are a “teacher-person” that is teaching “another

“ a “student-person”. That is a bankrupt paradigm. This that arises here and through ‘Sailor’ Bob and John Wheeler is simply, Oneness sharing Oneness with Oneness - sharing rather than teaching. The real teacher doesn’t claim to know some fancy conceptual “spiritual wisdom” that you don’t know and must learn. While the correct seeing is that self-ignorance is cured by Self-Knowledge, THAT is the compassionate sharing of what is obvious and clear FOR YOU. That means, For who you ARE, when you look with a bit of guidance shared through one who has been down the road and knows the pitfalls and potholes and shares how to steer around them.

Stay with the Bottom Line, that you HAVE seen: You ARE That. Presence Awareness and NOTHING Else. THAT is Love. Stay PUT now, my friend.



02 June 2008

Nothing To See

Follow-up from J.K. - Much gratitude to you and Walter... during your recent consultation, you gave him a very valuable pointer...the notion that the "I" thought must be rooted out...this obviously begs the question (well, it certainly wasn't obvious to me...who? LOL)...who is doing all of this rooting?

Indeed. Yet it is essential (so it seems) to have the direct Self-Knowing of what that I Indeed. Yet it is essential (so it seems) to have the direct Self-Knowing of what that I actually is: The I is That which IS prior to the assumed identity “I-apart-from-other” or the assumed owner of “I and Mine” that arises as a subtle thought-conviction: the assumed identity "I am me". In short the one-letter word I is the most perfect POINTER to Timeless being. Seeing the I as Real and the “me” as false is how it is shared here.

Ultimately The Timeless Spacelike I of Being-Awareness-Aliveness moving as the One Living Universe - from It’s own Unmoved Eternal Nature - is ALL there is, That IS the True I and You are That. Not Two. Beyond apparent reality there is the Reality Of I and That is Love. (Words! The Way is beyond language! - Seng T’san)

It seems to me (you know what I mean) that the "I" thought is like a rattlesnake slithering by.  If you try and pick it up and make it your pet...trouble.  If you try and kill it...trouble.  Best just to let it slither harmlessly by. 

Yes. And, how can what never existed in the first place be destroyed. It only seemed so during the dream-like process of seeker-seeking.

Like the Irish cop says,   "Alright, move along people!  Nothing to see here!"

Quite right! What there is to see – Here - IS No Thing. No-one sees no thing yet there is See-ing. The mystery of Being the Now and only that. Ain’t that some amazing Grace?!

Follow-up: Thanks, Charlie (as always) for your thoughtful reply.  It seems to no-one that any concept born of the illusion of a separate self, the "I" thought, time, space, chocolate...all concepts definition...false. Which, fortunately, doesn't mean there's not the enjoyment of chocolate! Peace...

Indeed. And also Beer, Martinis, and Steaks!


27 May 2008

Who Can ‘Accept What Comes’?

Some make claims like "We must let all possibilities exist in Peace, meaning that we accept whatever comes." Who is there to "do" this acceptance"?  The undeniable FACT of The Eternal State is that all "possibilities" ARE (Already Always!) existing Here and Now in Perfect Peace.

All there IS is THAT - What-You-Are ... Nondual Being-Awareness-Love. Loving all that appears without a separate Love-ER! 

What IS IS and prior to appearances, while permeating the appearances as Essence of All, and This ever-IS abides Beyond this false "reality" of a "we" described  in that assertion.

In That which IS there IS no "we", no "person"  or "persons", to "let all exist." That is arrogant ignorance.

This is a teaching of nice looking ignorance that can keep the seeker stuck in a false identity that continually "tries to accept and always fails! It is quit a familiar trap. Don't get caught in that. It’s like icing on a cow pie. As Robin Dale puts it, “If you think you're enlightened, throw it away and begin again. The idea of 'enlightenment' is like a big ugly monster with a pretty face, inside you. Like the idea of the Abyss is a big warm openhearted angel with an ugly face”.


26 May 2008

Rest In Peace

C.J. shares, I have been a student of metaphysics/ spiritual studies for awhile now & had practice various religious faith...always searching, seeking & dissecting...but was somehow unhappy...somehow I knew inside of me that there must be a more direct approach without the fabrications ... something more unified ...the source of it all. And I needed to know...that all teachings sprung from the same source. Which I did...when I discovered Shankaracharya Advaita philosophy but not without confusion, frustrations & pain prior to the discovery....and only recently to the teachings of Sri Nisargadatta & Sri Ramana Maharshi.....viewing clips of these masters on YouTube I came across yours as well and I decided I would sent you an email, in hope to have a 'friend' along the path....


Now the search is over...I am only to abide...abide in the present....

Now THAT is VERY “good news”.

Should any doubts, questions or suffering ever arise, feel free to write again. Meanwhile … Rest In Peace J.




25 May 2008

Enjoy The Song Of The Self

P.N. writes, Hello Charlie, a convincing mind game that I’m wondering about is if I'm still seeking.  One month ago I was surfing Youtube for videos of Eckart Tolle and saw one of your videos.  By watching your videos and those of Tony parsons, the seeking ended for this 6'1" meat stick I call P.N., haha ;-)  


Yet if the search is over, why am I still coming back to your web site and John Wheeler's?  This is strange.

It is rather like enjoying a fine wine. Being not-a-seeker - and abiding as The One Beyond Reality - doesn't necessarily preclude enjoying the Song of Your Self in the "relative"! I also still very much enjoy reading John Wheeler's site.

No worries! Enjoy whatever arises in the Now and out of Nowhere.




25 May 2008

Beyond Reality, Beyond ‘I Am’, Only One

M.S. writes, Whatever is was that woke me is now downloading more of your audio sessions to take to the gym on my IPOD. From there What will run the legs, lift the weights and reason that all the sweat is being done for the chocolate smoothie at the imagined end. ha ha ha

What indeed? Good question. No answer will capture or evoke The Real beyond reality!

Enjoy the day .... and greet each moment as it is

And 'YOU'!

"I am"... the day… Silence pretending to be M.

Potent Pointer from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj:

"This primary concept, ‘I amness’ is dishonest, because it is still a concept only. Finally one has to transcend that also and be in the ‘nirvikalpa’ state, which means the concept-free state. Then you have no concept at all, not even of ‘I am’. In that state one does not know that one is. This state is known as ‘Parabrahman’: ‘Brahman’ transcended. ‘Brahman’ is manifest; ‘Parabrahman’ is beyond that, prior to that; the Absolute".

Here, A new book seems to be coming outta nowhere

“Beyond Reality". (Subtitle - "Beyond ‘I Am,’ Beyond Reality. There is Only One. You Are That".)

Incomprehensible to the scientist or the philosopher, the human or the so-called mind!

Beyond Reality You Are - Subjectless Objectless Just One.

No-one knows That.

Love Ya!


25 May 2008

How Simple This Is

Follow-up from R.B. Wow. There's really nothing more to say. "I" can't help but laugh at how simple the teachings actually are. I'm at a loss of words currently, haha. Thank you very much for taking the time to reply, it’s highly appreciated.

That's VERY Good news!

Abide As That - The Perfect Eternal No-State State!


23 May 2008

Thanks To Bob & John: Search Over!

P.B. writes, Just received the newsletter. Deepest gratitude for all that is available-audio, video and stuff. Searching stopped after clarity seen through pointers by Sailor Bob and John Wheeler. It’s totally inspiring and uplifting to hear and read what’s on offer here as in the past I hadn’t encountered such direct openness in such matters. Your sharing makes all the difference. From the UK - Love and all the best.

That is GREAT news. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Much Love, 


13 May 2008

Touching Home

R.O. Writes, Hey Charlie, I hope all is well with you. I just had to write to thank you once again for another outstanding audio clip “Hardball III” with Peter. This one truly touched home. Very beautiful !! Thank you my friend and keep them coming :-)

Happiness bubbles as this is read! Much Big Love to you dear friend, dear One.

It's great to see that the "message" is resonating.

Thanks very much for writing. It seems this expression continues - and who knows how? LOL! All is well all ways. Being Unborn is the Gift of Timeless Being to all who let It in, so to say... Have an awesome Now.


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09 May 2008

Names For The Nameless Formless Being

A.H. Asks, Hi there, I have been watching your videos and was wondering: Is this "Being-Awareness" that you talk about is the same as "GOD"?

Yes, "God" is a popular Name for the Nameless Timeless Formless Space-Like Being that You are... All words are just pointers to the Real - the word is a concept-label for what Is.


18 June 2008

Don't Fall Into "Contempt Prior To Investigation"

S. P. says, Effortless wealth, effortless success and effortless health?? This is what is posted on Mechthild's website which I found on your links page. I got curious about this Sedona Method because I heard or read that you were saying how wonderful/brilliant the method/teacher, is etc. Did Ramana Maharshi, or Nisargadatta Maharaj, ever promise such things? WHO would make such claims about attaining and achieving things like wealth and health, which only satisfy the egotistical desire to be ever-happier and have more or better of something. You are normally so uncompromising in "your" message of non-duality that I find it surprising that you appear to be endorsing (to some degree) the Sedona Method, since it is immediately apparent just by [looking at their] web page that this method reinforces seeking.

Certainly the final “end game is to ask WHO? Who wants what isn’t? Who offers such carrots on a stick? Who indeed IS there anywhere? Yet take it back and ask YOU - WHO asks this? Who is caring what a so-called “other” says or thinks or offers or not!? Who is is asking who would make claims!? WHO? Take your own point back and challenge your own who-ness.

Dear ONE: Consider the possibility that what appears to “you” as “immediately apparent” may only be the mind’s rejection out of an egoic, mechanical judgmental arrogance of knowing “that’s just wrong!” Look: I challenged Hale Dwoskin, the CEO and founder of this work, directly, on all these points in a few great phone conversations. In doing so I found NO "Hale" to defend or protect or justify the Sedona Method. The appearance called “Hale” is ONLY the Eternal Being arising as Infinite Compassion (the destroyer of Ignorance) and Love (YOUR Timeless Being). “Hale” is an appearance of Aliveness being lived as this particular expression in the appearing context of popular ideas of becoming, and self improvement. It was only after both actually listening to the teachings, and talking with my dear friends Mechthild and Hale, [both are linked on the site] that the endorsement happened and the links were added..

Here is the Paradox. It is absolutely true that there is no person. But for one who still believes he or she is a person, in the relativity of the appearance, that one CAN be met where they are, rather than from the Ultimate, because there are no ears for hearing when the one seeking itself is deeply enmeshed in its dream. Then perhaps, through a seeming process, all arguments against Oneness dissolve and the Unborn Reality that shines before and through the mind is no longer missed out on. If you forget that once YOU were in the space of seeking and that frustration led you to various teachers and teachings that LOOKED like they were offering something that you wanted, regardless of what that was, spiritual or material, then you could lose the compassion that is the hallmark of all sincere nondual teachings, no matter HOW they are presented or disguised!

All seeking, whether for wealth, health or happiness, OR for so-called “Spiritual Enlightenment”, is the seeking for Home, for Wholeness - so the brilliance of Hale’s work lives in the embracing of that fact and appearing as a possibility for what the seeker thinks she or he wants. So it seems! BUT in the view from now, from here, that arises only “in order to” guide the seeker to the removal of the seeker from the path entirely! Call it guidance to the Gateless Gate to Paradise! Call it whatever you like. It’s ALL coming from Oneness. ALL IS ONE. Period. Stop. (That means ALL. IS. One.) J

Look at it this way: There is no one yet there appears an organism. Seven or so billion such organisms, the vast majority of which are suffering. So it appears that these are programs for UN-conditioning, DE-programming -  an appearance of an organism. For the organism’s health and well being at all apparent “levels”. There is NO resistance here to any or all such possibilities. And what IS wealth? Being that what there is NOW is enough! By that definition I am absolutely a rich man! What IS success? Being Whole and Complete and KNOWING that, regardless of apparent circumstance, YOU ARE THAT Wholeness. What IS health? The natural acceptance of what IS as it IS for the bodymind. And there can be apparent improvement. That has happened here as in reviewing the materials I found a chronic back problem easing effortlessly. Hey, I don't care about the assessments. I like the back pain being eased. That is a preference, not attached to, AND there is NOTHING WRONG with naturally programmed preferences. No attachment no aversion. That is Freedom.

A good friend who is no longer stuck in the beliefs in me, time and separateness was at one “time” a teacher in the School of Metaphysics. That work is remarkably similar to the Sedona Method! That work now "lives him" in his daily life. I have observed that this friend, a “person appearing”, is quite effortlessly prosperous! Some would say wealthy. Financial wealth is useful in this dream! We have talked about all this. He rejects NOTHING! Only the ego rejects out of hand! In fact I have seen my pal coach his kids in these kinds of ways. Setting goals, for example. Again, nothing is rejected; all is embraced in The Oneness of Absolute Freedom and Love.

As 'Sailor' Bob Adamson points out in this quote on his website, "There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance--that principle is contempt prior to investigation". - Herbert Spencer

Look, It Is All Good. Oneness denies NOTHING, welcomes EVERYTHING AS IT IS with absolute love and respect.

All is One. My direct experience (non conceptual and not ‘hearsay’) is that Hale Dwoskin, who I know quite well now, is exactly the same as Nisargadatta. (And so are YOU dear One). Make no-one special or separate and make nothing wrong -  that - wrong-making - is egoing, which IS dividing up The Whole in language,  and THAT is what appears to be maintaining the false separateness. All paths lead to the Home that was never left. Some take the high road, some take the low road. Every appearance finds its perfect guide. Reject NO path. We could just watch that we don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater!

There is a popular belief, among “spiritually correct” egos, that somehow seeking and finding how to have the bodymind's needs and desires fulfilled is wrong. What is off and causes suffering for most seekers who are after a better or different life is the self-willed effort. Ego is effort, struggle. Ego IS resistance to what is. It is the struggle to get what it wants, but not now! Only for “for a me” that never did exist and a “someday” that never comes. The experience here of the Sedona Method is that the sharing is constantly, directly and with enormous compassion and absolute love, pointing to That which effortlessly sources all that happens. That which you ARE and cannot either attain or lose.

All you’ve see is the “marketing” and that is only the surface. It’s like looking at a sign that says “Paradise Inside” – come on in. If you pooh-pooh the sign and out of cynicism reject the possibility, then that is just foolish! The seeker mind might do well to ask itself, “Can I afford the arrogance of assuming there is nothing here worth investigating, can we afford the arrogance of assuming that nothing in this possibility could make a difference in the well-being of the organism I call me, AND all of Humanity, and the Planet”? If you are seeking anything at all that is not already here now, that you must enter and test, not believe or disbelieve without investigation. No. You must give up that arrogance and actually open the door, come INSIDE. Then guiding that mechanical seeker of paradise to the nondual seeing that there is no seeker can happen - and THAT IS The Return to Paradise! Game Over.

But as Albert Einstein noted, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." He knew that in his own direct experience!

You see, in the actual Sedona Method, as in any true nondual pointing, there is a welcoming by the appearing “outer guide” of all that appears with no attachment and no aversion. This is exactly how John Wheeler, Bob Adamson, John Greven, Stephen Wingate and many, many others (see the links page) approach all of this. In this space of loving acceptance sans agenda, the seeker, through competent guidance, is led back to Source, then the false entity drops away. Then what happens is a totally natural unfolding of the effortless ease of Being. As it always was is and shall be, and now no longer obscured by false beliefs in me and time and separation!

The functioning of the programmed organism then is lived by a life of authentic freedom, natural power, and unconditioned love, which brings the Nondual Realization that what is IS already perfect in all ways - and maybe there is not financial wealth or other changes, and sometimes there are – as I said, this body's chronic back pain (from racing crashes and being overweight) got dramatically reduced as it reviewed the course, which happened because there is NEVER a recommending anything this bodymind has not directly experienced and tested for bullshit and truth at the core the REAL outcome in apparent "time" is that "improvement of the dream charcter" may or may not happen but again, there is no-one there to care one way or the other! There is just In-Love-ness with all and every appearance and no-one does this love, it’s not a “doing” - there just IS great Love and Acceptance - with no one “doing” the accepting. And THAT is good shit - no matter what the mind's advaita police say! LOL!!

When all is welcomed and released back into the Now there arises in This Eternal Now a sense of real palpable love and respect for everything and everyone. And this appears NOW and NOW. You are that NOW. Here. Forever.

The signs are meant to attract the seeker who has wants. But once inside that Tiger's Den, the seeker and their wants and attachments gets dissolved. But NOT as being “destroyed but by being "de-story-ed". There is just effortless dissolving in Infinite Timeless Love! "Step into my parlor, said the Loving Spider to the Suffering Fly!" When the Divine Spider of Love eats the egoic fly of a suffering “me” all that is left is the Love. You become the Love that you were never not!

Those with the addiction to such things as “The Secret” are originally attracted by these apparent carrots on a stick, but all that is beautifully dealt with in seeing that the assumptions of time, me and someday DO reinforce the sense of separation and these get taken apart in Hale’s work.

It is always a danger to judge and evaluate, to consider on appearance right or better, OR wrong or invalid, without investigation. I endorse The Sedona Method because IT WORKS. I LOVE shit that actually works. It works because of where it comes from (Oneness) and not what it appears to the judging mind to be. Watch out about rushes to judgment, dearest One!

Here is a short clip of Hale delivering the message, on pointing out the effortless nature of Truth, and pointing out what EVERY seeker LONGS to know:  This brief bit is only a tiny a taste, like when there is a new ice cream flavor and they ask if you’d like a taste to see if it appeals. Because once you taste the flavor you know if it is appealing to you. Get one taste of the Ocean, you know the flavor of the whole ocean! The  what remains is to give up ALL assumptions or beliefs in a “me” that is plagued by lack, limitation, separation and striving to become better on some someday that never comes. But if this is already known then please accept that this message is NOT preaching to the choir (unless it is! HAHAHA)!

Here is a quote from John Greven’s book, “:Oneness”:

So what does the ocean taste like? It tastes like boundless peace that cannot be touched -or there is nothing to touch it. Peace that cannot be disturbed because it is the only reality. Peace that is beyond knowing. It tastes like love so whole and complete that there is not a need for anything else - while it allows for all that is. It tastes like home”.

That is the direct experience here of The Reality, The Eternal State, this is what IS, always Here, always Now, and before that “always” there is Being and That is Space. Awareness - Aliveness. The Energy of This. Before always, after always, during always, the Real One IS and You are That. Timeless Love IS and You Are That! So, that is what is REALLY on offer from nowhere to no-one. Here, and also through Hale’s work, and also through the apparent others on the links page.

Anyway, thanks for a great question and commentary! Acceptance of The All IS Love. That denies nothing. You Are That. That is All.

With great Love and great Respect, from Love to Love with Love


17 June 2008

How Does Awareness Dissolve The False Self?

A.S. Asks, How does Awareness dissolve the false belief in an individual self?

Consider the possibility that Everything that appears only appears to YOU in YOUR Beingsphere … your “space”. ALL perceptions, sensations, your point of view, your perspective, are all arising in YOU. You are space and no thing no where and That is Here and Now. You are HERE. When or where did HERE begin? In this instant where is Here? Here! In this instant where is NOW? Here Now. Right NOW where is “time”? Right HERE where did NOW begin? Can you find a beginning to NOW? What appears as past-future-present appears as a memory NOW. The “I” is a memory. The “other” is a memory. Is a memory a real happening or did you jsst ASSUME that? WHO assumed that?

Surround all the stories, feelings, thoughts, sensations, opinions, arguments, agreement, disagreement, the knowing I Am – that WHOLE PACKAGE that you call “you-and-not-you” with Space. Let that Space surround, and permeate, all these memories. You simply cannot hold This Instant because YOU ARE This Instant outside and within all that appears. All memories. BE the Space, ALLOW the memories, And just let them all come and go in The Space as best you can. In This Now there is Nothing and memories appear and disappear in That.

You are THAT.

If you now think I got it!, you didn’t. If you now think “I lost it” you didn’t’

Who are YOU?

You ARE. You just ARE!  This Here, this NOW. Nothing but That.


17 June 2008

Start With What You Know and What You Have

S.N. Follows up: Yes, I know I have the feeling of being so-and-so, of being a person.  So do I just be with that feeling, remain with that feeling? 

That is one possibility. Refuse all thoughts except I AM - but START from the FACT that Being IS and That is Timeless Space, clear and empty. YOU ARE THAT.

In Sri Ramana's "Nan Yar?"  he says to find out "where in the body the thought "I" rises first....."  But this finding requires effort and will be the work of the mind, the ego.

Yes, the mind-ego which SEEMS to you to be what you are MUST be "challenged by itself" so to speak. This is the paradox: The you that you assume yourself to be, that you label mind or ego, must ask itself 'Who am I?'. And what Ramana is asking in the sentence you quote see if you can actually FIND that “I”. You will never find it! It is NOT in the body at all. It is NOWHERE!

The realization that you cannot find a separate entity called "I" proves the NONEXISTENCE of that. You see that "you" are a phantom, a dream, a fond memory. As there is the discovery of NO I that reveals that YOU as You ARE is NOT a thought. You find no "you" yet here you are, present an aware, with no location and outside of time. Just BEING.

While the mind is ultimately not the right tool, the answer is NOT in the mind because There Is No Answer! ... for the apparent seeker it's the only tool we have! Ramana recognized and taught from this paradox.

So, are you trying to figure it out?

Stay with this one thought, Who Am I?, and refuse ALL other thoughts and attempts to figure it all out. NO! JUST DO IT.

I remind you: Ramana points out, the purest teaching of dissolving your false self-center:

"The thought 'who am I?' will destroy all other thoughts, and like the stick  used for stirring the burning pyre, it will itself in the  end get destroyed. Then, there will arise Self-realization."

The Self is already always "realized" but if that is obscured by the apparent I-separateness assumption (I is mind appearing in Awareness) then this simple method is employed to dissolve the false I leaving this already Eternal NOW that you ARE.


If it remains unclear consider setting  consultation. Only so much can be done by e-mail. Go to consultations for details.


17 June 2008

In Response To The Many who Ask HOW?

Devotee:  How is one to enquire ‘Who am I?’

Sri Ramana Maharshi: Actions such as ‘going’ and ‘coming’ belong only to the body. And so, when one says, ‘I went, I came’, it amounts to saying that the body is ‘I’. But, can the body be said to be the consciousness ‘I’, since the body was not before it was born, is made up of the five elements, is nonexistent in the state of deep sleep, and becomes a corpse when dead? Can this body which is inert like a log of wood be said to shine as ‘I-I’? Therefore, the ‘I-consciousness’ which at first arises in respect of the body is referred to variously as self-conceit [self-centered thought] ), egoity (ahamkara) [sense I am separate], nescience (avidya), [ignorance, or false knowledge] maya [illusion], impurity (mala), and individual soul (jiva).

Can we remain without enquiring into this? Is it not for our redemption through enquiry that all the scriptures declare that the destruction of ‘self-conceit’ is release (mukti)? Therefore, making the corpse-body remain as a corpse, and not even uttering the word ‘I’, one should enquire keenly thus: “Now, what is it that rises as ‘I’?” Then, there would shine in the Heart a kind of wordless illumination of the form ‘I-I’. That is, there would shine of its own accord the pure consciousness which is unlimited and one, the limited and the many thoughts having disappeared. If one remains quiescent without abandoning that (experience), the egoity, the individual sense, of the form ‘I am the body’ will be totally destroyed, and at the end the final thought, viz., the ‘I-form’ also will be quenched like the fire that burns camphor [which dies once the fuel is exhausted].

The great sages and scriptures declare that this alone is release.

[The means] -  The enquiry ‘Who am I?’ is the principal means to the removal of all misery and the attainment of the supreme bliss.


16 June 2008

Who Asks ‘How’?

S.N. Writes, I have spent many years doing TM and japa and other spiritual practices.  to the extent that I developed immense headaches.  but still no progress.  doing all this for the last 30 years.

Who is expecting progress? There is nowhere to go and no-one to go. That assumption that you are a person who is trying to attain enlightenment IS the ego, the “one suffering” and that is an imaginary phantom that arises in Awareness. Suffering consists in trying to escape what IS. Ponder this from my teacher, John Wheeler:

“If you look simply and directly, you will see that here and now you are nothing but undeniable being-awareness itself. Note the tremendous implications of this statement. If you ARE that, what is the need of attaining, practicing or stabilizing in what you ALREADY are? Clearly, all those notions and questions arise from the belief in being a separate self apart from THAT. Until this is understood, the questions will go on. They cannot help but go on. There is only one issue left on the table: What are you? I will give you a hint: anything that comes and goes is not what you are. Still, you are present, and undeniably so. What is this presence that is with you right now that is not an experience that comes and goes? This is precisely what non-duality is pointing to. It is shining in your experience now, and is in fact what you are. Each time you turn to the questions and doubts in the mind, you are looking away from yourself. Pause the interest in thought for even one instant and your natural being is here, shining in all of its naked glory. Do not turn this into a task or goal. Is your being, your very presence, a task to accomplish or a goal to achieve?”

What am I to do? How do I do this practice of "who am I"?

FIRST: Start with the simple knowing I am Aware.

Then drop the I AM and what is Here and Never Changing? Being, Presence, Present and Aware.

Prior to the next thought. Open empty Space.



SECOND: Refuse to entertain any thoughts except WHO AM I? WHO asks these questions and tells these stories of “me-myself-and I”? Who did TM? WHO believes there is a time when or a time someday? Who believes the I thought is who I am? WHO? 

Linked here is the classic instruction from Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi: Read and ponder. But DO bear in mind that IT TAKES NO PRACTICE TO BE! Awareness is That which never changes. All appearances that come and go are Temporal. Being-Awareness is The Eternal State. YOU AR THAT and no practice can give you that because you are already always ONLY THAT. Here and now. DONE!

Sri Ramana's Teachings:

Who Am I? - (Nan Yar?)


15 June 2008

The Two-Sided Coin of Nondual Spirituality

M.E. Writes, A few days ago I chanced on a segment of yours on YouTube. I found it interesting and articulate. I then checked out a few others and recently even ordered a CD set from your web site. What you say (along with many others who provide pointers to the truth of advaita), however, tends to down play one thing. Everyone says, "All things appear in awareness...Awareness has no beginning and no end...You are it. Nothing new is to be attained...You have always had it and that is what you are...So there is no such thing as enlightenment..., etc."

That is not what the whole sharing is. We do point out the inescapable Awareness that is always present, right here, right now. But unlike some who ONLY point to That and affirm You Are That, we recognize here that for many seekers there are seeming obstacles in the mind that must be addressed, seen, challenged and dissolved. The purpose of our work is to provide BOTH SIDES of the Nondual Coin, so to speak. A one sided teaching will rarely suffice. There are exceptions but they ARE few and far between!

Now I can see that everything I perceive appears in awareness. Thoughts and emotions arise and subside in it, etc. But this is still a far cry from knowing through the immediacy of experience that awareness is everything, that all things are derived and are dependent on awareness. Having an intellectual conviction of it does not do much for me. 

For WHOM? Is there a "me" assumed, an "I" apart from The All?

I is obviously the experiential realization that the ego is a false entity that releases me into the freedom that I supposedly am. Instead of harping on the fact that we are already That, I feel it would be useful if teachers or commentators on nonduality spent more time on how to make that truth the stuff of experience.

I basically agree! To see that the "I" is a POINTER to Timeless Being and NOT a "thing apart" is realization - for no-person. But if that isn't seen, then this is why when the seeker is really ready to tackle his or her false assumptions, after pointing out the brilliant obviousness of being, always present and aware as the silent screen on which all appears, we say IF you still believe there is separation, an entity apart from the Whole that assumes IT is in charge and must manage its life and also somehow manage to “get enlightened,” to follow a simple pointer:

I say refuse all thoughts except "who am I?"!   No matter how much it's stressed it often goes unheeded - as seekers stubbornly want an answer to that rather than simply ask, refuse all answers, and stop in silence. That Silence IS what all beings ARE and that final unanswered question there is the possibility for realization, right here right now! And, quoting Sri Ramana Maharshi: “The thought 'who am I?' will destroy all other thoughts, and like the stick used for stirring the burning pyre, it will itself in the end get destroyed. Then, there will arise Self-realization”.

This IS repeated over and over until it finally sinks in! I have been taken to task by some who reject this as “merely reinforcing the egoic sense of a separate self”, but I speak from my direct experience only in sharing what simply works and has passed the test of time. The pointers on how to investigate - to root out the false core belief in “me”, “time”, and “ separateness” – which IS what some call “ego” – come from the ancients and were embraced and taught by REAL Sages whose gifts endure because – THEY WORK! Who cares whether a teaching or one who shares their experience of being free fits some established dogma? Or some NEW dogma!? Both sides of that silly argument over “neo-advaita” and traditional-advaita” are simply an ignorance of often unobserved dualism! These sorts of things do propagate suffering. Far more powerful is to inquire into WHO believes all these lies of mind and ego? WHO AM I? Is the stunningly SIMPLE means.

It is true there is a danger that any practice can be converted into a lifeless ritual. But absence of any practice also keeps one mired in a life of selfhood. (In fact, it may even make some very complacent that they are already That and there is nothing left to do.) So more pointers on how to recognize "what we have always been and are" would be welcome. You might say that sages like Ramana and Nisargadatta have already dealt with this. True, but then so have they already dealt with the fact that we are That. These things could use repetition---especially from people who have realized through the techniques espoused by those sages.

Absolutely. No argument here. In most cases -  (including my own, as John Wheeler and Bob Adamson kept after me to get down into the false to root it out) - there must be a constant prompting to return to the basics of this: 1) You already ARE what you seek, this Presence, empty and loving all that appears within it, IS your true natural stateless state, and 2) If this is not clear the investigation into the assumes self center that takes itself to be a “me-apart-from-the-One” as a habit of mistaken identity, the error of taking a though, “I”, to be real, solid and separate. Rigorous challenging of that does reveal that the assumed entity with assumed volition or control simply never did exist. It seems to take time because the habit of thinking deeply in the background “I am me” has been reinforced over years or decades since about age two. So it would be irresponsible and foolish to expect that it can be dismantled overnight (though as always there are exceptions but the vast majority of seekers of truth ARE afflicted with the virus-lime paradigm of “me-time-separation" and it must be dismantled with earnestness and commitment).

Now, will YOU abandon ALL thoughts, questions, assertions, claims, stories, and simply refuse it all and only abide in the thought-form Who am I?? Let That erase ‘”you”!

Anyway, just a thought. With best wishes,

So long as you see that you are not a thought, and that You are Unborn, then all is naturally perfect – just as it is. Aleays was. Always shall be. Endless Beginningless Peace.


15 June 2008

What IS “Anxiety”?

M.T. writes, The main so called issue, seems to be anxiety lately, which comes up particularly when "I" am expected to do work, or have other responsibilities to attend to. Usually there is a battle that arises, where the feeling of anxiety comes up, and then a lot of thoughts about so called others, what they will think of "me", how "I" am doing, and generally a lot of "what if" thoughts. There are also a lot of thoughts about what "I" should be doing about getting rid of the anxiety, with the underlying idea of "this should not be happening." The core assumption is in full force at times, the separation seems to be real. It seems difficult to challenge these thoughts in the moment, and the anxiety can build to the point of a sort of numbing out or mental resignation.

Are you aware?

Anything wrong with that awareness?

Put the attention on the space of awareness that surround all the stories and feelings.

You are Space. All appears in You.

Take focus off content of space and come back to that space. Whenever there is a feeling you don't like the not liking is resistance... yet there is no problem with resistance, it is just another appearance in Space

Return to Space right now and right now

You ARE Right Now and That is real. All problems and emotions are imaginary, based on the imagination that you are a separate thing. And that "me" is just a THOUGHT. Only a thought, an idea, which does and can do nothing. It's an appearance in This Space, Here Now - as is "anxiety" an appearance of roiling energy, nothing wrong, just energy happening in You - Aware Space.

Notice that all you describe arises and subsides in You - The ever present NOW of Aware Space. That's all there is to it.

Looking at what I just wrote, the solution seems obvious. Who am I? Who is having this anxiety? Is there a self in this inner experience? It seems that this whole problematic story is a nightmare woven of smoke and mirrors, and there is nothing real that can believe the story of my anxious self anyway. Just wanted to hear your thoughts on anxiety, I appreciate the help as always. Love always, M.

“Anxiety” is a concept. What does the label “anxiety point to or represent (RE Present)? Memory! A memory of roiling energy that arose a moment ago - that the language of separation calls anxiety and whether you are conscious of it or not also shouts or whispers “I don’t want this!” It seems to be a law of nature that what you resist persists. Fighting Energy is about as productive as yelling at the stars to get out of your sky. Notice, as you are starting to, that all this stuff happens IN the Space that you are and when you look for the “entity-me” that says “I am anxious” you find what you REALLY are … Nothing. Anxiety is a sign to dig into that and look for the creator of that Energy. See if you can fine the creator. Toy will find nothing and THAT is what you are deep down existentially scared to death of … Being Nothing! So the false entity seems to survive only because you feed it by fighting it. Drop all the story about the energy and dive deep into that energy looking for its Source. Do that until there is no suffering about the happenings of Energy Arising in You. Love you too!


15 June 2008

Nothing Happens "Next". THIS IS IT

D.B. Writes, I don't really know where to start with this message!  Your website and YouTube videos are so inspiring – thank you!  The reason for me contacting you is really born out of frustration, and a wanting to come back home.... but deep down I know this doesn't even compute because I never left 'home' anyway!  All I can say is that I have had a taste of my true nature..... And somehow, the veil came crashing back down.

I know that feeling well. Happened in 2002. Getting into the wedding feast then getting tossed out into the dark night, much wailing and weeping and gnashing of teeth as someone said a couple thousand years ago.

I hope u can help.  In February this year I suddenly found myself in what I now understand to be that stateless state.  At the time I could not really qualify those wonderful 2 weeks at all.... hence, since that period I have undergone a rigorous search for answers to what happened. 

That is definitely barking up the wrong tree! All answers are LIES. Mental understanding is the booby prize!

Much reading, web-research, internal questioning has led me to this point now of teetering over the cliff edge.  After reading Nisargadatta, Sailor Bob, et al.....  where now?  I totally 'get it' on an intellectual level....... but.... something lacking.

Who feels lack? What is that based on? Is there the deep assumption that ‘you” are actually separated from Oneness and must somehow attain that “again”? Oneness is what you ARE and That is NOT an “experience that comes and goes”. Sometimes these glimpses can be the worst thing for a seeker because these fleeting experiences, wonderful though they may SEEM to be, are a SHAM, a scam the mind uses to sucker “you” into believing “that was IT - Big Casino! - And I gotta get THAT BACK"! But THAT is the absence of “you”. How can an ABSENCE get ABSENCE BACK??

Now, Here, either there is the apparent “presence of you” or the apparent “absence of you” but this is irrelevant to what YOU actually ARE – The Presence of Awareness that silently registers both the presence and the absence of the assumption of an entity that comes and goes like the weather.

 I guess I must ask: "WHO, exactly, is getting it?"

Good question! Ask YOU that one. Accept absolutely NO answer.

All I know is that this being-ness that arose is very very REAL.  So real.  And so close.  Closer than close.  All fear disappeared; in fact, I could clearly see fear for the very hoax that it is - just a phantom!  Love entered.  I giggled almost constantly and uncontrollably, and kept telling my closest friends "I am in you as much as I am in myself".  My eyes were glazed over, everything had a very dreamlike feel, nothing was serious, and I felt like everyone was in on the game and new all about it!  I kept telling one of close friends "we're all playing Truman in the Truman show."!!!  I felt that in any minute someone was going to walk in and lift the curtain and say "that's it, you've got it!  Game over".

All lovely yet NOT what is pointed to! The telltale of the mistake is in  this ignorance assuming that "you've got it!" ALL that happens in this Presence, this Empty obvious Awareness that you REALLY are. And now you describe a memory as if it actually happened but that is all imagination. A story told by an imaginary entity taking itself to be real and having real experiences. All a story happening in This Now that you really are. All stories arise “once upon a time” and come and go on the silent screen of Timeless Being.

You will never be able to grasp That. You might as well try to put the sky in a bucket!

I definitely felt that the game was over.  Looking at faces, on TV, in papers, looked like myself looking back at me.  Every time I read something I seriously felt that I already wrote it and was just reading it back to myself, as if from far away I had sent this to myself..... And yet I didn't know about it until I read it.  Every moment was being drawn up, all rooms and spaces were being perpetually drafted out of nowhere.......

The problem is right there in that first sentence: “I” felt the game was over”. That is the evidence that it is NOT. Again, All lovely yet NOT what is pointed to! ALL that happens in this Presence, this Empty obvious Awareness that you REALLY are. Wondrous though that experience seemed, it seems so to “you” and “you” do not exist. There is no “you” in This Being Loving Aliveness, the Peace that is the Real, shining before the next thought or feeling, Right Here Right Now -- allowing for the appearance of all those happenings, wondrous, horrid, whatever arises shows up and goes back into That Being which You are.

The overriding theme was love.... and that love doesn't choose or discriminate.... everything was evenly coated and driven by love in equal measure......  everything worked in harmony and I could see clear relevance within everything, everything was trying to help.....  Everything pointing back to itself again and again.  Things worked.  No obstacles.  Everything felt like a variation on the same one theme.  I knew this was it.

Same response as above!

And then, I fell!  I 'lost' it....... even though I know, at least intellectually, it can never be lost.  But still..... I misplaced that presence.  So now every second of every day is a yearning for that again......  I remember knowing the moment of downfall.... it was the arrival of fear again, but fear of losing this being-ness, loosing the dearest of the dear, or loosing this not-knowing)....... what a wicked trick to play on myself!!!  And when that fear set in the beingness started to fade away...  awful.  I know now that the error is in thinking that "I am"......  as, how can fear exist if there is nobody there claiming ownership of it?!!!  Seems so daft.  But no matter how much I convince myself of this fact, I still feel somewhat stuck.  But again - WHO exactly is stuck?!!!!

Who is telling that story that appears in this Now that you are?

So, I wonder if you can help me?  Where now?  Just to sit and wait?  What occurs now?

Nothing. Nothing happens "next". THIS IS IT. You are This NOW and all that Shows Up Now. NOT TWO.

Every now and again I feel as if a chink in the armour of misidentification falls away... and some more light, the Bright Light of Awareness breaks through.  Just this last 15 minutes I read something in Sailor Bob's book that really REALLY hit home: “There is nobody here now, or at any other time, who can negate their beingness.  No one can ever say 'I am not'”. This is fairly straight forward...... what actually hit home was the internal dialogue which followed within me.  

Again the me!? Where IS that “me”? A thought that comes and goes in Present Now Awareness. Nothing substantial. Meaningless! Utterly meaningless.

And this is what I need clarification with.  As a bit of background, I have been working on and looking deeply into this "I AM" for some time now.  Well, after reading the above sentence in Bob's book it suddenly occurred to me that I no longer even wish to humour the thought "I AM".  The reason is simple:  even the thought "I AM" is an abstraction and deviation AWAY from the ONENESS.  It is still a MIND translation.  It, quite simply, is still not IT !!!!!  Sure, it is as close as the mind can get to describing ONENESS.  But still.... surely it is WAY off the map.???? right?

WHO wants to know? WHO claims “I” this and “I” that!? Right? NO! Wrong? NO! You are trying to parse and dissect and figure out the un figure outable.

So, surely we could add to Bob's statement, the words ….

Don’t mess with Bob’s words! LOOK how they point to what is Real. All the rest of what you wrote up trying to “interpret” Bob is crap, my dear friend.

And, like you said on one of your recent videos, all that can be truly said is:   "EXISTENCE IS". FULL STOP. How can we possibly take it any further?  I cannot..... So, its time to kick back and eat some fish and chips....

Excellent move! Checkmate the false mind. Time for some Sole Food, for the organism … add some Stout and have a nice long nap. Do NOT trade this Unborn Now for “time” and “separateness”. Do NOT accept the bullshit story of “I and other”. All there is is all there is. The One and That means The One. Even the appearance pf a flip-flop in an out is also The One. Enjoy your Fish and Chips and DON’T forget the vinegar and the Stout. (Burp.)

I really hope you can help.... and point me in the right direction......

No “you” and no “direction”.

You are wonderful, many thanks.

Takes One to know One. Love ya!


14 June 2008

You ARE The Now

M.T. writes, When I first read "The Power of Now," it seemed that by practicing what Eckhart had written, and being more present that I had found the solution to my problematic life. The idea of inhabiting the body, or feeling the inner energy field was particularly helpful.

Yes, that is great! An excellent step into the possibility of authentic Freedom and Love.

However, now it seems that there was still a core delusion operating, the idea of "me" having to get into "my body," or "me having to be more present. There was still the unchallenged assumption that kept the suffering going, even if it was minimized by spiritual practices.

Right. The core delusion is the conviction, "I am Separate from The Whole", stuffed deep and no longer a conscious thought but an assumption operating as a background of being, like the DOS system underneath Windows Vista and back to the first Graphic Windows Microsoft put on top of DOS (Disk operating system). Let’s call it HOS (Human Operating System.) In brief, this is a linguistic declaration from the No Thing of Presence Awareness, starting as I, then I AM, then I AM SEPARATE. The WORD I is NOT the Pure I of empty witnessing Presence. It is a representation of that Being that is the Real. The belief that I am not whole and complete is just that … a belief (often cherished in ignorance. It goes I believe in ME! I can do anything! Yes I can! OR, I am powerless and helpless, I am so sad and lonely, I am depressed. I can't do anything right. I Can't! That stuff is all added to an assumed identity - I- as the thought I is mistaken to be the Real I of Timeless Being.

I wonder if this is a case of simple misinterpretation on my part, or is Eckhart not what he is cracked up to be?

Neither one. All that appears forwards the action for the seeker. All that is needed shows up right on time (sp to speak.)

wonder if this is a case of simple misinterpretation on my part, or is Eckhart not what he is cracked up to be?

Neither one. All that Oneness provides to "you" forwards the appearing of useful action for the sincere, earnest seeker. All that is needed shows up right on time (so to speak.)

Listening to him, there is usually a deep resonance.

Now THAT is the final arbiter for the effectiveness of a teacher FOR YOU, in my view! He IS That One. But of course so are YOU. That natural recognition most often arises as a Heart-Resonance that has little or nothing to do with the words used..

Just wanted to hear your thoughts on this. I think the main issue is relying too heavily on the words and ideas of another person, which always seem to cause problems in the end.

No, the cause of all problems is you believe there ARE problems. And prior to that you believe you ARE separated from God, or Love, or Self, or Wholeness, whatever label you like for The Infinite Eternal ISness of This Presence. Where is any problem in Present Awareness, Here, Now? Only in memory, imagination, pinned onto an imaginary "me". Eckhart reportedly said what is not in the book that probably should be is, “You ARE The Now”. That is an excellent pointer: You are the Now, you are the Here, you are NOT an object that can be grasped or held onto. You are that Supreme Being, No Thing. THAT is Love.

Thanks a lot Charlie, much love.

Right back atcha.


13 June 2008

Friday The 13th – Your Lucky Day! (Who believes otherwise?)

Today’s Book Reviews

***** “Happiness Is Free”

by Hale Dwoskin

This is a simply brilliant exposition of the Real, from One who abides AS That which he points to ... the eternal timeless Being, the true nature of which is unalloyed indestructible happiness. As the sage Ramana Maharshi pointed out, "What you ARE is Happiness itself." Hale Dwoskin expresses from the identical Natural Sate of Oneness -- and only That --which ALL great Sages and Nonduality authors like John Wheeler share FROM. In short this author IS That of which he speaks, and so his sharing -- and his pointers to rediscovery of this for yourself -- bear an unmistakable imprint of authenticity.

The author shares the entire dilemma and points to the solution right out of the gate in Chapter One: "Why is it that most of us do not have this continuous happiness with no sorrow? There is only one reason: being this infinite Being, we have done away with this happiness by thinking, `I am an individual, separate from the All,' and thereby we have assumed limitation. "

He goes on to point out, "The original thought of, `I am separate from the All" necessarily creates a feeling of lack and loneliness. I am only satisfied when I am the All. Seeking fulfillment of desire in the world therefore cannot undo the lack, as lack is not there in the first place; lack is assumed in my mind. Our totality is in our Beingness only, and [yet] we go on and on trying to satisfy desire externally, and we never, never succeed. If we could succeed, we would be able to satisfy desire, and, therefore, all desire would disappear!"

Then he offers the "Bottom Line" - "There is no growing into the natural Being that you are. That Being is whole and perfect, here and now"

As one of my teachers, 'Sailor' Bob Adamson, likes to say: Full Stop!

If there is any trace of unhappiness, dissatisfaction, or a subtle sense that "something's wrong", in you, or a loved one, this book is quite likely for you, or them. Consider getting it and letting the pointers that Hale generously shares here dissolve your false assumptions, for it is ONLY _false assumptions_ that create a sense of suffering. This writer had the pleasure of conversing directly with Hale recently, and the obviousness of the Eternal Love and Joy that IS the All -- that which YOU truly ARE - - shines brightly and clearly through him. This Presence is a divine Gift. The invitation to the return to Timeless Being and real lasting happiness is here for all to receive. Here. Now. Highly recommended.

With Absolute Love, thank you, Hale! Your friend, Charlie Hayes (author of
Perfect Peace: An Introduction To Your Natural State)


12 June 2008

Start From The FACT Of Being, ‘I AM’

You Already ARE What You Seek.

P.T. writes, We seem to be so buffuddled by this inveterate notion "I". Everything must have a cause and every cause a doer. You can see it in everyday phrases like "It is raining" What is it that is raining?! Charlie, you recommend here to ask the question, "Do I exist?" Seems a good way to turn attention inward. Would you recommend this over "Who am I?" Do you think the former is superior? I either ask "Who am I" or focus on the sense of presence.

Either is fine. The so I exist is followed by how do I know I exist> Ask That. But I do usually say this: Refuse all thoughts except 'Who Am I?'" (Any "answer" would be a thought to be refused.) Stay with that and let that One Final thought dismantle the false, leaving only The Real. Love ya!

Refuse all thoughts except 'Who Am I?'" Constantly from waking to sleep, correct? This is what I try to do anyway. There are these momentary flashes of recognition which are incredibly familiar yet crazily strange and a tad scary--very hard to hang on to. It's so real and familiar. But I keep getting caught up in paltry humdrum life, forgetting it for a day or so thus "resetting" it. Am I to persevere along this course and try with greater earnest? Does it sound right, or am I off base?

Is WHO ‘off base’? Just come back to ‘Who Am I’. Stay with it best you can, all the while KNOWING that you already ARE That, Spacelike, Empty, yet Full as ALL - Oneness. Earnestness comes from Oneness Herself. This is how Sri Ramana Maharshi said it. “The thought 'who am I?' will destroy all other thoughts, and like the stick used for stirring the burning pyre, it will itself in the end get destroyed. Then, there will arise Self-realization.”

Keep the true knowing that The Eternal Self IS Already Realized. Starting from THAT dismantle the false as Sri Ramana suggested so strongly. It has worked for many before you so do give it your all! You can download the entire “Who Am I” book of Sri Ramana’s teaching at no cost HERE.


11 June 2008

There’s No Identity To Be Found

Follow-up from M.T. Thanks a lot Charlie, this bullshit story is only as powerful as I am willing to make it. As I learned in alcoholics anonymous, I would rather be happy than be right. The suffering implies that "I" am superior to the "other," or that there is a sense of specialness. The simplicity is truly stunning, and I am grateful to have shared with you about all this. There is this feeling of "I want to teach and help others" but I tried that already and failed miserably, feeling very much like those phony satsang teachers you mentioned. Thanks again, I appreciate all you have done, including the yelling and ass kickery. (Hear it all on Hardball IV.) Love, M.

Excellent! The sharing with others may well happen when there is no longer "anyone who wants to teach". Great work on your part. As always the Ultimate Guru is your own Self.

Someone wanting to teach has been very painful, since it entails that "I know something" and need to educate my friends about. The separation seems to become greater, and the inevitable suffering ensues once again. It seems the mind wants to take refuge in some sort of fixed identity, but there is none that can be found. Even what seemed stable at first turned out to be fleeting. Looks like there is no turning back.

Spot on!

Love ya.

(Later, M.T. shares) It seems I have been taking a sort of refuge in these spiritual concepts, watching videos, meditating etc. This served to provide a relief of the symptoms, but never got at the root of the problem. "Who is suffering anyway? Who is the seeker in all of this?" This was never addressed, and so the idea of a tormented and suffering seeker was given life by the promise of relief in the next "spiritual session."

Very well said; that IS a key insight.

Thank you once again, I have found the pointer "Who am I?" to do exactly what Ramana described, as long as I don't wander off into conceptual hell. I will keep asking "Who am I?" until there is no one left to ask it.


If it becomes a repetitive mantra, it is useless, but as an aid to looking it works very well.

Again, well said. But don’t turn that into a new holy grail either. If it arises as repetition, that’s how it arises. The judgments the mind assigns to HOW it comes up are just another ego-defense against its being seen as a fake. Refuse ALL except Who Am I? In whatever way it happens.

Love you, and all the best.

And to you, my freind!


10 June 2008

The Kids Know

The father of my dear Granddaughter (right) writes,

From a kids' song on Playhouse Disney...  

"There's only one everything... There’s only one everything...  And if you go out and count up everything, it all adds up to ONE." ... thought you might like that.


To heck with hope ...

Keep TRUTH alive!

Follow-up: Love it! Here’s the rest..  They Might Be Giants do most of the Disney music now. They were a popular New Wavish band in the 80's. Their big hit: "Put a Little Birdhouse In Your Soul"  ;-)


There's only one everything
Remember these words
There's only one everything
And if you go out and count up everything
It all adds up to one

There's only one everything
The last time I checked
There's only one everything
It kinda makes sense that there would only be
Just one, not ten, not three

If you get all the stuff together
And you have not left something out
Then could there still be anything left over?
I'm pretty sure that means there could not

We share the same omniverse
Please clean your room
We share the same omniverse
And even though you are over here and not there
There's just one everywhere

You got the cars, the trees, the house
There are some clouds, some birds, a monster
And when it's all too much to count up
You can put it in one pile

What if you drew a giant circle
What if it went around all there is
Then would there still be such a thing as an outside
And does that question even make any sense?

There's only one everything
The last time I checked
There's only one everything
It kinda makes sense that there would only be
Just one, not ten, not three
Not twelve

There's only one everything
Remember these words
There's only one everything
And if you go out and count up everything
It all adds up to one
It all adds up
It all adds up
It all adds up to one


SO great! I LOVE This!


07 June 2008

Anxiety Is Ego - Resistance To What Is

B.A. Asks, Ihave a question for you ; ) is it true that after realization anxiety disappears... or is it that after realization anxiety no longer creates a problem (suffering)... or neither of those?

Depends on what you mean by anxiety. If what you mean is a resistance to what is that creates physical tension and emotions like fear or panic, then yes, that does disappear (or more accurately it is obvious that “it” never WAS real) …that stuff was dependent on the false assumption that what is should not be as it is! That is plainly ignorance. What is IS and when there is an identity (false) that assumes “it knows better than Reality" what should be happening, in the body, mind or world, then there is suffering. This judging mechanism is what we call ego, which is an anxious insecure phantom of “your” soap opera. Suffering consist in resisting what is. This resistance, when looked into, dissolves.

The antidote for this confusion is: Ask you WHO is anxious? WHO resists what is? You fond what? Nothing.

You are that Freedom of Being - No Thing. AKA Love.

When the false is recognized to be false there is no suffering – which again I define as the sense that what is ain’t okay as it is. That whatever shows up, regardless of WHAT that is – stormy emotional weather arising in the space of awareness, OR calm empty light arising in the space of awareness – is essentially okay as the identity of a separate “me” has been seen to be false and that what you “know yourself” as is Empty and Meaningless, space-like awareness. That never-changing Real Being is eternal and untouchable, as some say the sword cannot cut That, fore cannot burn That, water cannot drown That, and so on.

Just curious...

Why? Are you suffering from anxiety? If so please write again giving me the details so we can get to the bottom of it for you.

Here's an example of what i am referring to: a few days ago i went to the dentist for a cavity to be filled. Once i got to the waiting room i got a peculiar feeling in my stomach (butterfly uneasy feeling). I told the dentist i felt a bit nervous, yet at the same time i was fully aware of my self (the space in which the nervousness occurred). The experience was uncomfortable, but not a problem... i am not clear whether this is the same anxiety to which you were referring.

Okay! Now where is this “i” you claim OWNS  tha doing, the actions, the feelings. You say “i was fully aware of my self (the space …) and THAT is NOT what we are pointing to. Abiding as Timeless Unborn Bein g there is NO belief in any i that is aware OF. Awareness is NOT an object that the false assumed i can “be aware of”.

Keep looking – where IS that i you assume is YOU? That i that CLAIMS “i am aware of xxx?”

Find that i if you can. Then (now) perhaps the timeless seeing will erase the false “i  se-er”.


07 June 2008

Ignorance Is Suffering ~  Not Knowing Is Bliss

M.T. writes, It seems that there are "jumpy shifts" from being aware of awareness, and pretending to be "me". The fundamental illusion seems to be intact, I usually believe I am "me." I don't even know what I want to say, or what the point of asking more questions is. It seems irrelevant to continue searching, pondering, and speculating. The thought "how do I end my suffering," comes in a lot, and is often believed in.

BY WHO? LOOK! Where is that "I"? That comes and goes. That is easy to see! ONLY what NEVER changes EVER is REAL. Stop telling yourself these bullshit stories, man!

STOP telling this story! 

Even the notion of "I am me, I am me," plays over and over, causing considerable emotional upset. As you said before, I am a hopeless case, and I can't get it

Do NOT believe that shit! That is a pointer and NOT some "truth". LOOK! When you REALLY get that you cannot get it, you got it. It' just an energy of aliveness, appearing as this false sense of "me" that thinks., feels and knows "there is something I must get." 

There is only what IS and that is NOT a “thing” that you can grasp, attain, own. It is too simple for the mind that wants to own everything, including Empty Meaningless Awareness. But THAT is NOT a thing! You suffer because you turn words into things and assume you know they are really REAL. That is ignorance.

You Are NOT Who You Know Yourself To Be. REALLY … You are NOT!

You assume you are the thought "me"? Where do thoughts come from? Where do they go? Are they actually "things" or merely "labels"? And what is That IN which the appearance and dissolution of all thought happens? NOTICE: There is, wherever "you" are, unmistakable and inescapable Awareness. Being, Awareness, is the Space in which thoughts arise, including the thought of a "me" that says "this is my being, my awareness". But Awareness is here always, whether the thought of "me" or "mine" is present or not! YOU are not a thought; YOU are that Space of Awareness wherein thoughts appear.

Abandon ALL "knowing". Freedom, Love and Peace consist ONLY IN NOT KNOWING.

Ponder THIS and STOP with the believing that you are a storyteller doing all that story-telling:

"Reality must always be real. It has no names or forms but is what underlies them. It underlies all limitations, being itself limitless. It is not bound in any way. It underlies unrealities, being itself Real. It is that which is. It is as it is. It transcends speech and is beyond description(s) such as being or non-being". - Sri Ramana Maharshi

Let the stories and the false idea that you are a word just BE. Then they’ll let YOU BE -- as You Are --  Being, just That.

Full Stop!!!!!


06 June 2008

NO Need to “Know”Anything Any More

Follow-up from M.L. - I love a good rant as well. I had a strong suspicion that you had come from a background such as you describe. Your salesmanship is really excellent. When you combine that with integrity, you've got something really special.
Nah. Nuthin’ special!

I think that strong sales background had a lot to do with why I called you. There was some sense that you WOULD give me what I asked for, even if I started to chicken out when I really got into it. Also, I did sense a strong willingness to help, and that I wouldn't be a bother.

Absolutely. It is a joy and a privilege to be “used” to empower others to get down to the bottom of suffering and root it out, leaving only the always present perfect happiness and perfect peace that is the hallmark of the Real.

It's all fair when you're willing to take a hit, as well as dish it out. The only guru/teachers that really get my goat are the one's who consciously manipulate people to their own ends/gain. Spiritual rape is the worst kind.

Yup. And all those False Prophets making Real Protifts at the frustrated seeker’s expense. Been there got the empty bank account to prove it!

I no longer put any head above my own. It's very strange now, how I don't feel like I know anything, don't really feel like I need to know anything. How different from how I used to feel. At work I get this strange feeling when someone starts talking about things like singularity, and machines matching man's intelligence. I try and keep a straight face, but I just can't get caught up in concepts -- like they're going to answer some question for me. I don't have any.

Perfect Perfect Perfect … The IS Is Perfect As-It-Is (And As It Ain’t!)

A good rant clears the head really nicely.

Hoo ya! Great to hear from you always, M!


05 June 2008

True Gurus

D.C Shares, It was a pleasure talking with you today.  Some of the points you brought up really added some clarity after the Landmark [Forum] weekend and I thank you very much.  It's neat how people have come into my life now. I actually moved to this area because I had discovered [a teacher in N. Calif] … at the time I was going to [an L.A. teacher’s] talks and felt more drawn to the other man. Then he became ill and was out of the picture for awhile … and somehow I found out about John Wheeler and went to listen to him. Of course from there I followed links to you and others and now so much has opened up. A beautiful unfolding for no one. I will be in touch, either a conference call or a consult.

I was very moved by your sharing about the insights that arose for you in the Landmark Forum seminar. Very good news indeed – seems quite a lot of clarity happened and that is always a potent happening.

I included a picture of my 2 furry little Buddhas.

Great Pair of True Gurus :-))




04 June 2008

Authentic Self-Expression Is Open & Honest

J.L. says, Hello Charlie, I found your (since removed) review of Dennis Waite's new book {"Enlightenment - The Path Through The Jungle"} to be sycophantic to the extreme. Mr. Waite clearly has no time or respect for your type of expression, yet here you are falling over yourself trying to get some 'traditional' credentials. It really is sad, especially in the light of the fact that we all know that his real target is Tony Parsons. [For the record, Dennis says that is not true.]

Tony has had a major influence on your expression and in the past has been helpful to you personally. It would have been constructive (and more consistent with your recent history) to use this review as an opportunity to express at least some support for the approach of Tony, Nathan, Leo and Unmani etc. Charlie, can't you see that sucking up to Mr. Waite and suddenly trying orient your website to appear more 'traditional' in the light of the 'neo' backlash just looks desperate, especially when it's clear to most of us (and probably yourself) that much of the criticism in that book is exactly aimed at communicators like yourself in the first place. Be well.

I have been reflecting on your message, and as I consider it deeply, I must say I find much to agree with. Perhaps there has been a tendency to as you put it be sycophantic. (I had to look that one up!) So my reason for writing you is to thanks you for pointing out something I clearly needed to hear.

As I think you know my interest is in helping others avoid the pitfalls that I got caught out by, and sometimes it seems that I do go too far off message and seem to endorse "means" and "Becoming" and for that I am glad to hear from those whose perspective is clear ... and I trust I will always be open to honest well founded critical input, as I feel your is.

It was certainly NOT my intention to dismiss the enormous value Tony, Unmani, Jeff Foster and several others offer. I love them all absolutekly! It is no doubt true that all have been most helpful (along with Bob and John) in ending the suffering here. So I DO take your point, and I have removed the review, and asked Dennis to remove it from his site as well (which he readily agreed to do, to his credit.)

Anyway, thanks for your open and honest sharing of your view. Hopefully you will find this a sufficient apology for any mis-statements and if not I would be grateful if you would let me know if further action is needed.

J.L. responds, Charlie, One of the things that I like about your expression is your enthusiasm and your ability to see through the bullshit. I remember a couple of years ago when you wrote about how you sometimes felt that you were not qualified to share this message. I was very impressed with your honesty and your courage to publicly expose yourself in this way. Your site as been quite a ride that candidly reflects the many ups and downs and comings and goings of this 'journey' to here. (In fact it wasn't so long ago the you were having a go at a 5000 page (as you put it) book on Advaita.  LOL)


 I think this current 'traditional' vs 'neo' thing is a diverting waste of energy, it's the old 'gradual vs instant enlightenment' scenario. Both sides have important things to say, but at the end of the day point to the same nondual reality. Let's all just kick back and celebrate 'this' reality in all of it's permutations.

That is Bang ON.

After I had sent my email to you (on a cold Monday morning with a hangover), I reflected that I may have come on a bit too strong and I apologize for the parts of it which seemed personal. The real irritation is with the whole 'trad' vs 'neo' argument in the first place. Thank you for having the balls to write this email.

That's Funny! The first e-mail was RECEIVED here, on a cold Monday Morning with a bit of a hangover! In any case your input was, and IS, tremendously valuable, well put and vibrant with the transcendent truth beyond quote reality.

I am really happy you wrote and appreciate this as well!

Be well.

I AM is always Well … abiding as The Unborn. As you well know (that palpable perfume of Infinity permeates your message

Much Love, 



04 June 2008

A Film Worth Seeing


There is a new, very powerful film out now on DVD: “Transformation – The Life and Legacy of Werner Erhard”. This film sets the record straight once and for good about one of my best friends ever. I had the privilege and joy of working with Werner for several months and that experience changed my life in unalterable and unimaginable wats. Essentially it altered a course of living I seemed to be on like on rails. I was for myself and most who knoew me being a person – an entity – with little or no integrity and a considerable ego-sense of wanting life to go “my way” and being a world class thrower opf tantrums when the world refused to devote itself to making me happy! The est training began a process that took over 30 years to be truly complete. That self-center was awfully stubborn.

In any event Werner - who has been acknowledged as a true humanitarian and an authentic genius by mush better appraisers then me – has now been shown in this film as he really IS rather than by a clearly biased media and a rabid lot of critics who completely misinterpreted the man and his work.

Please consider getting this film here:

This few dollars, and couple of hours, will be well spent!

   "Transformation is the Space in which the event of transformation occurs" - Werner Erhard

(Read some more of Werner's Pointers HERE)


04 June 2008

Source. ‘I Am’, Is Outside Of “Time”

M.L.writes, I enjoy reading your correspondence. You stay right on point, like a bird dog. I don't see you waver. Like the guy who mentioned choosing, and Hitler didn't choose right. You came right out called a spade a spade. "Bull crap."   It's really simple, like you said, God is either everything and no thing in particular, or not. He doesn't have one foot in this world and the other in heaven. If someone tries to live with that split, they might as well spend the rest of their life trying to piss up a rope!

Ha! Love your metaphor, sire. But of course there simply AIN’T no Great Big HE! LOL!

Ultimately, we don't need to know why there was a Hitler.

As you are no doubt aware, all “why” questions only lead back into the neverending beginningless story of time. Source is Outside Of Time. The Real is NOT in “time”. This is That You Are which you very well know. As you have beautifully said on your Blog! So ... I trust that this sharing will not be taken as “preaching to the choir; it just a clarifying for readers on my site.

I LOVE what you wrote recently on your blog: “Awareness is absolute freedom. Absolute freedom rejects nothing. Without judgment, anything is allowed to appear in it. The body/mind you take yourself to be is a manifestation of creation, appearing in Awareness, as it is. So, the admonition to "be what you are," comes from the understanding that you are Awareness, and what it is that you are appearing as, is O.K. Be what you are because you, as a focal point in Awareness, have no control over the appearance”.


Source allowed it, end of story.

A pointer I offer here is that Source does not actually “allow” – that phrasing is a only a pointer we use for the mind,  to make a bit of "sense" of the appearance linguistically where the "seeker" believes he or she lives. No sweat! It’s as good a pointer as any (in other words none are really ultimately true anyway but here we are with language so… it happens. You know that Source just IS and has no intention to allow or disallow any appearance that arises in Its Emptiness. Yet all DOES appear and that is Source Loving  Being. SO paradoxical, this.

Not that we shouldn't be compassionate, or do our best not to have another Hitler. It's just that it's part of the story, and ultimately, of no significance.

Compassion and good efforts to transform humanity is a happening too. Beyond story there is this Intelligence-Energy of Aliveness constantly changing in what never changes. It's the only game there is! Let the good times roll!

Keep up the good roar! (:-)

Seems there is no choice! These here happenings are just …..  happening.

Love Ya !!


03 June 2008

A note about that recent book review

I have removed that as it has caused a firestorm of negative opniuons and that simply distracts from the message. I am only intersted in interaction with seekers who are sincere about ending their search. I shall in future leave the battles of semantics to those who are addicted to such things. Sorry it didn't work out.




03 June 2008

When Working Just Work

M.T. follows up: Thanks very much again for your help.

I am always happy to share what works to end suffering.

Today I have been thinking "Who am I?" Whenever I remember to, and find that it eventually leads to sense of spaciousness and peace, as long as "I" maintain the practice. However, in practical terms such as at work or when speaking to somebody it seems more difficult to continue in this way. The so called "me" seems to take over especially during conversations or when completing complex tasks.

Ponder Who Am I when life permits. When working just work. When eating just eat. When sitting quietly just sit. When looking with Who Am just be looking. It is effortless. Use the audio I just sent. You are THAT - Being Itself - and That is That!


03 June 2008

You Are That, Period

Follow-up note from S.G. - I found the real benefit happened when there was a direct pointing to The Real. What i was missing is that I needed someone to tell me, “You are THAT, PERIOD. No more inquiry... no more doubt".

What was missing is the hearing You Are That, and letting the Message pierce the false ego-balloon – that sharp clear Message that comes out from One to One. Now you know You Are That. STAY PUT! STAY HERE. YES:…You Are THAT.- and THAT is Pure Non-conceptual Space-Like  Presence-Awareness and nothing but THAT.

Enjoy the Here and Now – THAT, You Are. Now it is known. As it always was and shall be, You are only Eternal Love, without beginning and without end.


03 June 2008

Effortless Living

Follow-up from K.E - I am back in town and had a question.  I have been reading a book by Papaji called Wake Up and Roar.  His perspective seems to be aligned with yours, however he suggests that after waking up, what remains of the organism operates more efficiently and spontaneously as if the awakened awareness is seen and operates through the eyes of the organism as opposed to simply Being Awareness of the totality of existence.  What is your experience or view? 

That’s an easy one. It’s exactly the same.

Good book, by the way; I read that a few years ago. Loved it!


01 June 2008

Love Is Wow

Follow-up from S.G. -  Im listening to the first conversation we had on the phone ( the audio mp3) . How easy is see it now. I like it , it’s not only a remedy for suffering, I really enjoy all that non-duality stuff.  The ease of being.  Is emotional to hear it now.  So, i suppose you really enjoy pointing to the True Self.

Yes. It so happens that this sharing is a joyous happening!

At first ... the mind [the assumed ‘me’] can’t know what’s gonna happen in the dissolution of the unreal. But this is the best: That. Reality is totally stable. Stabilization is the key. So, love you, thanks, and wow.

Good to hear. Stay with the simplicity, Reality beyond “assumed reality” IS and That is NOW. You are this Now. Ever-fresh, timeless, space-like, the Pure I and nothing else. Home! Much Love as always!


01 June 2008

How Do “I” Do This?

M.T. writes, The question that often comes into mind is "how do I do this?" Referring to the seeing you speak about. The ego appears as an entity in it's own right, is seen and looked at, and then dissolves for a brief moment. It produces suffering only when it is't recognized and seen, but at times it feels as though it gains a momentum in 'my'  head, and becomes difficult to see through. Breathing seems to help, but there always seems to be someone there breathing and trying to control the process.     

Where IS this “someone controlling the process?” Is it actually solid and real? Find out! Meanwhile if yogic breathing practices help calm you it's fine to do that. I do suggest adding the challenge, "who is breathing? Who am I"? to that. See how that goes.

How does one go about this process? How do "I" see that "I" don't exist as I think I do?

Who ASKS this? WHO, Or WHAT, Are You? You are NOT what you ASSUME is "you". The I you assume you are does not actually exist, so it would seem to be an impossible task for the assumed person to discover its own absence! This is a common impasse. The solution is stunningly simple. Since you DO assume there is an I that exists, to start with, find out exactly WHAT that I IS. This “I” is the actuality of Timeless Being arising as Self-Knowing Awareness. That is what The Pure I IS. What the Pure I is NOT is some separate “entity”. The I is REAL, the “entity is assumed to be separated from the whole by an energy of “believing in me” as an “individual, and is FALSE. The means for finding this out is two-fold:

1. REALIZE that YOU ARE. Being, Existingness, IS. No one can intelligently claim “I am Not”. This I – I AM – is clear, empty, fully here right now. In fact what you ARE is this “NOW-ness” itself. Start with that.

2. Investigate. Inquire, ask YOU, WHO am I? And, WHO wants to “know how”? Challenge the assumed entity: Where IS a separate entity with actual control over the happening of Life? The means I suggest is to refuse all thoughts except “Who Am I” and that means refuse ALL answers, assumptions, convictions, beliefs, feelings, sensations of being “me” etc. and return to “Who Am I?”.

Embrace this paradox FULLY: While it is ultimately true that you do not need to practice to be your True I, the Eternal One Self, since the habit is to assume there IS a "you" some “practice” IS required in most cases - to committedly investigate the claims of the mind-appearance, the assumptions of separateness and individuality that arise In the space of your incontrovertible Awareness that YOU IS. The I IS and You are That. But THAT ain’t a thing or a thought that the assumed “entity-called-me” arising in The Now that you are can hold, grasp or know. To “know thyself” is to know “I AM” and to discriminate that this I AM is NOT a thought but that Awareness of Being IN which thoughts appear and disappear like weather in the clear empty space called sky.

Bottom line: Refuse all thoughts except Who Am I?. Let that single thought from Oneness erase all other beliefs and assumptions. Ask YOU until there is no doubt that what you ARE is Being-Awareness arising as Aliveness, Self-Knowing yet empty, Self-Aware and full with Infinite Loving Acceptance of all that appears in Your Space.

Like the Nike folks say, JUST DO IT until no doubts or confusions remain to mask the Eternal I, The One That You ARE. That I is Freedom Itself. Home.

Just keep going. Stay with it, and stay in touch if you like.  I Love You.


01 June 2008

Refuse ALL Thoughts Except Who Am I?

A follow-up from D.A. goes, (Thank you for the dharma slap.  So, just keep asking who/what am I and that's all? Still pretending to be ignorant, D.A.  –( PS The pretending stops when the body drops?)

Who asks that?

The pretending stops when the pretender stops.

Keep looking within - refuse all thoughts except who am I?. Ask only YOU, “Who Am I”?

Stay with it until there is no doubt that what you ARE is Being-Awareness, Self-knowing and Self-Shining, and ONLY That. It is only a mental habit of assuming there is a "pretender." See that there is NOT. It was only a belief and never real. Break that habit through this simple Self-inquiry - WHO AM I? Let That reveal the Love That Needs No Answer!


Truth and Consequence? "The Answer?" from "I Heart Huckabees" - LOL!
Check This Out - Thanks to Stephen Wingate!


31 May 2008

Don’t Listen To False Gurus

R.M. writes, I have heard some of your messages and I understand it pretty well intellectually at best. The reason I am writing you is because even though I have understood the theoretical part of Advaita or Non Duality, I have not been able to shake off my egotistical me so to speak. It is all theory and no practical leap in my case. My so called "me" or "separate person" is very much alive and kicking much to my dismay.(sounds like a paradox, I know) My ego is intact and refusing to disappear. That is, my ego or separate identity is refusing to disappear or die.

You know! THAT is the core issue. DROP all your knowing. The only true thing the ego-mind can really assert is I DO NOT KNOW.

I had met a Guru in 1997 and he said that without Guru's Grace or Destiny's hand my case was hopeless and I would have to take many more births and suffer. 

Oh dear God! THAT is a real load of ignorant bullshit! Don’t listen to these fakes! NO true teacher or  teaching would lay that trip on you! It is total CRAP.

I am fully aware that I have to lose my personality, individuality, or my ego-self in order to see MYSELF in my natural state.

Totally false. You cannot SEE “yourself”. That is ignorance, dualism, the idea of being separate and having to attain your self. You ARE the Self.

But my thinking machine is over active all the time without a stop. I have never stopped thinking ever in my life. Even in sleep I dream constantly and even think like I do in the daytime. I have never had sleep without dreams or deep sleep.  But sometimes when I am sleeping and dreaming I know that I am dreaming but the dreaming continues.

WHOSE “thinking machine”? What do you take yourself to be? A thought machine? Or “the thinker” called “me”? Look! You go on telling your self “I am me” and wonder why you suffer! That false identity, which is merely a thought that comes and goes in Awareness, when taken to be “you” and separated from Awareness (a foolish assumption, that!) is the root cause of your confusion and your suffering.

But I am and have always been interested in Advaita. I started reading  Sri Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta and others at around age 17 onward. But it all seems to no avail. I am unable to shed my ego, my personality, my separate identity.

WHO wants to shed WHAT? It’s all your own imagination. All your problems are totally false, imagination only. WHO assumes you are this thought of me myself I?

Ramana Maharshi says the ego or the "false thinking I" is a mysterious force that springs forth from the Real I, the SELF or  Sat Chit Ananda.

I don’t think so! This sounds like a perversion of what Ramana actually said, which was: “What is called ‘mind’ is a wondrous power residing in the Self. It causes all thoughts to arise. Apart from thoughts, there is no such thing as mind”. If you want to study Ramana read it accurately! Here is what he pointed out:

“What is called ‘mind’ is a wondrous power residing in the Self. It causes all thoughts to arise. Apart from thoughts, there  is no such thing as mind. Therefore, thought is the nature of mind. Apart from thoughts, there is no independent entity called the world. In deep sleep there are no thoughts, and there is no world. In the states of waking and dream, there are thoughts, and there is a world also. Just as the spider emits the thread (of the web) out of itself and again withdraws it into itself, likewise the mind projects the world out of itself and again resolves it into itself. When the mind comes out of the Self, the world appears. Therefore, when the world appears (to be real), the Self does not appear; and when the Self appears (shines) the world does not appear. When one persistently inquires into the nature of the mind, the mind will end leaving the Self (as the residue). What is referred to as the Self is the Atman. The mind always exists only in dependence on something gross; it cannot stay alone. It is the mind that is called the subtle body or the soul (jiva)”.

The solution is stunningly simple: Ramana said, “The thought ‘Who am I?’ will destroy all other thoughts, and like the stick used for stirring the burning pyre, it will itself in the end get destroyed. Then, there will arise Self-realization”.

THIS is the exhortation: Refuse ALL questions, assumptions and thoughts of me or I and ONLY maintain that one final thought, “Who Am I?”. DO NOT ANSWER. Come back to the one erasing thought, “Who Am I?”. Get busy on THAT. The ball as always is in YOUR court. There comes guidance but YOU must take the action to dissolve the false.

You say it is a non entity, a fiction. But this non entity or fiction is making me NOT see my true nature which you have said is Sat Chit Ananda.

I do NOT say to BELIEVE ANY of that! That is a prompt, a pointer, and what is always said is you MUST investigate for yourself! Believe NOTHING!

But no matter what, my ego does not want to die. Or should I say that I am refusing to die. Me or my ego continues to play this mischief. It seems useless and I feel sick to my stomach when I see all the tapes of you and others and I am unable to erase the separate identity and see myself as just the  Real "I am, I am". You may say the ego is simply not there but I feel it is there. I am not a full time seeker like many others. But I feel just reading Advaita and not living and breathing Advaita is hypocritical. I am fully aware that I have to lose myself or die in order to see MYSELF. But I am unable to do so.

WHO claims all these limitations!? Arguing for your limits is an exercise in absolute ignorant futility. Go back to what Ramana told you to do! 

Read the pointers on the website. DO what is pointed out to take action on. You are NOT a helpless little victim of some imagined destiny! Come back to simply this:

The I AM that You are is certain. WHAT you are is NOT a thing that can be described, attained, or held onto. Look for a separate entity and you will find nothing. You are That – No Thing. Follow the pointers and DO what is offered. It is up to you and you alone.


30 May 2008

How Is Creation Creating Itself?

Follow-up from J.K. - Just wanted to run something past you for some clarity.  I was in the shower (I do my best thinking under water!) and was mulling over an interesting thought.  Our whole world is based on the premise that there exists an objective reality "out there" independent of our observation.  Of course, this is not provable because it is only though our thoughts and mental images that we know something.  Since we're not present to hear the proverbial tree fall in the forest, it can't make a sound...independent of a "hearer."  

Yes: Ultimately the emptiness asks WHAT tree? Your sharing is quite right as a concept that points to the non-conceptual absence of any hearer of what arises as energy and sounds like stuff heard.

Isn't that true of our self as well? 

Of course.

We assume there is an "I" independent of thought just like the tree.  But upon closer scrutiny, without the "I" thought...there is no "I".  When "we" are absorbed in an activity, say for example, building a model airplane or playing a musical instrument...there is no "I" thought, and consequently, no "I".   It's not until we "wake up" (love the paradox) and say to ourselves, "Oh, I'm building the model" or "I'm playing the musical instrument" that this "I" reappears.   

That ain’t “waking up”. THAT is “going back to sleep”! But ONLY if that I is TAKEN ON BOARD as “me-apart-from-other”. There is NO problem with the appearance of an I so long as that appearing and subsiding I is seen to be merely a pointer to what IS – the Wholeness of That which cognizes all that appears and is not actually separate from that appearance. NOT TWO.

The “I: thought is equally a manifestation of TheOne as is the Silence and Stillness of Emptiness all is That, arising as Being-Awareness-Lovingness. That Being NEVER changes. That is the TRUE Eternal Stateless State.

It seems to me just as plausible an explanation that we (Consciousness) are creating our own reality as we observe it...millisecond by millisecond...constantly hitting the "refresh" button.  And, of course, that can also be said for the mind-made "I" we also claim is objective reality. Feel free to affirm, dismantle...

Very accurate pointers, clearly coming form direct experiencing of thae actuality mof no-person. The thought I or me is NO problem so long as the thought is not believed to be what you are any longer. So in the view from Here your expression is spot on.

Ponder these pointers from “ Oneness” by John Greven


Creation, the universe, is because the sense of being arose in the One. You are, for the very same reason. In this book we have talked about beingness - being what you are. There comes a time when even that pointer, that concept, can be dropped.

Consider the analogy that in sleep, prior to a dream, there is a void or emptiness – no thing. Then the dream appears. It arises spontaneously and nothing is actually happening. So it is for the One. In the beginning there was the One, at peace with itself. In the One, the sense of being arose, and just as the nightly dream spontaneously arises, so creation appears.

The One knows space, time, and creation to be unreal against the One reality which it is. As the source, the One knows itself as the sole reality even while loving the appearance of  beingness. The One is loving to be, and knowing that, in truth, nothing is really happening.

To further the analogy, creation is a dream of the One and the dream is not separate from the One just as the nightly dream is not separate from the organism dreaming. Creation could come to an end at any moment and the One, that is the single reality, would remain – nothing would be missed.

Because no one is born and no one dies, just as in a nightly dream, the suffering that appears to take place within creation is not real. All the events of creation are not real. They are, as we have discussed, just appearances within the One. As Nisargadatta Maharaj said,

"A man who moves with the earth will necessarily experience days and nights. He who stays with the sun will know no darkness. My world is not yours. As I see it, you all are on a stage performing. There is no reality about your comings and goings. And your   problems are so unreal!"

Nisargadatta Maharaj was speaking from the perspective of the One, not the mind. If you imagine your nightly dream for a moment, knowing that it is just a spontaneous creation of the mind, could you not say the same words about the characters in your dream that Nisargadatta Maharaj said about the appearance of the world and the characters in it?

All of creation is appearance within the One. The appearance does not touch the One. The One loves to be, and so the appearance is. There is no further purpose than that. The appearance exists within the peace of the One and does not disturb that peace. You, as the person, are just an illusion or a dreamed appearance. You, the True Self, That which is present-aware, that which is the beingness, is likened to the drop in the ocean. Taste the drop and you know the taste of the whole ocean. Know the Self and you know the One for there is no difference and no separation from That.

The sense of presence, the sense of beingness arose in what you are and so follows the appearance of the person.

The peace that is the Source is your peace. The love that is the Source is your love. The timeless, spaceless, presence that is the One is you. There is nothing that the mind can say about it. There is nothing you need to do to achieve what you already are, nothing that needs to be acquired to be more of what you already are, and nothing that needs to be improved upon. For the ocean and the drop, there is nothing else. There is no separation between the drop and the ocean except in the mind.

Consider again the words from Chapter 12: “Stay with that which lovingly allows for everything to appear in peace that cannot be disturbed. Allow it to show you the depth of its void and the fullness of its emptiness.”

The only thing standing in the way of clearly seeing what is being pointed to are the false ideas you have about who you are. These false ideas are easily dissolved with investigation and all that remains is the reality of the One, just as it has always been. Nothing new is added – you already are what you seek.

The Origin Of “I Am”

In the last chapter we discussed how creation came into existence. Prior to that, when in the One, the sense of being arose - with it arose the sense of “I Am.” This is why your own beingness is such a clear pointer to your ultimate true nature. The sense of being is the source of the thought “I Am”. The beingness that is sensed by the mind is the same beingness of the One. Some point by saying that there is only One and not even that. This is pointing to that which is the One prior to the sense of beingness. The sense of beingness is the very root cause of all appearance. The One, the Source, or God is so far removed from what the mind can conceive or perceive that even the presence of beingness is superficial and a mere enjoyment of the One.

The mind however is confused by this sense of beingness because it cannot grasp it. Because it cannot grasp it the mind chooses to ignore it or just overlooks it to the best of its ability and settles on the idea that “I Am.” The thought “I Am” is only a reflection of the One’s experience of itself. The mind, as we have seen, is a part of the creation that arose from the One. The mind, being dual, senses the beingness and sees the appearance of creation. In that lies the illusion of separation.

In order to break the spell of separation one only needs to realize that the concept of “me”, the idea that “I Am,” is just a thought pointing back to that beingness and to see that without that beingness - nothing would be. To see that even without that sense of beingness, you are.

In that presence nothing else is needed, required, wanted, or happening. In that presence, in the beingness that you are, lays the ultimate peace – you are that. 

Get it at

John says it SO much better than I do!


30 May 2008

This appeared Out Of NoWHere recently:

Beyond Reality 

Beyond Reality, You are the Infinite Unbounded Love that Creates all Universes

Beyond Reality, There Is Only You

Beyond Reality, You Are, Infinity-Loving-To Be-Being This and Only This

Beyond Reality, Here, You Are Infinitely Being-Presencing-Storying for No Reason and No Purpose

Beyond Reality, There Is Only This as This, Love as Love - and You Are That

(and No Thing else)

Beyond Reality There You Are Shining Bright as Infinite Presencing Light

Beyond Reality

This Is This ...........................................................



PS: A Friend comments: "And that is the reality – nothing beyond”.



Ponder this:

“Knowledge and ignorance pertain only to the mind and are in duality, but the Self is beyond them both. It is pure Light. There is no need for one Self to see another. There are no two selves. What is not the Self is mere non-self and cannot see the Self. The Self has no sight or hearing; it lies beyond them, all alone, as pure Consciousness.” ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi


The Appearing Reality, the Grand Show of “Maya”, AND the Love Beyond this “reality” are ALL One. Not Two. Beyond and not-beyond.

Who knows this? No One. And You. Not Two. Laughs now …  out of NoWHere!


29 May 2008 

The Gift Of  Unknowing Is NOW

A friend shares this:

Be helpless and dumbfounded,
unable to say yes or no.

Then a stretcher will come
from grace to gather us up.

We are too dull-eyed to see the beauty.
If we say Yes we can, we'll be lying.

If we say No, we don't see it,
that No will behead us
and shut tight our window into spirit.

So let us not be sure of anything,
beside ourselves, and only that, so
miraculous beings come running up to help.

Crazed, lying in a zero-circle, mute,
we will be saying finally,
with tremendous eloquence, Lead us.

When we've totally surrendered to that beauty,
we'll become a mighty kindness.

- Rumi

There is no-one to surrender! No “when” of time in This Timelessness.

You, “we” ARE already That Mighty Kindness NOW.


28 May 2008 (Updated)

Where Is This "Doer"? 

H. R. writes, Hi Charlie! It is seen I am no thing--pure existence.  I never really left home, there is no separation.  "Refuse to be what you are not."  These pointers help yet suffering arises when I am asked to pray for others, counsel, ministerial duties for which donations are accepted. Am I a fake if I continue to do these activities?

The assumption that "you” are the doer, the one who prays, counsels, accepts donations etc. is the fake. Suffering only arises if that assumption of being a “thing” that “must do” whatever the appearing doingness is, is the core, the source, of all suffering!

You As-You-Really-Are are assuredly NOT a “fake. But THAT is Not a thing that “you” as a false thought-concept, an assumed self-centered doer, can ever grasp! To the “mind” You are No Thing. Assuming you exist as a separate “becoming doing thing" is the ONLY error. Ask that one WHO assumes “I AM and I Am Doing” these events that happen naturally?

It is only when the "I” thought is believed to be a separate actor apart from the arising, appearing actions that there is a misconception about what you are.

Come back to this and stay put: Refuse all thoughts except "Who (or "What" or "Where") Am I?". Whichever you like, JUST DO IT. Who Am I? STOP. Who Am I? STOP

Thanks for the love!

You ARE That Love. All else is false assumptions. WHO believes “I’m the doer”?

Ask YOU. Ask YOU. Knowing that NO answer is true.

Thanks a lot, charlie!  i'm baking in the exhortation to stay put in I AM...

Very cool (I mean HOT) LOL...

Only Love,



27 May 2008

Who, or What,  ‘Thinks', 'I Think’?

E.V. writes, Reading the correspondence page and thinking myself (because I still think dual)…

WHO thinks “I think” this or that!? Look for the thinker! What do you find? Where IS this believed-to-be-real thinker?

I see a lot of same questions. Why is it SO hard to know THIS if we ARE. If we just ARE, we should KNOW. So why don't we just KNOW. It makes me crazy and depressed. I've been searching for a long time already and still don't KNOW.

WHO asks these questions? You arrogantly assert you "should know"! That is your "act," your pretense of being someone who "should know". But that is simply NOT possible because the "one who should know" doesn't exist in Timeless Being that YOU actually are, beyond your assumptions of being this or that.

WHAT claims to EITHER “know” or “not know”? Obviously you are not taking the suggestion to look into that. This is why confusion and suffering continues – you fail to investigate your false mental assumptions.

You will NEVER “know” with the mind. The mind is an appearance in Ultimate Isness – which is That which contains “mind” and the false identity of an assumed entity – a “knower-knowing-stuff”.

What about ripeness in this. I know a lot of people searching for years. They still didn't find. I know we just have to BE. But then arises "What about our social life, work, friends, money, if it doesn't matter all"?

Everything appears. The assumption of a “me” to whom things appear, happen and are either desirable or undesirable, and "matter or don't matter", IS the ignorance of an unkempt and unchallenged mind. It’s that simple. You constantly assert an “I” that knows all these things "you" think and say. What is that I made of? Where is the thoink-ER? That I thought comes and goes. What does the appearing thought I appear within? That never-changing Awareness! You do need to simply LOOK for that I, and notice the noticing awareness, consciousness, empty and clear, in which these assumed I arises and passes back into nothing. You are that No thing of Being-Awareness. That is always here and now, obvious and clear, yet That can NOT be held or grasped in the mind.

Do I do too much to find IT?

In a word YES. All attempts to “find” some mystical “IT” are doomed to absolute failure. The discovery that there is already always Being-Consciousness and THAT is inescapable puts the search to an end. Because there is nothing to get and no-one to get that nothing. YOU ARE what you seek. Seeking That is the denial of That. As a text once read here pointed out, the mind’s rule is, “seek and do NOT find”.

If it’s all our own illusion, why does everybody sees the world as round. And 100 of people see the same plane flying. And 100.000 of people suffer from the same earthquake…If I know this all, it's still ignorance.

Explain what to who!? The message is that there is NO separate Guru and Disciple. That is absolutely incomprehensible to “one who wants to know” because that "you" – the assumed “you” that is still believed there to be that “one who wants to know” DOES NOT EXIST.

The appearance appears and dances in multifarious ways! Ignorance consists in believing you are a separate entity called “I”. That is all.

About my Guru … I know he IS, he KNOWS, and yet he cannot explain me.

Explain what to who!? The message is that there is NO separate Guru and Disciple. That is absolutely incomprehensible to “one who wants to know” because you – the assumed “you” that is still believed there to be that “one who wants to know” DOES NOT EXIST.

Why is it so hard if we ARE already That?

Being is obvious … wherever you go, here you are, Being. Full Stop! You deny That by seeking That. It is not only hard, it is IMPOSSIBLE! Do get that right now! Full Stop!


26 May 2008

Simply YES

S.G. Shares, A Question to Sri Ramana Maharshi:  Q: I do not know, but they say that to withdraw from all sense-activity, from all thoughts, all life-experiences, i.e., to cease to be active, is the highest state.

Bhagavan: If so, what is the difference between this state and deep sleep? Besides, if it is a state, however exalted it be, that appears and disappears and is, therefore, not natural and normal to the self, how can that represent eternal presence of the supreme Self, which persists in all states and indeed survives them? It is true that there is such a state.

Q: Do you mean the Atman (Self) is God?

Bhagavan: You see the difficulty. The vichara (quest) "to know the self" is different in method from the meditation "Shivoham" or "Soham," (I am Shiva [God] or He I am). I rather lay stress upon self-knowledge. For, you are first concerned with yourself before you proceed to know the world and its Lord. The "Soham" meditation or "I am Braham" meditation is more or less a mental thought. But the quest for the Self I speak of is a direct method, indeed superior to the other meditation. For, the moment you get into the quest for the Self, and go deeper and deeper, the real Self is waiting there to take you in; and then, whatever is done, is done by something else and you have no hand in it. In this process, all doubts and discussions are automatically given up, just as one who sleeps forgets for the time being all his cares. 

Yes. exactly. Excellent!

Of Course, given The Source.

More HERE.


25 May 2008


M.R. shares, Just to let you know that things are unfolding beautifully, I felt some huge anger this morning and out of habit started to use the approaches I normally use to let go of the anger and attachment/ need, but very quickly realized that that was based on the assumption that there was a me who needed to let the need go, so I started to ask some Who needs this? and Who am I? questions and some of the other pointers popped into my mind and it dissolved.


Thank you so much for all your help, what I especially appreciate is that I now seem to have the trust that this is all that's necessary, if anything seems necessary, just use the Who am I? or any of the other pointers, not as a practice but just to investigate the identification that is leading to the suffering.

Exactly – and SO simple!

Reading John Greven's "Oneness", which is great and had some very helpful pointers, has reminded me to go back to your book Perfect Peace, which I found even more helpful and actually the clearest and most to the point book I've ever read on the subject.

I prefer John’s book! LOL

Thanks for the update. This is the best news ever!

Well .... DONE!

Much Love ... from One Heart to One Heart!


24 May 2008

Verbal Understanding of 'Pseudo-Gurus'

R.B. writes, Hey Charlie, I just had some questions on the teachings that are related to Nisargadatta Maharaj. I'm a bit stuck and puzzled. Maharaj says that you may verbally understand his teachings, yet that will only make you pseudo-guru, which is not realization.

Exactly correct! We point that out here. There are many of these “pseudo-gurus” talking, giving “satsang”, and writing books presently. It can be extremely difficult to discern which authors are merely parrots spouting learned concepts and which are the True Ones. Those, like Sri Nisargadatta, John Wheeler, John Greven, and ‘Sailor’ Bob Adamson (whom you quote below), speak from The Absolute and express out of the authenticity of conviction that there is only The One Self - and whether a seeker has recognized that or not, he or she IS That and nothing else. The way Bob puts it is perfect pointer:

I AM not speaking to any 'body'.

I AM not speaking to any 'mind'.

I AM speaking to THAT I AM that I AM,


that expresses through

the mind as the thought I AM.

Just THIS and NOTHING else.

How does the seeker tell who is a fake and who is not!? That is a genuine dilemma for many. The dilemma cannot be resolved by analysis of concepts, since the same concepts a true One offers can be easily copied and repeated by the fake. But the good news is there is an unmistakable "Resonance" that happens when the seeker meets a Real One. In my own experience of paths and teachers, books and satsangs, it was not until I happened onto John Wheeler’s website that I FELT the Absolute Conviction that was and is palpable and self-evident as the silent One Self expressing from One To One. It was SO clear and obvious. You might say it was obviously One Heart speaking and One Heart listening. One Love arising as the apparent outer “teacher” – and deep down there was a knowing that THIS is at long last The Real Deal. So let your own One Love, One Heart, inform your seeming selection of One who guides from without and points you back to that One – The True-Self, Within and all around.

Bob Adamson says, "See that the search itself is a trap, because the search implies that there is an entity needing to become something. And becoming implies some future time. It is not being. Becoming can never be being. What we are talking about is being. We call ourselves 'human beings' and we call God the 'Supreme Being'. Take those two labels off (human and Supreme) and try to separate the beingness. I might call this being here Bob, and that being there I might call Joan. The chair we are sitting on we call a chair. But take away all those labels and what's left? The substratum or the base, the beingness, the pattern and form they are taking the shape of or appearing as. But the pattern and form are appearance only. Their essence is still that energy (pure being) vibrating into those patterns. So there is really nowhere to go and there is no one to go there. And there is nothing to get and no one to get it."

Exactly, perfectly stated, from I AM to I AM. Where is any confusion in that!”

What Bob says is completely understandable, but if I went to Maharaj's words, that is only a verbal understanding. Can you help me out with this?

The mistake of “verbal understanding only” is not Bob’s fault! Is the fault of your own listening – which is that you take “you” to be a entity and Bob (and Nisargadatta) to be “other entities” and moreover you try to stuff Infinity into the mind which is absolutely futile. If “you” want to “understand” there is NO way because it is the assumption of a you that can “own” or “attain” some “knowledge” that is at the core of all confusion and suffering! Look: If “you” now "understand" (own) the pointers you are doubly screwed because now there is a “person” who has some arcane “spiritual knowledge”. And what did Sri Nisargadatta point out regarding that? “All knowledge is IGNORANCE”.

Rather than trying to “figure it out in the mind”, which is quite simply the completely WRONG tool for the job of ending seeking in Absolute Freedom, LOOK where the pointers POINT. The pointers from BOTH Sri Nisargadatta AND Bob are pointing to what You are, YOU beyond the assumed identity that you have taken to be yourself, which is at core the assumption that you are the “I” thought that now you try to add “enlightenment” to …LOOK! Where do the pointers POINT? NOWHERE. The pointers are pointing to NO THING. YOU are That. No thing no where (now here). That arises as the Knowing I AM and the mind”.

If you listen as a “me-myself-I” listening to “another” the point is completely missed as what you listen with is ONLY a false assumption of an “I” separate from “other”, in this case “other-called-Bob” and “other-called-Nisargadatta”. There IS NO OTHER. All there IS is The One. And You, Bob, Nisargadatta, and the chair you sit on are ALL THAT. But look within the space of Being-Awareness here and now, where IS any separate "I"? Apart from a concept which comes and goes in That Being which NEVER changes where IS any "me-myself-and-I"? Look and what is found? NOTHING. That - NO Thing - is what is being pointed to. This is NOT the "concept" of "nothing" which the mind hates.

This NO Thing of Being-Consciousness-Peace is Beyond Reality. YOU are Beyond Reality! This “you” that you take yourself to be is a phantom, a fake, a pretense only! It's an assumption which when challenged competently, is seen to be non-existent. Assumptions are NOT FACTS. You say "I exist? Where is your evidence!? Let this pointer pierce:

You Do Not Exist!

Ponder this and the following deeply and just DO it as long as you assume a nonexistent you, wit free will, USE that to delete that! DO this

Give up all thoughts and questions except this one: WHAT AM I? (No Answer!) Let That One Thought dissolve everything, leaving No Thing - the Gift of Absolute Freedom. All is perfectly effortlessly resolved as there is what really is - abiding as The Unborn Being - Beyond Reality.  

(You may also substitute I AM for WHAT AM I. See which resonates and empties 'you' out. But keep this in mind: This primary concept, ‘I amness’ is dishonest, because it is still a concept only. Finally one has to transcend that also. - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. This means that the I AM is only a concept POINTING to the Pure Emptiness of Being. The concept is NOT the actual. For example take the concept "rice". You don't assume the concept – the word – “rice” will feed you! The concept is NEVER the actual. YOU – That One I AM of The Whole - are NOT a concept!)

And now ponder THIS:

"Can any of your concepts grasp the total, the Ultimate? Have you understood that knowledge itself is ignorance? If it were real it would have been there eternally – it would not have had a beginning and an end". - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Look where these pointers POINT. Mere "verbal comprehension" is the booby prize!

You may also find it powerful to speak with someone whose search has ended One on One to resolve questions, confusions and doubts. If you feel the resonance I do offer that service; see the consultations page on my website. There are several others who offer such One on One pointing on my links page. See who resonates Heart to Heart for you and get down to the core of suffering, and root it out!

All these pointers are The Song Of The Self. You are That and Nothing Else! Stay in touch if you like. I love you as That - The One Self of All. 


23 May 2008

Only Love Is Real

D. K. writes, Thanks for your love and clarity.  Your honesty and simplicity has removed much doubt and confusion.  I'll keep in touch. Much Love.

Good to hear!  Always Only Love is Real. Stay with that!


23 May 2008

WHO “Knows”?

D.A. writes, I very much enjoyed listening to your videos you had posted on your site. If there was anything you might comment on for the "story I still seem to be believing I am", it would be to ask you about how best to let that go.  (I know, ask who's letting it go.) 

WHERE is a knower that claims egoically to know “I know, ask who’s letting it go”? That is EXACTLY what is left to investigate: ASK YOU who assumes I am me and I must let go”? You do NOT KNOW! Ask YOU Who knows this? Where is any “knower” that says “I know”? One who claims “I know” knows NOT. Look at this!

I try to ignore anything story related as illusionary, but I still seem to wonder … [here the writer tells a long long story of experiences and memories of those, and maintains the belief he is the I-storyteller without stopping to ask WHO?]

What feels sorrow and unfulfillment is a pipe dream, when viewed from Awareness Itself?

ASK YOU. What you call “awareness is NOT the unconditional space-like Being prior to awareness, and even that (being) is an appearing OBJECT. Can you find anything that is NOT an object, a thing? I define an object or thing as an appearing that has a beginning, middle and end. The “I” begins on the organism’s waking after deep sleep and ends when that organism goes back into deep sleep some hours later. Now what NEVER changes, even in deep sleep? That is NOT an object that coems and goes in appearances. What is THAT wchich is Eternally allowing ALL that appears to arise and disappear? WHAT is it that  you don’t know that you don’t know? Can a false “knower” know what it does NOT know? ASK YOU.

So, if one dumps "the story" then the meeting of the Author of all stories with the Author of all stories happens?  How to dump the story in the quickest manner?  (Yeah, the story knows, ask who's doing the dumping.) Love and gratitude, D.

There is NO “author! And NO reality to the story of “me-other-body-world”. You do NOT exist as what you know you are. To know is to NOT know. To NOT know is the gateless gate to nowhere. You are nowhere (now here) and even that “now is an object appearing in the Launguageless Emptiness that is the Absolute Unknowable Isness. Can what is NOT “know” that it is not?

Ask YOU.

Give up all thoughts and questions except this one: WHAT AM I? (No Answer!) Let That dissolve everything leaving No Thing - the Gift of Absolute Freedom. All is perfectly effortlessly resolved as there is what really is - abiding as The Unborn Being - Beyond Reality.

A thought of “I” arises and comes to pass. Deep in the silence there is the assumption “I am that thought of I apart from All.” But how is the thought “I” and more significant than the thought “flower”? Ponder and INVESTIGATE that I and see if it exists at all. If what is being pointed to is the Eternally Awake Isness, Being prior to and beyond reality, that That must be here right now. You ARE that unknowable Presence allowing all that appears to come and go in invincible untouchable empty Peace that Eternally IS.


22 May 2008

You Are Beyond Reality

Follow-up from F.M. - It seems as though we can only go so far with this through  knowledge and now it's time to experience what we have learned.

Now you lapse back into the confusion and ignorance of a mind born and relinquish The Unborn for these paltry little delusions of me and mine. Yike! Guess the “welcome home” was premature. LOOK: The statement you made is totally false in the way it is stated. Who is this “we” identity and exactly what makes you think you are that I or we and not the Infinity of Stillness-Silence Being-Existingness? Subtly it is known by no-entity (Empty Cognizing Being) that this is false. That comes to the surface as it is said “it seems”. What seems real is NOT real. What seems NOT real is The One Reality beyond “your” reality. THAT is also beyond experience. Experiences come and go. What is That which NEVER changes? That which is NOT an object? Find that which is not an object, not an experience, not a concept. Can “you” find what you don’t know that you don’t know? What IS THAT which YOU DO NOT KNOW that YOU DO NOT KNOW? Ponder this.

The mind is very dissatisfied with this space this stillness. It says, "This is it. How can that give me anything".

Damn betcha the “mind” is dissatisfied. The mind cannot “get this”. You will NEVER “get enlightened”. LOOK: To the mind it seems to be - when you ask you Who Am I? - that you are nothing. Then the mind makes That – The One Timeless Spaceless Attributeless Empty Fullness of No Thing - into a "thing called nothing"  - and so laments its despair because it feels lost - and being unwilling to BE (actually BE) no thing, it seeks something more or better than this simple Absolute Freedom! What YOU are in REAL Reality beyond quote reality IS No Thing Appearing as Every Thing. No-one gets that. Everyone IS That.

LOOK: What could give WHO anything!? This is rampant delusion masking as spiritual insight. To burst that bubble and let BE the utter disappointment that the mind avoids, and look into Naked Awareness for the "one who feels disappointed and coming up empty and meaningless - is the end game. Usually this bursting of the false ego-assumptions that “I am me” or "we are we” happens only when there is competent guidance - one to one. This was the happening for this appearance called charlie - when the direct pointing and correct investigation happened, on meeting John Wheeler (as well as ‘Sailor’ Bob Adamson and John Greven.)

So it’s time for us to go deeper. We know what we have learned is the Truth. But we need to have it unshakable.

Can awareness be deeper? Where does Awareness begin? Where does NOW end? Who is there to "go deeper"? Where IS "time"? Where is “time” unless there is a false “you” that thinks there is such a thing as "time-space-me-world"?? WHO is this “we” that is assumed to be separate, time-bound, and real? Right here right now there is the unshakable NON-conceptual IS-Ness - BEING IS. You cannot claim “there is no Being, there is no Existingness”. Can you? Who claims that they are NOT that unshakable Nonconceptual Beingness Itself? WHO?

Take the Truth of Oneness for instance.

There IS no “truth of oneness”! There is only the One, Timeless, truthless, spacelessness, truth-less-ness  beyond reality. The mind can only bring the concept of oneness forth and thus this belief by a false believer that there is such a “thing” as oneness. THERE IS NOT! Oneness – YOU as-You-Are – IS Reality beyond reality – THIS is NOT a “thing”, NOT an object. You inauthentically objectify the ultimate non-object Absolute – Beingness Prior To Consciousness. What YOU are is not what you take you to be (me, us, we, I are all assumptions that when looked for cannot be found anywhere anywhen.)

We know it to be the Truth and yet we often times feel separate. After all language along with our conditioning has reinforced this concept of separateness. Not Oneness.

Who claims to “know”? That is the CORE of the ignorant mind’s LIE - where IS this much-ballyhooed “know-ER”? where is the “knowing entity” that assumes the fixed posture, “I am me and I know”? LOOK:

He or she or “we” who says “I know or we know” simply knows NOT. It’s pointed out constantly here that ALL knowledge is ignorance. ALL! Nothing left out! You know you are. He who knows that is a fake, a phantom, unreal assumed real due to lack of direct challenging investigation.

Refuse the mind-lies by staying with one thought only: What AM I? Refuse all other thoughts. Any “answer” to that thought will only be another thought arising in Awareness! Clear Empty Presence-Awareness that cannot be escaped. Refuse all thoughts except what am I? Or who am i?. This is where earnestness and no-bullshit commitment is essential. As Sri Nisargadatta commanded, “See your world as it is, not as you imagine it to be. Discrimination will lead to detachment; detachment will ensure right action; right action will build the inner bridge to your real being. Action is a proof of earnestness. Do what you are told diligently and faithfully and all obstacles will dissolve”. What are you told to do? From Sri Nisargadatta: "Refuse all thoughts except one: the thought 'I am'. The mind will rebel in the beginning, but with patience and perseverance it will yield and keep quiet. Once you are quiet, things will begin to happen spontaneously and quite naturally without any interference on your part".

I say refuse all thoughts except "Who (or "What" or "Where") Am I?". Whichever you like, JUST DO IT. Who Am I? STOP. Who Am I? STOP. Or, I AM. STOP.  I AM. STOP.  I AM. STOP.

STOP. LOOK. WHERE is any “conditioning without a “you” to believe there is any such? This is yet another piece of spiritual crap. Who believes this stuff!? That is what needs to be looked into.

We often times feel that that the "other" is annoying  or a jerk or whatever. We are trying to use language in a more non dualistic way without appearing too weird.

STOP. LOOK. WHERE is any “conditioning without a “you” to believe there is any such? This is yet another piece of spiritual crap. Who believes this stuff!? Where IS this assumed "believe-ER"? Nowhere to be found! This is what needs to be looked into.”.

Part of the reason  I went on this spiritual path was to heal my relationship with the 
"other" and don't get me wrong, there has been great healing.

There is an arrogance here that needs to be noticed: You claim “The reason I went on this spiritual path.” The arrogance is in the assumption that “you” started this search. But if you do not exist, how did this happen? You also assume a cause and reasons why. Find the Source of what you call “cause”. WHO chooses? There is ONLY Being arising as choiceless chooserless Awareness. These perhaps innocent but nevertheless ignorant assumptions need to be looked at head on. Put that “deer into the headlights”! LOOK: Healing for whom? Where is “other”? You assume an identity as a thought of an “I” that IS real and separated, then assume “others” to be real and separate from “I”, and then assume “time” and “apartness-location” (here vs. there). These are ALL nothing substantial, wisps of thought-energy, arising as believed ignorant assumptions of an untested mind-assertion of “me-me-me”. And in that ignorance what is IGNORED is Being-Existence (WHAT IS) – that No Thing PRIOR to the arrival of the great LIAR- Language! You as a false entity, up to now not competently investigated and challenged, believe the lying cheating mind that claims all these unprovable assumptions to be true and so you apparently suffer and when moments of “experiencing oneness” arise, you take those moments on board and assert “that is what I want”. WHO wants? A fake.

All desires arise in the assumption that you are a "me apart from other" and seeks to add pleasure to itself and avoid pain and survive as this ego-me at the cost of REAL Aliveness. Timeless Being arises as a witnessing Presence-Awareness that watches the movie of "I and world" and idnetifies with that appearing character on the blank screen of Choiceless Being-Awareness. The "movie" comes and goes; the screen never changes. You are like toe screen, not the movie charcter. WHO does or does not see THIS? That false entity that has assumed to be a “me in control” yet that controlling entity “me’ (or “we”) cannot be found when a competent investigation (inquiry) is taken on, with a no-bullshit commitment to end the suffering and delusion once and forever and Right Now.

And as Nisargadatta Maharaj says. Be earnest. I hope with earnestness this remaining feeling of separateness will dissolve more and more.

WHO hopes?! “Hope” is icing on a turd. It assumes time and a “future” which NEVER comes that will be “better” than “the way it is now”. FOR WHOM?

That pointer that was given by Sri Nisargadatta as “there must be earnestness”. That was dealt with earlier in this message. The paradox: There is NO person apart from The One yet that assumed “person” MUST challenge its very existence: “I am me (or we).” IS THAT TRUE? Prove it. Where is your proof for the existence of a separate self? All your evidence that “you” are a thought-entity with free will only arises as a bunch more thoughts. It is all self-referential and that is perpetual ignorance, self-reinforced by the same thought machinery that assumed itself to be a real entity in the first instance.

Therein is a paradox of infinite proportion! There is no-“one” to “become earnest”. Yet the assumed “me” also assumes “it” has power to choose, to commit, to be earnest, so USE that seeming entity’s “free will” to ASK WHO AM I? WHAT AM I? AM I REAL? Where is the PROOF? Refuse all answers. Refuse all thought except Who Am I? Until there is no false entity left to think that - or choose any thought. The Timeless One is all there is. Dismantle the false and all that remains is The Real. YOU are beyond reality. In THIS The paradox dissolves and the false is seen to be false. And the search for the Self that was never NOT already Realized ends in wry amusement or gales of hilarious laughter!

As Sri Ramana Maharshi points out: ""Once the false notion ‘I am the body’ or ‘I am not realised’ has been removed, Supreme Consciousness or the Self alone remains and in people’s present state of knowledge they call this ‘Realisation.’ But the truth is that Realisation is eternal and already exists, here and now".

The Ultimate Seeing arises here (wherever ‘you’ go you’re HERE. NOW. Nowhere. Parse that! It's Now. Here.). To assume the existence of being a false entity and then setting out to transcend that false entity through spiritual practice or the “understanding” of mental comprehension) which is NOT the Understanding that belongs to no-one that Nisargadatta pointed out). This is the path of ignorance. This pathless path of challenging all assumptions by getting at and rooting out the CORE assumption – That what I am is the thought of me-myself-I - is the end game – checkmate to the ego-assumption. Te Real is a concept-free land. The TRUE “no-spin” zone is Nonconceptual Beingness BEYOND reality. Simply put “you” do NOT exist.

I recommend two books “Oneness” by John Greven and this author’s “No Way Out”.And it is also strongly recommend that you get into a dialogue by telephone with one who has ended their own search and is competent to guide you. My phone meetings with John Wheeler were pivotal in ending the search here. This kind of direct pointing can quickly end the doubts, misconceptions, and false assumptions that are the core cause of all confusion and the concomitant suffering. (See the consultations page on the website for info on how to schedule one here). There are others on my links page who also offer One on One dialogues. Select one you “resonate” with “heart to heart” and end this confusion and psychological suffering once and forever.

Please take this on with commitment, enthusiasm, and earnest investigation. In This Presence of Being-Awareness-Aliveness there is immense compassion – and authentic bold passion – for Being Life Itself.

Beyond Reality, You Are That ONE.

BE as You ARE. Don’t pretend to be what you are not – a fearful, insecure, confused entity. Don’t refuse to BE The One You Are. Much Love to you!

PS: Ponder this from John Greven's book, "Oneness":

"You don’t have a presence; you are presence. The thought of it turns what you actually are into a concept to which the mind can relate. While that is happening, you are the presence/awareness standing in the clear waiting to be discovered. This cannot be stressed enough, everything is just an appearance within the awareness that you are; without exception, everything.

"Only the thought of presence/awareness can be brought into the mind for consideration. While you are thinking about presence/awareness you are present and aware. You can’t objectify what you are. So how do you stay with the presence awareness that you are? How do you “tune in?” It is effortless because it is always on... you don’t have to try, just see. If you're trying then you're just not noticing that it is inescapable and functioning all the time; or you're trying to become something that you already are!

"Presence is effortless. Awareness is effortless. The fact is you don’t have any choice but to stay with it, because you are it! Presence does not change. Awareness does not change. It does not move. It does not hide, but be watchful; don’t turn the obvious presence/awareness into a concept or an idea about yourself.

"Stay with the livingness of it by not following what the mind thinks about it. Presence - Awareness is in the ever present now. Presence/Awareness refer to the simple, undeniable beingness that is present and aware. In the same way that we have looked at presence/awareness – beingness points to that timeless, spaceless self".

You can get the book at And you can get “No Way Out” HERE.


22 May 2008

What Is Is Not An ‘IS’ At All

R.O. writes a follow-up - Your response truly touched home. Your response to my email pissed me off and at the same time woke me up. This pointer you shared said it all: “NO-ONE SEES THEIR TRUE NATURE. No "entity" has a "true nature"! It is a stunning realization that there is no-one and that there is ONLY True-Nature BEYOND “reality” – and THAT is not an IS at all! Imposable to express. Impossible for "one" to "know" that there IS no “one” to “see” that Reality beyond reality”. 

As I write this email to you there is such sadness, joy, uneasiness and fear, all at the same time. I now see that this entity I claim to be is terrified of dying to itself. I now truly know the meaning when it is said "die before you die". At the moment I have this scared feeling in my stomach  as I see clearly what the truth of who I truly am is. I lived in this so called entity for many years now and there is a great sadness at the moment because it is now seen that I am not that. 

Okay. But watch out for a claim again if “doneness” for the false entity. Look: WHO lived in “this entity”? Who claims that story as “my” story? Where is the story-teller? This is what you don’t know that you don’t know: This “you” that is still appearing as what is taken to be real is a phantom. “You” do not exist. Existence IS and That is Beyond Reality. That is what you cannot either know OR not know.

Here I am trying to eliminate the belief in the ego self and instead secretly creating a bigger Ego. HA! This is now seen. I truly do not know and in that not knowing all is known. Wow! Its been a long struggle and yes, claiming the search has ended numerous times, but the suffering and uneasiness was all still there.

Long struggle for whom? This story of an I who now knows it does not know is more false addition to a false entity still seeming to be what you take as “you”.

Notice this. There is the subtle claim creeping back in of an inauthentic assumption, a false belief in, some “knower” who now finally “knows”. Again, be on guard against the mental claim of “doneness” for the false entity.

I feel now that I can finally relax in the not knowing of who I am. Charlie, there is such joy and sadness here at the moment. I will rest in that.

Who will rest in that? Ask YOU Who Am I”? Refuse all thoughts, insights and claims of experiencing sadness or joy and come back to Who Am I? And ONLY THAT.

Thank you my friend for saying it as it truly is with no bullshit.

Now stay put in Nonconceptual Being-Existingness - Being Absolutely NO thing either known or NOT known.

Ponder this: “Only the question – ‘Who am I?’ is necessary. That which continues to exist throughout sleep and waking is the same being in both; but while waking there is unhappiness and therefore the effort to remove it. When asked who awakes from sleep, you say ‘I’. Hold fast to this ‘I’. If that is done the Eternal Being reveals itself. The most important thing is the investigation of the ‘I’”. - Sri Ramana Maharshi

Stay in touch. I love you.

R.O. responds: You said, “This story of an I who now knows it does not know is more of the false additions to a false entity still seeming to be what you take as “you”. Notice this. There is the subtle claim creeping back in of an inauthentic assumption of, a false belief in, some “knower” who now finally “knows”. Again, be on guard against the mental claim of “doneness” for the false entity.”

Bingo!! This is exactly what is going on over and over again. The noticing and catching of this is now seen .Simply be and notice, that is all . Don't make it into a story or a truth. Got it!  Now before you say 'who' got it,  it is just 'got it' and not 'i' got it. Yes, there is nothing to get, just the seeing of this is enough.

And no-one sees. The is the seeing, from Naked Awareness, choiceless and chooserless.
Thank you for this important pointer.

De Nada.  J


21 May 2008

Suffering Is Born In The Sense Of “I & Other”

A.S. Writes, I was very pleased to discover your YouTube Channel this evening. I've watched several of your videos and felt compelled to open up a discussion with you I've been fascinated with the concept of duality for quite some time now. I've been thinking of them as dichotomies.... As I have been pondering: Our world is obsessed with black/white, good/bad, big/small, right brain/left brain, masculine/feminine, weak/strong, young/old, republican/democrat, war/peace, rich/poor, educated/drop-out, introvert/extrovert, classical/romantic, et cetera ad nauseum!

The nature of phenomenality IS dichotomies – the ancient sages call this “the pairs of opposites.” This idea of “two-ness” is a context, an unnoticed paradigm of false assumptions, beliefs taken to be real only in ignorance. These beliefs are self-reinforcing: the idea of “I and other” – the essential “dichotomy” – which is merely a thought that can only be argued to be real with thought itself! All the suffering of humanity stems from that one core misconception.

Many people feel the need to identify themselves clearly as one or the other which ultimately poisons their thinking and distracts them from real infinite truth . . . that is just the recurring thought I've been having. And my whole life until fairly recently I have been blinded by all of the dichotomies myself and have felt the need to define who I am as this or that... I'm trying to get away from that kind of thinking - but as I feel I am on the verge of a great sense of clarity in my life, I also feel something is holding me back... I often feel a certain sense of alienation from the people around me because I'm so consumed with these kinds of thoughts that sometimes the very simple act of small talk seems so difficult. Can you relate to this and/or do you have any thoughts along these lines? And how does my description of dichotomy in society compare to non-duality?  

What you are is beyond description, beyond reality, beyond all ideas of one or two or many, beyond this dream of appearance that arises only on waking out of the sleep of deep dreamless sleep – or the apparent sleep of death - and the assumption arise out of nothing of being an I am. This I AM is a pointer back to The Eternal Fullness of N nothing, the space-like awareness that arises out of nowhere (now here) and is misidentified as a real thing. But what you are is not a thing that another thing – a thought – can grasp or know. Existence IS. “You” do not exist apart and separate from Isness – Being beyond reality you are prior to time, prior to appearance and disappearance of quote creation, beyond all and even beyond that. There is Only Being and not even That in The Absolute Unknowing Unknowable Being-Consciousness-Aliveness.

I'm struggling with this concept as well as my identity (or wanting to escape the need for one), but I'm not sure how all of this holds up in a social setting, in a community. Thank you Charles, I hope to hear back from you :)

WHO is struggling? Find the Source of “I Am” and BE as you are – Existence existing, ever fresh, ever Presencing as the Isness that you don’t know that you don’t know. Indescribable and Eternal. That is what You truly are. You are Unborn, Undead, Unawake unalive, appearing as Aliveness - just That. That is Home. The placeless place you never really left.

Now ask only YOU what AM I? And accept no answer. Refuse all thoughts of being a separate entity. Drop into The Unborn and never depart into the belief in separation or dichotomy again. Let the Spirit move you out of the house altogether. Then as Now there is Absolute Freedom. That Freedom is not for the person, it is freedom from the false assumption of being a person at all. That is what YOU are in Reality beyond reality. Full Stop. I Love You.


21 May 2008

Beyond Reality, There Is Only This

F.M. Writes, Hi Charlie. I woke up this morning at 3 AM. It is this mind-bodies 54th birthday.  I thought if I could have one thing for this so-called birthday what   would it be. What came to me was to know who I am without any shadow of a doubt. My wife and I are what you would call A.S.S.'s I guess. [Advanced Spiritual Seekers J] We have read many books and viewed many teachers on the web and feel we are on our way but something is missing. Some realization. Went down to the river and started asking Who Am I (which I've done a million  times already) and suddenly I realized that I wanted something through  the mind. Wanted. through the mind. Wanted some teacher to give me something I can really sink my teeth into not the words which cause so much frustration. We read You Are That and I AM That and have been intrigued with the "I thought". In discussing this with my wife, we both seemed to realize that what is being pointed to here with Who Am I and I AM is the space which follows those words. In the waiting  for the answer. We've talked about this before but this time it really hit home. A realization. It's the space. Very unsatisfying to the mind so I think it's quick to discount it. Space, Man. Space in which all things come in and out of!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for being the part of me who has helped this part you realize this. It really is too simple and unsatisfactory to the mind. Thanks,

I Am


Happy Unbirthday!

Now there is seeing, for no-one ... as Sri Nisagadatta says: "Can any of your concepts grasp the total, the Ultimate? Have you understood that knowledge itself is ignorance? If it were real it would have been there eternally – it would not have had a beginning and an end".


21 May 2008

Ignorance Reinforces Itself In Ignorance

R.O. Writes, touting a particular weekend “enlightenment seminar” that had apparently been part of the illusory dream of a “story of the charlie appearance”: In the apparent separate self where most live and may perhaps come to your website, I think it may mislead the reader in believing that they can skip this i