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11 oct 08 - authentic Identity

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10 - 11 oct 08 - Authentic Identity

Q: You say that we must resolve our "authentic" identity first. It seems that all else is resolved in this. How, exactly do we do this? How did you?

C: The Self is found when the understanding of what never changes is clear and you see that all identity is ephemeral. No one finds the Authentic; you ARE the Authentic. You, I, everyone, everything, is THAT. Read and ponder, look deep into your 'self', the pointers o this site. Don't try to figure it out, the answer is not in the figure-it-out-mind -- which is merely insubstantial thoughts, essence energy arising as sounds with no real meaning. Then write again if you like.

Q: Thank you Charlie for your previous response. The words, concepts and ideas presented on your site are absolutely crystal clear.... However.... They are just words, concepts and ideas. What they POINT to, on the other hand, is what seems to be elusive here. There cannot be a "way", "method", or "process" in time which gets the supposed Me to anywhere but HERE. In understanding all the words, I am still left with........... The seeker is always interested in Exactly what methods were employed to get to Nowhere or Now Here. There are a VAST number of seeming Advaita teachers who tell you that there is No Way to Get This, yet you all keep trying to help us. (thank you). Does the "I" here just merely answer every thought or question with another question... "Who am I"? (No thought or response). Please help,

C: You end with "Does the "I" here just merely answer every thought or question with another question... "Who am I"? (No thought or response)"

If that resonates. It does work for many to repeatedly look "What am I" or Who am I" until the mind finally gives up. Ultimately NOTHING works. Ultimately there is JUST NO WAY. I don't offer "help". Who would I offer that to? These words are just brain farts popping onto the screen of awareness and fingers move and these black squigs appear on white empty space. No one does this!
Ask Randall about this. Ask all the other "teachers" you write to this. Ask those on Urban Guru Cafe you comment to this. I have said all there is to say. Words point but you don't look where they point and you dismiss it all as "just words" and assume there is a me there and a me here, in your arrogance, my friend.

Now go and BAKE for a few years... ponder rather than read and dismiss. Ponder what Nisargadatta meant when he pointed out "Understanding Is All".

Q: You said, if you start from a false premise, anything that is yielded inside a false premise will simply reinforce that false premise. I started from this premise and was just trying to get back to basics. Sorry for bothering you.

who is sorry for bothering who? GO ..... BAKE!!!

Q: Thank you Charlie!

C: No worries.


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