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What are you?

Something says “I AM.” What IS that? Something knows, “I AM.” What IS that? LOOK directly at the thought “I”. What is that? What is the SOURCE of that thought? LOOK directly into the sense of being, being alive, being awake. What IS that? What is the SOURCE of that? Do you know? WHAT knows? What is the SOURCE of knowing? Do you know that you do NOT know? What is the SOURCE of that NOT knowing? What is the Source of SOURCE? What are you? Challenge the thinker-mind, what ARE you? LOOK out at “the world.” ASK that world WHAT ARE YOU? What ARE You!? WHERE did you come from? WHERE are you going?

Watch the mind answer. Ask that thinker-storyteller, WHAT ARE YOU? WHERE did you come form? WHERE are you going? WHAT makes you happen? WHAT is the SOURCE of you? Are you REAL? WHAT says yes? What says NO? What ARE You!? WHERE did you come from? WHERE are you going?

What IS the Source of IS? What IS ... “IS” ... ?

WHAT seeks answers? WHAT asks what seeks? NO ANSWER will satisfy. ONLY that.

Demand the Truth from the mind! ASK it, WHAT ARE YOU?

WHAT answers? What is THE SOURCE of THAT?

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I n   S I L E N C E


Just keep looking for the separate person. Asking WHO AM I? - do not take any answer! Apart from a thought or feeling, that comes and goes, is it there? What you REALLY are IS EMPTY - beyond description. All you as an entity are is memory and imagination. Stay with this. Other than a natural sense of curiosity, asking that me who are you?, there is really nothing needed. just be as you are. -EMPTY- Keep it simple. You ARE, and you KNOW you ARE. Look for the self ... the "me"  ... and you find nothing. Being IS no thing. That is all. Love!

What IS


There is absolutley NOTHING to get. You ARE the Space of Timeless Being, and That is Nothing, arising AS Everything. No-one gets that.


This is what is. If there is seeking, that'swhat is. If there's nasty thoughts and feelings, or nice thoughts and feelings, that's what is. Happy-Sad, Loving-Hating, War and Peace, ALL arise from, appear in, and subside back into this Unborn Being-Consciousness, the Nondual self-effulgent Light of the Univers. Living as This there is no suffering. Believing the false idea that you are a "thing apart" from this Consciousness-Presence is the root of all suffering. Deny the mind's false assertions. Challenge its assumptions. BE the Joyful Freedom that you are (Listen to a Meeting Audio: "Joyfully Being" - Now).


There really IS nothing to get.


You are That which is Prior to Awareness. That wakes you as I AM - Being, Consciousness, alive and awake and that witnessing Self is what registers the story of being awake or not, wanting something that isn’t here now or not. Being Is and manifests as Consciousness … and That is all there is. You There's is no way to get that because you are already That. Simply Being.  Click & Listen - here's a 20 min. dialogue pointing to this.

  Can Space Know Itself?
     Can Empty Being-Awareness-Aliveness
          Actually "Divide Itself" to "Know Itself?"


Sound is like a stream of Peace flowing
Taste is a rainbow just forming in the dew
Touch is the expressed experience of Love
Smell is bringing into your being a moment as All
Sight is staring at your Self in forms of stillness

Be the place where one sense ends and another begins
Be the place between seeing and hearing
Be the place between feeling and smelling

Be the place where all the senses join
This is the senseless place where all is One.

          -Mike Smith

  Empty, Space-Like, This, Thou Art: Nothing-Everything.


  What do you take yourself to be? What is it that you understand your self to be? Are you really separate from the Whole? Are you a solid separated entity, real and permament, apart from others and life itself? If you believe that to be so, here are some questions for that “you” which you “know yourself to be.”


  Where did this thing you think you are come from? What is it made of? What makes it appear and know, feel, believe and assert its independence from All That Is?


  What does this "you" consist of? How and why did it get born? DID it get born? This "idea of “me” ... is it real? Solid? Does it actually do, think, feel, act?” Look at this.


  Where is this “me” you are convinced is what you are? Exactly where? What is its home, its location? Is it an "it" at all? Ponder. Ask yourself, do I exist? What is this that exists? What wakes that up in the morning? What puts that to sleep at night?




    Are you suffering? Or seeking Wholeness, 
         Enlightenment, or some other "goal?"
    Who is seeking? Who is suffering? Look into this.


The Basics:


Cutting Through The story of "me"


1. YOU are Awareness, simply being. No one can say they do not exist. That existence, the sense of "I" as in "I Am," is undeniable and inescapable. Try to NOT BE. Cannot be done. So the simple pointer is, what you are is That Presence or Awareness that YOU ARE. Being. Just That! This True You ... BE-ING... is POINTED TO in language with concepts like Impersonal Consciousness; Awareness, Being ... YOU are just THAT, prior to the mind's translation into the thought I Am and I am this or that.

2. You are NOT an "individual." There are NO "individuals" anywhere except in unreal stories. The idea of a separate person is a fiction, a mind-construction, a house of cards, as the story tries to say, “I’m ME! (Unsuccessfully!) This idea of a "me" is ... on investigation ... seen to be a false claim by the thinking machinery to it's own separate existence. This ever-changing idea of a person is simply unreal. WHO says "I'm Me?" The mind. To be blunt, it's bullshit. The whole fabricated story of me is pure bullshit: all stories of “individuals” is actually a fiction. As Shakespeare said, it’s a tale told by an idiot, filled with sound and fury, signifying … NOTHING.

Look right now! Seeing with naked Awareness, where is any person … unless you (as a mind-identity) think about it? Thoughts come and go. What you ARE NEVER comes and goes anywhere. It is (You Are) fully Here Now and Eternally Free and Clear, Eternally Presence, Shining before the mind.

YOU are not a thought, not a concept, not a feeling, not a time bound entity. You are Awakeness, Aliveness, Presence-Awareness. Just THAT and NOTHING else. The story of “me” … ANY “me” … is irrelevant. Let's cut through that crap right now! Okay?

Let's bring this back to the basics: What in YOU never changes? Being-Awareness, just That. That is your True Nature.

Where is a separate entity when you are in deep dreamless sleep? Or under anesthesia? There is none. Obviously! But some Presence beats the heart, breathes air in and out, flows the blood, grows new cells and disintegrates other cells, grows hair and fingernails, ages the body etc etc! Who or what is "doing" all that? Not an "individual," "amazing" or otherwise.

Look and see that you are present and aware right now. That is the "Eternal," The Natural State; there is no other, no attainment, no flashy enlightened state, no carrot on a stick. There is NO someday when “you” will “get enlightened.” It's what you are right now. There is no other than NOW. Wherever you are you are ... Here. That's IT. Big Casino. You already got it in total and there's nothing more to this Nonduality stuff than that simple seeing, that you ARE. Awareness, Simply That. Period. Full Stop.

In our meetings, there's just friends, sharing what works to end any suffering and recognize that you are already free and clear. Really. There’s nothing to get and no one to get it. Drop the belief in “individuality” and there you are, Present and Alive, the Light of loving being, just that, nothing else. That’s IT.



Are You Really Ready . . .

To End The Search For Enlightenment??


"If you are ready to end your search, then drop the expectations and opinions of the mind and just ask the questions. If it is true that there is no person in the machine, then there is nothing that you can do anyway, so ask the questions to remove the false ideas. What you are stands in the clear and waiting to be seen. What you are is nothing less than that which allows for everything to be. All appearance whether it be a thought, a thing, or creation itself is contained in and upon what you are. As with the Tao, you are "the source from which all appearance derives, the un-produced producer of all that is..." - John Greven, "Oneness, The Destination you Never Left" 


The questions are,

“Am I the body?”

“Am, I a thought?”

“Am I IN the body?”

“Who Am I?”


Keep at ‘em, with Love for your True Self!







“Manobudhyahamkara chitani naham,

 Na cha stotra jihve, na cha grahnganethre

Na cha vyoma bhumir na thejo na vayu:

Chit ananda rupam shivoham shivoham”


I am not mind, intellect, thought or ego.

I am not the ears that hear not the eyes that see.

I am not the five elements that make this world,

nor am I this earth or the air.

I am Pure Bliss embodied

I am Shiva! I Am Shiva!


“Na cha prana samjno na vai pancha vayu:

Na va saptha dhatur na va pancha koshah

Na vakpani padam na chopastapayu:

Chidananda rupam shivoham shivoham”


I am not the prana or the 5 vital airs

 I am neither the material of the body nor the five sheaths

Neither am I organs of action, nor the object of sense

I am pure Bliss embodied

I am Shiva! I Am Shiva!


“Na me dvesha ragau, na me lobha mohau

 Mado naiva me naiva matsarya bhavah

 Na dharmo na cha artho na kamo na moksha:

Chidananda rupam shivoham shivoham”


I have neither aversion, nor attachment, neither greed nor delusion

Neither egotism nor envy, neither dharma nor moksha

I am neither desire nor the object of desire.

I am pure embodied Bliss

I am Shiva! I Am Shiva!


Na punyam na papam na soukhyam na dhukam

Na mantro na thirdo na veda na yagnya

Aham bhojanam naiva bhoktam cha bhokta

Chidananda rupam shivoham shivoham”


I am neither sin nor virtue, neither pleasure nor pain

Nor temple nor worship, nor pilgrimage nor scriptures

I am neither the act of enjoying, the enjoyable nor the enjoyer

I am shiva – the embodied Bliss

I am Shiva! I Am Shiva!





The natural state is never lost. It is not an appearance, and

therefore it can never disappear. It is always the same. It is not

an entity. "Sailor" Bob Adamson


The Ishayas’ Ascension

A Pathless Path of "Bhakti" - or Loving Self-Inquiry

Q: Charlie, didn’t you practice the Ishayas' Ascension? 

Yes. It was very, very beneficial at the “time” so to speak, very healing and profound.  Still is. I use it the way I, or another, might have a Martini or a Bud Light! Just remember, no one does anything and all “time” is, is a story, a concept. That said, I love it. It is very relaxing and pleasant. But it is no longer a “practice” of a "seeker striving for enlightenment.”  Who would do that?


The point is, of course, that Ascension happened, along with a lot of other things. But there was never a chooser; choices happen. The idea of an I that chooses or an I that see or hears) is a conceptual overlay on what simply IS. There is no entity, in me or anyone else, doing any of that. Once the entity called “I” has been seen through as merely a wisp of thought the seeking is over. Then when “ascension” or any other “practice” happens, it is just … happening. No doer.


In fact it never was actually a "practice" that presupposed a "someday" when IT would happen. Seekers would misinterpret the teachings that way, of course. This can go on for a very long "time." But the actual fact is, from a perspective-less perspective,  the Ishayas’ techniques bear a resemblance in a way to the inquiry, “Who Am I? While they do involve additional conceptual pointers, such as Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion (and what is wrong with any of these, I ask you!)


So, in my view, the essence of the Teachings is for Self Knowledge. Full Stop.


What finally kicked the me out the window was, the Inquiry Who Am I. I also found along the way that sort of putting the two conceptual pointers together helped: Whose Praise or Gratitude or Love or Compassion? Mine? Who is this "me" that "owns" these concepts and calls them “mine?”


The direct nonconceptual knowing is, “I Am.” And now, comes the effortless looking, WHO AM I? In the end the seeing and knowing is simple: There IS No "me." No “Owner”, No thinker,” No “Perceiver,” No “Meditator,” No “Ascender.” No "Practitioner"  can be found anywhere in “me” or "you.".


Silence IS. Stillness Is, no "entity" is "left." (There never was one!) So if that “thing” called “me” seems to come back, putting it to the fire of the questioning, Who? annihilates it utterly! And that is That. 


There is always a paradox in the (ultimately futile) attempt to point to the Absolute in words. Words divide Oneness into twoness-manyness. The paradox here is, there is no one to practice. AND, so long as there is a believed-in “entity,” then that entity can put itself to inquiry, to the test to see if it is actually real … or really a phantom as non-duality points out.


You say there is no one to do a practice yet you did a lot of them Do you still do any? What’s the deal?


No one practices. Yet sometimes “I” bring the thoughts of the Ishayas’ Inquiry forth to relax and enjoy the deep silence. That is quite similar to Ramana Maharshi’s Self-Inquiry, Who Am I? Sometimes the pointers from the Ishayas arise on their own, are seen, and then they dissolve. They are always pleasant to experience … yet there is no belief that a thought will produce enlightenment any more … that myth has been to be just a myth and not real.


The only Reality is Absolute Freedom expressing as Pure Consciousness, the Impersonal I-ness, and through the mind as the thought,  “I Am.”


This non-meditation is non-action, as it is pointed to here. No mind can ever grasp “non-meditation,” or “action without an actor.”


Then who chooses to practice?

You do and no one does. Chew on that! J


As my own "friendly guides,"  Kali and Bhagavati Ishaya, point out, the conceptual apparent choice and chooser arise from No thing, and they arise together. Much as the question and the questioner arise together. So long as there is a question, inextricably tied to that like its Siamese twin is the question-er. When the questions go, so does the question-er. That is the Perfect Silence of your True Nature … Impersonal, whole, complete. Endless peace is all there is regardless of what appears on that. All appearances are reflections OF That.

Here is a paraphrasing from an Ishaya teacher (not mine…)


[The “teachings”] “cut through our problem-oriented thinking and direct our attention to our True Nature … Pure Consciousness. As we practice the effortless techniques, we rest deeper and deeper in our true beingness, which effortlessly reveals that we are complete and perfect just as we are. As the stillness within is unconcealed, we move beyond seeking and discover great depths of natural lasting peace, contentment, and serenity.”


My friend Kali often says, any [so-called] “practice” that does not DISSOLVE the practicer and the practice itself is worthless. And she often adds, these words that we call attitudes (of Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion) are only pointers for Self-Inquiry, much like the great sage Ramana Maharshi’s suggestion to look within, asking “Who am I” and From where did this I thought come” and “Where is this “I” …  to find the difference between the Unreal and the Real.


PS: Here is how it unfolded for me there. It was a great preparation for meeting “Sailor” BOB … so to speak. And for some, it has been the final burst from Oneness that ended the seeking and the seeker. Poof!


"As I began the second day of the three-day Course, suddenly there was this very deep recognition that The Eternal IS (also called, in this tradition, 'The Ascendant') is NOT some THING or 'State to Attain.' It was the absolute NATURAL always-present Presence that is at the core of everything. It is clean, clear and profound in its timeless beauty. Seeing this over and over, as an experience, rather than a dry concept, is MOST welcome! The 'space' is of pure Bhakti - Love - and the inquiry arises naturally and brings deep release from suffering. It all happens effortlessly. Then our True-Nature is clear and obvious ... right here right now in THIS ... the Eternal Instant."






For information on classes contact or call Charlie in Oklahoma at 1-580-366-4083 or Eryk Stacy in California on 1-714-649-2896, about what is happening and whether it might be appropriate for you to learn The Ishayas’ Ascension pointers directly from Kali and Bhagavati

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