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26 aug 08 ~ communicating this

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26 August 2008

Communicating This

When a self-centered "person" who is clinging and needy, wanting something from another -- whether that "other" is a "spiritual teacher or guide", or "revered guru type", or a "friend", or a "partner" --  then that selfish desire to "get something from you for me" creates a palpable toxicity that oozes through the communication like a noxious gas.

Most have experienced this through a clinging friend or lover who just would not leave you alone, who pestered and whined and was always wanting something from you. Sound familiar?

That is a result of a  clinging to a false identity as an incomplete "me" always desiring more and more, the false person - that inauthentic phantom entity who wants something or needs help or affection or respect from others to feel whole out of the essential insecurity of being a flaming fake.

That fake will always seek to get something it believes it needs, from another taken to be most definitely "not me", who has what "me" wants and is withholding it, thereby making "me" unhappy. Then blaming starts! And often a pitiful begging for some attention. But those appearances who want and need attention, or what they believe is love, from another, are doomed to much suffering - simply because you will never get enough to fill the ego's emptiness. It's a bottomless bucket you are trying to fill.

Who cannot see the futility in these clinging needs of a phantom?

All the lovers, gurus, teachers, friends or whatever in the world can no more put you right and whole that all the king's men could fix Humpty. Why? Because:


As Seng T'san put it in The Hsin Hsin Ming: "The wise man [or woman] strives to no goals but the foolish man [or woman] fetters himself.  There is one Dharma, not many. Distinctions [and all desires] arise from the clinging needs of the ignorant.

The authentic expression of this true "Self-Knowledge" will often seem cruel and heartless to such "persons" who maintain that they are individuals and are convinced that the ones who share this directly - Heart To Heart, not "person to another person" - are sometimes just plain mean and have no empathy. But that is the false persona-brain mentality interpreting what is and sticking whatever arises into it's maw of self-centered selfishness.

Seeking ANYTHING from a so-called "other" - whether that be solace, love, compassion, "spiritual help or coaching", peace, happiness, or attention and lovey-dovey words or hugs is a trap that may seem to provide a moment's peace but this peace is relative and very fleeting, as those who are barking up that wrong tree must finally discover.

The whole thing is a house of mirrors: there just are no "others". Sure, it does seem there are but looking deeper within yourself, finding there actually is no person with any actual substance or separate reality from Being Itself in "myself", is the final proof of this.

A reminder from a guy named Herbert Spencer fits here: "There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man [or woman] in everlasting ignorance--that principle is contempt prior to investigation". Don't overlook the potency in that one!

This proof consists in the dissolution of the utterly false belief in a person apart from others. It's that simple. You already ARE That in which all stories, doubts, questions and assumed persons appear. That is beyond language, indescribable, absolute, the One Subject or Source. All else is pretense and has no substance apart from Source.

This is ALL of One Taste, One Essence. Oneness, just That.

You are THAT in which it all appears.

The Hard Truths & Ruthless Love That Sets You FREE

(From "No Way" by Wayne 'Ram Tzu' Liquorman)

Ram Tzu loves you...

So he is out to destroy you.

He knows you are your own
Worst enemy
So to destroy you
Is to save you.

Your ego must be smashed
Or you will surely die.
Yet words are like
Sledge hammers with greased handles.
They're difficult to guide
To their target,
Liable to hit anything.

Ram Tzu loves you.
You can trust him.
Just put your head right here.
That's it.
Nothing to worry about...

Why do you hesitate?

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