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25 sept 08 - dig in one spot

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24 Sept 2008

Dig In One Spot

I am NOT a big fan of 'seekers' jumping around and getting input from many expressions, many sop-called "teachers."

So I strongly recommend you stick with just one expression until you have either "die to life itself" or exhausted the possibilities with that one expression. If you want to hit water dig your well in just ONE place, my friend.

My concern regarding many "seekers" search is that they seem to jump about a lot. My strong feeling is you really need too stick like glue to ONE expression. Follow the links and find that ONE taht lights YOU up!

Find - and stay with - that One who resonates, "Heart to Heart".

Dig in one spot with one shovel. With Earnestness, Respect, and Love.


24 Sept 2008

No Dreamer Dreaming

Q: Today at work something happened. I felt for a brief moment that I was not in control of the movements of my hand, or my body. What if life is just living by itself without me. I may think sometimes that i am doing this or that but what if this was not the case? Am i just awareness simply observing what this body is doing. I may see that i'm doing something but is it really the me that is doing that or is it simply life living by itself? :0)

C: “Life” is the appearance of this dream, and the dreamer; YOU are That IN which (or the 'screen' on which) this totality appears. This Reality is a timeless undivided Whole. You are that Whole - that Awareness prior to the dream and that permeates the dream in the arising out ot no where as Being- Being-Lifing-Aliveing. Nothing is happening, there is  no time, no space no attainment, no person and yet Isness IS. And that is Everything happening to no-one. THAT is Peace-Livingness-Love - a love so vast it cannot be held or known. Row your boat merrily; life is but a dream!


Perfecty Expressed, out Of Nowhere


by Tony Parsons

All there is is Energy being the source of all that is . . . universes, the earth, trees, bodies, feelings, thoughts, money, mountains, motor cars, quarks . . . the formless in form . . . any form. Energy is appearing to be complex and simple, knowable and unknowable, expansive and contracted.

The human brain is energy braining, and it makes the colossal assumption that "the world" outside the body is separate and potentially threatening. In order to protect the organism in which it lives, it constructs a centre, an identity that can negotiate with this "world" that seems apart. And so it appears that individuality is born and the dream of "me in the world" begins. In the dream of "me" there seems to be time, journey, purpose and an absolute conviction in individual free will, choice and the ability to act and bring about consequence.

It is all uniquely human and is called self-consciousness.

Self-consciousness is the dream of separation. It is an apparent state of energetic contraction which seems very real to the individual who sees, hears, feels and experiences everything as if through a veil of separation.

The thought of separation is only a story about an already deeply held state of feeling restricted and apart. This sense of restriction generates disquiet and agitation and a compelling need to seek comfort or release. The desires and aspirations that are experienced are ultimately a search for wholeness. The apparent "me" feels it has lost something and can only seek what it can for itself. It is all only oneness appearing as a part of itself seeking itself.

But no amount of temporary gratification, effort or clarity can ever satisfy that which feels bereft.

What the self fears most and longs for above all else is its own absence.

When the dream of illusory separation inevitably collapses, already there is the boundless and unknowable wonder of being.

Tony Parsons - September 2008


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