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19 sept 2008 - fear of fear

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19 Sept 2008

Fear Of Fear? It’s All About A Fake “Me”

Q: I just saw your latest YouTube Video: In a way I guess you could say that the LAST thing to fear is fear itself. We will tend to just assume there is some deep error with "me", as if I am a "failure" because I am not a calm or happy "me" at the moment. Of course nobody should have to live with anxiety, but I think that we tend to decide that there's something inherently "wrong" with being anxious and try to mentally run away from a threat within that isn't there. That's really the worst part!

C: The final "issue" is way simple: We take ourselves to be a "me" that can be damaged or hurt or destroyed by some imagined threat to that "me"s survival and That is the root cause of all suffering - anxiety, fear and the like are always about "me" and then we assume that me "should not have this life experience The whole construct is mental and made of thought and thought has NO actual substance. Seeing transparently into the false evaporates the false - and then no "fear or anxiety" can remain, because the cause has been investigated and seen to be ONLY a false belief, and so it fades into nothing. You are that no thing. No fear in THAT - Awareness-Being-No-Thing - That's the heart of the message.



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