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26 sept - global meltdown?

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26 Sept 2008

“The Global Meltdown”

Much ado about … the Economic "Crisis":

For whom is there a crisis?

Whether "the crisis" is one of the USA's meltdown of the economy of America (which of course is also the WORLD economy) or the crisis of your own "dark night of the soul" wherein you are lamenting about a poor me that had been "one with God" and, "I was walking hand in hand with Brother Jesus and then I got tossed back into the abyss of despair", these crisis are mind-made an utterly DEVOID of any ACTUAL substance or reality.

Ask St. John Of the Cross, who finally said,  "I'll never give away my soul; only for something I DON'T KNOW, that One May Come On ... Randomly.'

In the final analysis, in the absolute Unknowing, there is NO answer, only an unimaginable gift of Grace, the Gift of Unknowing.

In short, a commitment out of nothing nowhere that says in language ....
"I don't know".

But really!

As St. John (Juan de la Cruz) said it far better in words than any current so called  teacher could possibly say this, (Again, because it is worthy of repetition,) "I will never give away my soul; only for something I DON'T KNOW, that One may Come On Randomly".

I call that Randomly-coming-onto - "Grace".

Or "really good luck"!

Look: In the words of a guy who had a grasp on humanity, who asked that his family place a banner over the altar in the church where his funeral was celebrated, "If it wasn't this, it would be something else"!


The mind's mantra is in essence "there IS something wrong".

For whom? GOOD question.

Isn't it always a "me" for whom there IS something wrong? Something missing" Something lacking that "If only this was my reality" Then "I" would be happy, then only would "I" be "whole and complete"?

So for whom is there a crisis?

For me. Only always for "me". (But where IS this "me"?)

Watch the mind, the brain-farter, as IT says, HEY! What About "ME"? What will happen to ME? And MY LOVED ONES? Understandable - so long as that assumption I AM ME is still believed!

But WHERE is the "me"? And what is its ESSENCE? Do you KNOW?

So what's the bottom line? How can "we" (this collection of assumed me's) deal with and effectively end or avert this worldwide potential meltdown?

Who knows?

Not "I".


WHAT "meltdown"??

It's ALL Imagination. So enjoy the Show, and Wail or Weep, and Laugh and Cry! Why  NOT?

Enjoy The Cosmic Play.


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