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21 Aug 2008 ~ Identity "I am The Body" is Suffering

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21 Aug 2008

Identity “I Am This Body” Is Suffering

When the identity goes onto flesh and bone, blood and guts, thought and feeling machinery called “This Body” that that identity as a born and sure to die body as I Am brings attachment or aversion. But only always.

When awareness “contracts" and appears or arises as consciousness the game is on!

Consciousness I AM, I EXIST (not the concept I but the pure I of empty consciousness or “witnessing Presence) though empty and meaningless energy, that energy contracts further and then that consciousness attaches to the brain-body apparatus, and from there on out there is always a sense of suffering, of something lost, of pain or pleasure. The identity now seems solid and the bones and flesh seem separated from Awareness and separated from Consciousness … and then appear solid and really separated from the Life Itself - as the positive-negative poles of the conscious identity called “I am this body, brain, thinking-feeling machine” contract more and more as life in the body goes on from birth to inevitable death. This identity is a vast cauldron of suffering as there is either attachment to the body (trying to extend its life) or aversion (really being so sick and tired of being sick and tired the consciousness just wants that body to die now as it has become a burden that can hardly be borne any longer.

This identity, though false, is so seemingly real to all but a few called sages that the world population is largely doomed to suffering this illusion of birth and death.

What to do?

First off understand that you are Awareness, and that Awareness is PRIOR to the Consciousness of Being. Then understand that whether the body lives or dies is irrelevant to Awareness and even to Consciousness (and do understand that Awareness and Consciousness while appearing as distinct are not actually separate, in the same way that a wave is not the ocean yet it is made of the same essence of water that the ocean is… and so the wave called Consciousness is both separate from and is essence the same as the ocean called Awareness.

What good is this understanding to the suffering identified one who considers himself or herself to be this temporary born and sure to die body? No one knows. But this understanding MAY bring a deeper insight into what is Eternal and Real distinct from what only SEEMS real (no matter how convincingly).

No promises!

Most suffer and die in this identity. Few recognize another bigger possibility … the Eternal Possibility of freedom, power and love… the freedom of Being. The power of Consciousness-Energy, and the Love of what IS as it is.

Being lived by Awareness-Consciousness and no longer taking oneself to be a separate born-sure-to-die body brain apparatus is the Eternal Possibility of Being Itself.

May all beings be free in This Presence, beyond body, brain, mind, emotion, beyond understanding and beyond seeking.

Paradise Found.


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