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06 sep 08 ~ yoga of breathing

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06 Sept 2008

Healing the Organism: “Yoga Of Breathing”

A “YouTuber” with a great nickname, “Angel”, writes: Hello Charlie, many thanks for the latest video. Sorry to see you were not feeling well, but wonderful to see that you are getting better and healing. You mentioned breathing yoga in the video as a great part of your healing process. Could you share this technique either in video form or suggest a text that would be a good pointer? All the best to you, Charlie! We cannot thank you enough for all you do for all that is One! LOVE, “Angel”.

Hi “Angel” (and you clearly ARE 'an Angel'!) The yoga of breath is taught in an inexpensive course offered by Art of Living, the head of, and “inventor” of which is one of my dearest friends, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of India.

They are a worldwide movement. Go to  for info on the course. I recommend it very highly (obviously!) Love, Charlie


"When we realize the futility of words, we should know that our life is going deeper" ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Got Questions relating to the "spiritual seeking"? You are welcome to write to Charlie at (All correspondence is considered public, and no promise for confidentiality is made or implied.)

Got Questions relating to the "spiritual seeking"?

You are welcome to write to Charlie hayes at 

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