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A Sapce for Mastering The Possibilities for Being Awake and Alive with Natiural Joy,
Profound Well Being and Being Successful in what's important to YOU .....

Life Coaching (NEW)
Now on offer, "Life Coaching" ... once the assumed self is seen to be nonexistent, the appearance of life, bodymind and being continues on for as long or a short a time as it does. What we are pointing to once the spiritual seeking is done is the authentic possibility of living freely and being in the world as a being capable of calling forth new ways of being that are "life-supporting". Inside the clear and empty context of Being whole and complete, ANYTHING is possible. This Work is about accessing THAT domain for living a life that lights you up and brings forth innate satisfaction, natural vitality and ever-present joy, the joy of being-in-the-world.

If you are interested in a Life Coaching" session please contact: Skype charliehayes36 Phone 1.580.701.4793 The fee is presently $95 for a one to one and  half hour session with follow-up by e-mail at no additional cost. You may use the button below to submit [ayment now.

One to one and one half hour Life Coaching session with Charlie hayes, graduate of The Landmark Communication Access To Power course, Fernando Flores' "Action Workshop," as well as "Excellent in Listening, Excellenc in Action", plus Flores' "Competitive Edge" workshop, Landmark Education's "Curriculum For Living", and much more; 24 years expeience on coaching for living fully with high performannce in Life. Author of seven books and numeous audio coaching programs; lists available on request. Former staff member of Werner Erhard and associates, working directly with Mr. Erhard.

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