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What About Love?

Love is not selective. In Real Love there are no enemies and no friends. No strangers no not strangers no family no not family. There are no lovers and no lovees. There is ONLY love. The One Is Love and Nothing But THAT. This is absolutely desireless. This Love is a ruthless FIRE...

This Love is a Vast, unbounded and Nonconceptual Inexperienciable infinite FIRE.

Stephen Wingate calls this Love “One Heart, One Love”. Bob Adamson calls this “One Essence Appearing as Everything”. Lao Tzu calls it “Great”. Seng T’san calls it "Fundamental Source." Bankei calls it "Death before Death". The Sages call this “One-Without-A-Second”. John Greven calls this, ”The Love of the One”. Whatever label is appended to This Timeless Spacelike Love, IT IS HERE NOW, absolute and unassailable. This appearance with the name charlie calls it “fuckin’ timeless awesome raw aliveness”!

All descriptions of course utterly FAIL.

This Love is absolutely but absolutely NOT what you know as love. Not what you believe is love. NOT what you are dead certain is Love. NOT. In This Love there is NO “TWO” to “love and be loved".

Love is beyond all perception, all descriptions, all conceptions, all dualistic notions of I and other. This Love is absolute and relationless!

The Love HERE NOW is in brute fact All There Is. Desireless, timeless, relationless, Only One.

This LOVE IS YOU. What you actually ARE. Stop thinking and feeling and KNOW. This, right here and right now: THAT, Thou Art.

“Love is not selective, desire is selective. In love there are no strangers”. – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

And, no friends.


Birth and Death

The brain has it wired backwards. When I sleep I AM Alive as The Eternal Life. When I wake I am dead. Upright, walking, talking, dead.

Death is the birth of the Real. To die is to BE. To live is to Not Be.

To be or not to be is out of anyone’s control.

Who cannot see this?

Any such thing as me.

IS there any such thing as me?

What is Eternally Real? What is Eternally Free?

The Sleeping Giant of Awareness-Not-Me.

"Come, gentle night, come, loving, black-brow'd night, give me my Romeo; and, when I shall die, take him and cut him out in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun". ~ Shakespeare 


Resolve Your Authentic Identity First

If there is a sense of longing for love, happiness or peace, a feeling of needing to locate a truth, a sense of something still missing or something wrong, you must resolve the core issue of your real “self-identity” right from the beginning. Knowing what you are and also knowing what you are not is essential to realizing the natural state of your true Being. But knowing what you are not (not that not that, not body not words not this or that) will not necessarily give the final push into the Eternal State. One can spend a whole lifetime on self-inquiry, yoga, study of scriptures, meditation, worship, or any other path of “becoming” and “someday” and end up with nothing more than extreme frustration - unless the core issue of authentic identity is not resolved right out of the gate.

Do you know what you really are? Get THAT handled first.

What are you? Undeniable Being. YOU ARE. Any doubt about that? Awareness IS. Any question that Awareness IS?

You are THAT in the great saying "I AM THAT" - and THAT is what the manifest appearances appears IN. Clear and Empty, That Thou Art.


Pain Seems Personal

Q: Why is it that pain and other perceptions seem to be anchored in the body-mind of an apparent person?  It seems that even when one is centered in Presence/Awareness, pain, for example, seems to be personal.

Charlie: Only if you take the "I" to be real. All that is needed is to see that I as the phantom it is. If there is any residual belief remaining unchallanged, in that having any substance whatsoever, then pain WILL be taken on board as "your" pain.

Ask that I sense "Who am I" Until there is no doubt whatsoever that your True Nature is this inescapable Present Awareness and NOTHING else. And that there is no “person” and never was; it was a phantom believed to be real in innocent ignorance and now it is time to see the false AS false.

So be clear that “you” don't "get centered in Presence Awareness”. WHO or what would that "one" be, that "gets centered or is centered or isn't centered"? It's that you have not seen that you ARE Presence Awareness always right Here right Now and all that focus on some idea of an entity that can either be centered or not is the mind's lies about what you are. You are NOT a thought and NOT a separate "thing" that can be centered or not. There just IS no such thing in Reality as a "one" to be centered! Seeing that fully ends all suffering once and for all.

Q: Thank you.

Charlie: Keep digging into this and write again if anything else comes up. Stay simple!

Ponder this pointer from John Wheeler ...  "See the "I" as what it is: a conceptual phantom with no substance at all. In the collapse of that concept, all the conceptual suffering tied to it vanishes also".


Keeping This Simple

Stay Simple: Refuse any and all thoughts except these two: I AM. And, WHO AM I. To paraphrase Sri Ramana Maharshi: That one thought, Who Am I?, WILL dismantle and destroy all false beliefs as the core belief - the root cause, a assumption of an I apart from all that IS - is being dismantled directly by this challenge to the phantom ego. This phantom ego may seem to mount all kinds of ways to resist being dismantled, as evidenced by the mind's coming back to counterattack with thoughts like, "am I doing it right?" And as Sri Nisargadatta said over and over, “Stay with I AM” - refuse ALL thoughts except I AM”. Do understand that the “thought of I” is NOT the True I of Nonconceptual Awareness. That one-letter word “I” is a linguistic pointer to the Empty Fullness of Being Itself, prior to this presence of Wakefulness or “Consciousness-I-Am”. This is described as Presence of Awareness or Awareness of Presence but again do realize that these descriptions are actually only attempting (and failing to) describe NO Thing. THAT IS - The subjectless objectless NO Thing of Being-Only-That. (Yet not a “the” at all! Words can ONLY point. As Ludwig Wittgenstein pointed out, “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must remain silent”.) As some say "There is Only Being, and not even THAT"!

There is Only Being - the Oneness of Awareness-Consciousness-Loving to be arising as the dream-life of all that is and all that is not. One Essence appearing as All - like a waking lucid dream of being this-or-that. The Fantastic Fantasy of Being.


You ARE The Constant In Midst Of Change

Q: i sent you a message a while back concerning the non-duality.. Yesterday i think i discovered something new, i don’t know if it's NEW exactly just. something new to me. 

I've noticed the hardest part of grasping non-duality is people seem to hit the road block of 'i am nothing' so then in a sense, they are still trying to be something(whether that something be nothing or not etc etc).

So last night it just clicked, it's not about what we are or what we are not, its about 'we be'. Because in the midst of this idea of nobody seeing something, or something apparent in nothing. the only thing that ties together the witness and the witnessed in a non-dual manner, is 'we be'.  And i've noticed that this seems to be the actual way to experience the ' being nothing/being something' because it's just plainly being in the midst of all of that. I am nothing being something  being nothing.. being whatever, because in a sense the outcome of WHAT you be bares no relevance at all, because you purely be being and you be.  It's like a constant in the midst of the change.
I find this is useful because up until now there has been this witnessing of a person in a world, But actually there is a presence of being throughout the entire concept of that.

A. That's very good news! Welcome to Paradise - The Domain you never actually left!

Love, Charlie


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