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  A Few Reviews Of "Paradise Found" .....

Nonduality Author Pradeep Apte writes, The spiritual community all over the world would definitely be highly benefited by this excellent work of yours that has been aptly titled “Paradise Found”. Anyone who reads this text with rapt attention would quite soon realize that there is “No one” as an individual doing so. The direct and sledge-hammer way in which the “Individual” is destroyed is reminiscent of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj’s approach towards almost every seeker that came at his door.

To quote Maharaj:

“Only that individual who had lost his individuality has merged with the ‘Parabrahman’. So the individuality must go. The entire world moves on the basis of one concept, and that is ‘I am’ – the fundamental concept of one’s individuality. Ultimately all these concepts can and must be understood to be false, but the difficulty and the essential thing is to be convinced that the original basic concept ‘I am’ itself is false”

[Quotes 274 & 275 from “I AM (The complete ‘I am’ quotes of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj)”]

(To Download Pradeep's free e-book - Click HERE.)

It is this last aspect about the difficulty of the conviction to come by that the ‘I am’ is false where this book would come in handy and make this process understandable and easy.

I am indeed thankful to you for making me a part of your book through the teachings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. It is indeed amazing what a way this astonishing teaching can go, just observe the lineage: Dattatreya, The Navnaths, Sri Bhausaheb Maharaj, Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Sailor Bob Adamson, John Wheeler and now to Charlie Hayes!

My humble prostrations,

With love

Pradeep Apte,


Scott Kiloby (Author of “Love's Quiet Revolution: The End of the Spiritual Search”, reviews the new book “Paradise Found” …..

Something strikes you the moment you start reading Paradise Found by Charlie Hayes, which is the full force of the relentless message here.  Charlie is pointing in a no holds barred way to a truth so real, it is literally everywhere as One Truth, as you and me and everything we see, and yet it is nothing at all.  This truth is therefore inexpressible.  Yet, Charlie is expressing something that every so-called teacher ought to have the guts to say, which is:  Do you see the bullshit?  Do you realize that your belief in this or that is no different than a belief in Santa Claus?  These are pointers that allow the reader to look for himself or herself and discover there is no self. 

There is a foreword in this book by Stephen Wingate (author of “The Outrageous Myths Of Spiritual Enlightenment”,, in which Stephen poignantly refers to Charlie's writing as having "the power and force of a sledge hammer."  What is so amazingly beautiful, however, is that after you take that sledge hammer within, and allow it to destroy every belief, what is left is genuine, "unconditioned, unbounded love."  Charlie points to and hammers on what is essentially an illusory story of lack called "me," which then reveals the abundance inherent in nothingness.  Only a genuine transformation beyond concepts could embrace the seemingly paradoxical nature of such a realization.

With his signature ruthless compassion, Charlie states, "Keep seeking Paradise.  That will make it absolutely certain that you will NEVER find Paradise."  This kind of powerful and direct pointer leaves no room to hide within a concept about this one inexpressible truth called "enlightenment" or non-duality.  It allows the reader to see the futility of the search, to see that the search is the self, and that the self is much ado about nothing.  In seeing that futility, the possibility of true spiritual awakening arises, the kind that realizes that even the concept of awakening is bullcrap.  This is the total deconstruction and demolition of what you believe to be truth.  Only the real, totally liberating and loving truth could be that generous.     

Love, Scott Kiloby  


Maury Lee writes,

"Paradise Found is a book you can read over and over. I guarantee you, Charlie stays on point. This book doesn't waver, it doesn't examine 5,000 ideas. Just One. As many seekers have said, "I need to keep getting hit with the same brick. Charlie Hayes uses just One brick, over and over, in different ways. It's dependable. It works.

"Charlie Hayes is one who will not ask you to believe anything. All his writing is only pointing out "bullshit." Only right looking leads you away from the "bullshit." In this book, Charlie reminds you not to take his writing as Truth. He knows that all words fail. His words  point you to seeing No Thing. In this he succeeds.

"There is no current teacher (my descriptive term) that speaks more plainly, more directly, than Charlie Hayes. Tough love is an understatement. Charlie has the unsophisticated mind of Nisargadatta. If he calls you an 'idiot,' pay attention.

"Charlie's forte is knowing that we don't know what we don't know. Seeing this is his major effort. HOW TO LOOK. This book will help you see what you've missed in all your reading, in all your ideas. His writing makes it clear that "you don't know, that you don't know.

"Paradise Found is full of Charlie's sense of humor. The humor lets you know that this is spoken with ease. It's only hard and serious until no one gets it. Please, let Charlie laugh at you. Perhaps you'll start laughing too. The sophisticated seeker wants answers. Charlie only asks, "Who's asking?" When you can't find who's asking, Charlie's book has done its work.

"One thing about this book, it doesn't waver, it doesn't stray, it stays right on point. Tough Love and bullshit don't sit well together. Charlie's "Emperor" has no clothes. He will make it clear that you are naked awareness only. If you want to keep your clothes, don't read this book. If you do read it, and get hit by this bus, you will surely be in

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      A 58 page sampler from "Paradise Found

  Excerpts & Reviews
       "Paradise Found" by Charlie Hayes

What IS “Is”?

What IS “Is?”

Asked and answered!

Resistance to what is, is suffering.

Acceptance of what is, is Peace.

So as seekers of “Truth, God, Liberation or whatever other label you like for What Is do we believe “I must NOT resist, I must accept”.

Exactly WHO or WHAT will no take charge and DO this?

There is NO “path to The Truth”.

There is no Truth in any path.

The Truth is This As It Is.

Right Here right Now?


Prior even to that!

Then WHAT is this Isness?

NOT a concept.

NOT an experience.

NOT a perspective.

NOT a thing at all.

NOT born NOT

Yet Bodies are and die.

To take yourself to be a body that will die…


To take your Self as No Thing

IS The Paradox of Everything that is No Thing.

These are NOT TWO.


Randall Friend Writes:

"Paradise Found" contains all that a seeker needs to realize what they are.  Yet as author  Charlie Hayes so eloquently and ruthlessly puts it - nothing is needed, there is nothing to realize, what you already are is nothing - no-thing...  any "one" who could benefit is more of the same illusion, the false assumption of personal and limited being, the erroneous self-center which appears to need realization.

Charlie uses words and levity brilliantly to point to THAT which is prior to words, THAT which contains the ideas of seeking and enlightenment, suffering and peace...  THAT ON WHICH the entire dream appears to appear.

"Paradise Found" combines quotes from various "teachers", along with his own experiences and conversations with "seekers" to form a consistent theme - "YOU" ARE NOT!  The YOU you've taken yourself to be is a FICTION. 

If you consider yourself a seeker, this book does only what any clear and direct teaching can do - give you no ground on which to stand, give you no handle to hold, give you no self in which to retreat, give you no hope or meaning, leave you totally and completely naked, swinging in the breeze...  pointing to the fact that the very idea of YOU is only ever an appearance in the clear ocean of timeless awareness which you've always been.

Charlie does this over and over in “Paradise Found”. 

Randall’s blog is at Highly recommended.


John Bailey offers:

There's no beating around the non-dual bush with Paradise Found. It's all here, one-pointed and direct, without compromise. Whether it's breaking down the fictitious ego, getting at the nub of self-inquiry, or bringing in germane quotations from non-dual teachers, Charlie Hayes has put together a concise, invaluable non-dual manual. Charlie's funny, blunt, and powerful prose echoes his teaching approach. Love permeates his words.

—John Bailey,  author of “Already On Holy Ground”


Jerry Katz Says:

Jerry offers a gracious review of “Paradise Found" - in the 22 July 2008 issue of his excellent “Nonduality Newsletter" ... you can read his newsletters and/or sign up for free at

Jerry writes,

In this issue a review and excerpts from Paradise Found: Recognizing and Living As the Infinite Love That You Are, by Charlie Hayes. Great summer nondual reading, full of spirit and life. I liked it a lot.

A 58 page sampler of the book

Download Paradise Found or purchase hard copy:

“Paradise Found”, by Charlie Hayes, is one of those "last books you'll ever need to read" books. It’s like one of those non-existent Mackinaw peaches from Oregon that’s only available for two weeks out of the year. Paradise Found possesses that longed-for juice that pours out with every bite. It has the joy and summer of the peach. And it has the hard pit to roll around in your mouth.

Sometimes the pit splits open (on its own for whatever reason) and inside is a seed that’s smooth and cool. Paradise Found possesses all layers of the peach: the outer skin, the fruit, the pit, the seed.


The Table of Contents is like the outer layer. There are 109 short chapters. Here is a selection of them.

3. What Is Unreal? What Is Real?.....................................................19

7. Is This All There Is? ...................................................................31

8. The Addict You Believe You Are ...................................................32

14. What IS “Is”? ..........................................................................43

46. The 'Aha' Is Always Here and Now ........................................... 113

55. Who Cares?? ......................................................................... 131

56. There Are No "Accurate Pointers"................................... …………..133

60. “Teachings” Are A Distraction .................................................. 139

70. How Do I DO the Investigation? ................................................163

73. What Is The Source of SOURCE?................................................171

75. How To Stay In Awareness - I AM? ............................................174

77. There Are No Teachers Of This...................................................177

91. What Is Seeking Who?..............................................................203

95. Thanks for The No-Bullshit Approach ..........................................213


Questioner: How Do I DO the Investigation?

Charlie Hayes: Who Asks That Question?

Quite a few have asked, essentially, “HOW do I DO this investigation? Do I just ask who am I over and over? I have tried that, it seems to reveal a sense of space and openness but soon I am right back into the pain of being me, and I am still suffering. This goes on in spite of years of commitment to being earnest and taking up practices and meditations etc. I am tired of flopping back into being a little complaining me and I want to end this search for real. What to do? How to see that the I is a phantom as is pointed out by these Nondual teachings?” The "pat answer" in Nonduality circles is to ask, WHO wants to know? That is a great pointer for some but for many it just increases the frustration and is often dismissed as "fundamentalism” or "Advaita-speak" and is certainly NOT helpful in those cases. It's almost kind of condescending...

I can share that the two things that helped the most for me were the seeing that this that I am is not a concept or experience but a silent open background of space-like awareness that is always here before anything else and that I am that awareness. As Bob Adamson and John Wheeler reminded me, we START from that simple undeniable fact that, undeniably, I exist, I AM.

That led to a clear seeing that I AM what I was seeking. Then there came a dropping back into self-identification, self-centered (selfish) thoughts, and the space of simply being appeared to be lost again. That was painful! Then the need for a real down and dirty investigation challenging the mind and its false concepts and assumptions became evident as the suffering … painful emotions and unwanted intense experiences of feeling sad, contracted, angry, frustrated etc. happened again and again.

Something I found very helpful was listening to Stephen Wingate talk about his own experience of this, and how our mutual friend John Wheeler had guided him to make the investigation personal and real in his own experience. In Stephen’s case, as he shares, he began asking himself new questions, along the lines of what exactly IS “Stephen?” He was looking into his own experience of being alive instead of applying a “one size fits all” generic pointer. This did the trick for Stephen (you can hear him discuss in detail how specifically this happened on his excellent audio CDs.)

So I started looking in these more direct personal ways, with support from many friends, including Bob, John, John Greven, Stephen, and Annette Nibley. It is GREAT to have friends like these along the seeking path!

I started looking more deeply at what or who IS this “Charlie” person, what is it that I really believe I am? Several things, identities if you like, came up, and were tested for “truth.” What I found is that the mind makes endless assertions about what I am and when I fail to seek evidence for its assertions I leave the false unchallenged … and that leaves the cause of suffering in place and it continues to create havoc for this boy’s life!

For example: I am “Charles in charge.” I am “the boss.” I am" the actor, the doer, the decider.” I am “me” and you are “not me.” "I am me and the way things work around here is we do things MY way.” It’s “My way or the highway.” And so on. The I am as an identity that Charlie is, is bossy, arrogant and knows everything about everything. “I Am what I think and I am right” was another one. A know-it-all. But all these fail the truth test. I am always finding out I don't know about something. There is always a clear failure to "make life go my way" ... over and over! Wanting things to go my way is as effective as telling the weather not to rain. Or trying to herd cats.

But that was all a sort of “array of branches” and the root still had not been gotten down to. So the looking into this space of being I show up in for some root cause went on for a while. Then it became clear that “I am the one who is looking for what I am." “I must find out what I am.” This arises as a sense of frustration as there seems to be a power to think, I can choose what thoughts to focus my attention on, however, while I CAN choose a created thought like "Who Am I?" what I have NO control over is that power that causes thinking itself to arise! It happens!

Thoughts happen, whether I want them to or not! In other words I can select from a menu of thoughts so to say, BUT I cannot choose to have NO thoughts come up. And I saw that experience follows concept, that a thought of me that thinks leads to the idea that I can choose and decide and have it my way, and the frustration of trying to practice choice and having my choices be thwarted is really painful.

The mind intends for example to never get upset again because I know that when I get upset it hurts, and it’s unhealthy etc. BUT the next time I am triggered by some happening that is not in accordance with what I intend, bang! I am in a tantrum, like a bratty kid, cussing at myself for (again) overeating and getting fat, or (again) dropping something and berating myself for being clumsy, etc. So what this showed me is that for me, who I am is “a stupid idiot who STILL can’t do anything right. Despite all these years of experience and practice, I am still at the effect of some mechanism that runs me and makes me still believe 'I am me' and that 'me' is an old, clumsy, stupid, angry person."

So I came back to what Stephen was pointing out and looked into this more deeply than ever: What IS Charlie? What actually IS Charles? What IS "this person, here?" This "me" is subtler than a thought, finer than an experience, less evident than the surface stuff described above. What IS Charles?  

Finally the seeing arose, “I don’t know!” Abiding as this “I don’t Know” brought the mind to a full stop and there was and is what was sought … Perfect Peace, Absolute Freedom. Timeless Choiceless Awareness, like a blank clear transparent screen on which apparent choices and chooser arise together; on which the apparent opposites of I and other arise together. THAT, I AM. THAT, THOU ART.

This is inquiry: the key as far as I can tell is the "making it real for me.” Making it about my own experience instead of someone else’s, because no Guru or Friend can be alive for me, no one else experiences life as I experience it, so it really HAD to become directly and personally MY looking. The guidance from friends like John and Stephen that were complete in their search was invaluable, yet in the final analysis it was up to me. And so, the final truth is clear and self-evident: I AM That I AM. Being, Choiceless Awareness ... Just That and Nothing Else.

Finding your own path into this inquiry may take some new and fresh personal ways to look into yourself for yourself. This site and my books are here to support that looking for yourself, by yourself, as are the friends listed on my website links page.

I love you all as my own Self, and of course I wish you the very best. Thanks for taking time to read this. I hope it helps, if you are still suffering.


Hayes writes [regarding another teacher’s saying stuff about choosing]:

Who chooses? That is what needs to be examined. So, NO I do not agree. There is NO ego! It's a ghost! You scare yourself telling yourself ghost stories where YOU are the main ghost character, the star in your drama. It's crap.

Don't get me in the middle between you and that writer, whom I do not know. If you keep roaming the Internet and writing to other teachers I will NOT reply to you again. As a wise man said, if you are wanting to hit water digging a well, dig in just one place. Stay with one teaching. If you like that expression what difference will my assessment make? The real question which you keep avoiding asking yourself is Who Am I”? I say refuse all thoughts except who am I? If you can, just do it. If not keep looking in all the wrong places, in thoughts and outside yourself. But get real with it, man!


The Seed is either stumbled upon or not and no quotation can be selected. However, you may have a better chance of stumbling upon split-open, seed-revealing peach stones via this book than with most others of its kind.


Richly supplemental are many delicious quotations of teachers influential to Charlie Hayes. They include John Wheeler, Stephen Wingate, Leo Hartong, John Greven, Robin Dale, John Astin, Nisargadatta Maharaj. Bob Adamson is often mentioned.

Paradise Found is the perfect summer nonduality book, all year long, for generations to come.

A 58 page sampler of the book:

Download Paradise Found or purchase hard copy:

- Jerry Katz -  -



Foreword by Stephen Wingate

With the power and force of a sledge-hammer, Charlie’s words strike to the core of the mind destroying all false images and beliefs. His intensity is palpable. Having all misconceptions crushed, the reader has no way out and is left in their natural state of peace and well-being.

Charlie is tenacious and relentless in his communication of the message of nonduality. And his relentless tenacity comes as no surprise—he’s lived his entire life in the fast-lane. Whether he’s racing cars, selling Ferraris, playing Jazz or sharing the message of Oneness, he does it with energy, passion and love.

If you find yourself seeking and suffering, introduce yourself to the Nondual sledge-hammer called Charlie Hayes, and you just may find your spiritual search is over. (Stephen’s website is


What Is Real?

The Basics of it ...

1. YOU are Awareness, simply being. No one can say they do not exist. That existence, the sense of "I" as in "I Am," is undeniable and inescapable. Try to NOT BE. Cannot be done. So the simple pointer is, what you are is That Presence or Awareness. YOU ARE. Being. Just That! This True You ... BE-ING... is POINTED TO in language with concepts like Impersonal Consciousness; Awareness, The Absolute, The Ultimate Timeless Subject, or Not on Not two ... YOU are just THAT, prior to the mind's translation into the thought I Am and I am this or that.

2. You are NOT an "individual." There are NO "individuals" anywhere except in unreal dream-like stories. The idea of a separate person is a fiction, a mind-construction, a house of cards, as the story tries to say, “I’m ME! (Unsuccessfully!) This idea of a "me" is ... on investigation ... seen to be a false claim by the thinking machinery to its own separate existence. This ever-changing idea of a person is simply unreal. WHO says "I'm Me?" The mind. To be blunt, it's bullshit. The whole fabricated story of me is pure bullshit: all stories of “individuals” is actually a fiction. As Shakespeare said, it’s a tale told by an idiot, filled with sound and fury, signifying … NOTHING.

3. Let all thoughts drop into the Nothing from where they bubbled up, except Who Am I? Do not relent, but do not try or force. Honestly and gently ask. You can't force Grace, That (The Real YOU) is more Real than you are, so allow That to do the job as That will. Relax and ask. No answers only ask. Am I? WHO Am I?

The Core False Assumption

Q: I remember you had mentioned that "I" comes into play at the age of 2. I want your opinion on what would be a good way to raise a kid. A cousin of mine has a 2 year old kid. What advice would you give to raise a kid so that the kid lives a life of free of suffering?"

C. The assumption here is that there is some ability to control what happens. There is not. There is NO person. When that is recognized fully all ideas of advising and opining become what they are ... nonsense. I suggest that you look at who asked this question? Who would give advice and to whom? All questions based on that core false premise, the erroneous assumption of "personhood," will only always yield false “answers”! :-) Can An Idea Do Or Know ANYThing?

Q: I have a question about the Unknowable. Some times you refer it as happening to No one, nothing, emptiness etc. I know they are just words. But then you say it is Oneness which implies there is Someone and only that Someone who is in charge who is appearing to make things appear. Are these terms not confusing to us who are still suffering from the afflictions of the idea of a separate person?

C. Who asks these questions? WHO claims "I am confused" or "we" are confused? What mechanism claims “We are suffering”? Where IS this “us”? Unless you think there is us, there is NO us. That is only a thought, an idea. You take an idea – a thought! - to be solid and real and THAT is the fundamental error of the seeker mind.

But LOOK: Can an IDEA actually know or do anything at all?


See that one right now! You assume you are a thought, the idea “I am,” and then try to get some “right concept” to add to the false, which merely reinforces the false (!) … and that is never going to work because there ARE no “right concepts”. ALL are words that point to that which is beyond comprehension. What YOU are is PRIOR to al concepts and all experiences; YOU ARE and prior to language.

And that is not “true” either! IT IS A POINTER and NOT some new thing to believe. What is missing is investigation: Look in that space of awareness there and see right now …Where is that assumed solid personal entity? Without assuming you are an idea in mind, where ARE you? LOOK for that “person” and you find … nothing. You are that nothing, arising as everything. The mind CANNOT grasp it. Go beyond thought to what IS - Presence, Awareness, Here Now always and forever timeless spaceless Isness. THAT is ungraspable. Try to grasp This with mind and you must fail. It is like trying to tie Space in a knot.

Q: Or have I not heard you properly?

C. When it’s “you” trying to “hear another” the message is completely lost in concepts and confusions. So NO there is NOT yet the hearing of I AM hearing I AM. See that and ask that one you take to be you, WHO is attempting to grasp the ungraspable! That is all. Keep it really really simple! Come back to “The basics” (above) until there is no sense of being a separate entity left to ask and desire knowing for itself.

Full Stop.


Only A Fake Claims "I KNOW"

Q: First, thank you. It's seen now that the I is not a solid object, truly, honestly. You say I am a space, a nothing. This might be so, but so what? Nothing really changes, even though the I-thought isn't believed to be my true self, it still comes up, it doesn't die. All of "creation" is one and it looks from where I sit here that all that can be pointed to in the world, is that emptiness masquerading as form, the universe is one consciousness in  a sense. But since there's no "I" to do anything - how does everything happen? Is this body just reacting to the rest and the pure emptiness is witnessing? No will anywhere? How come this miracle happen?

I am happy to hear from you. Now let’s be clear…

1. Don't believe what I say!! Looking for yourself is what this is about, NOT believing any pointer or any so-called "other."

2. NOTHING happens. All this is about is seeing the false as false and the real as real. Nothing will happen! That's the spiritual bullshit ... "waiting for some big enlightenment thing to happen."  You wrote, It's seen now that the I is not a solid object, truly, honestly. STOP HERE!

3. You still want to know how and why! Asked and answered already. Re-read the previous e-mails.

Q: ....and don’t think I don’t know what you're going to say: "Who's asking the questions? Find the source of this "I". There's nothing there." Yes I get it. But nothing really changes, it won't disappear forever.

C. The mind is way too arrogant, claiming "I KNOW" what YOU are going to say! Just notice that ... here is what actually is here to say:

The "I" as a thought of sense of being a person need not disappear and most likely will NOT until the physical body dies! All that is being pointed to is a false IDENTIFICATION with the "I" thought. Seeing the false AS false is what this is all about. Then suffering abates and is finally gone forever as there is no sense that life is happening "to me." There is Life Itself and you are that, including ALL thoughts. Waiting for the "I" to "disappear" will have that "I" around still "believed in" and looking for its own absence (!) and that can bring suffering. One who waits, waits forever. See right now that YOU ARE and THAT is KNOWN beyond doubt. Everything else is a story and just let the story be without attaching yourself as a person telling a story ... being a story and a storyteller. Let it BE. No resistance no problems! As to saying "I got it," that's just another thought story. Drop it and BE.

"Paradise Found" will appear soon on Meanwhile advance copies and a download version are available at our Online Store.a

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