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01 oct 08 - on the path to nowhere

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01 October 2008

On The Path To Nowhere

Q: I just wanted to say that the newsletter you have just sent out totally rocks. It all makes perfect sense and fits in to where I am with no adjustment.

I am on the path of self discovery and your newsletter brings clarity to my experience. The conversation with Ramesh is amazing and resonates with all that I am. Thank you guys. Keep up all the great efforts to remind us dumb humans that we are free and that there is no where to go, nothing to do. Love to you.

C: This is great to hear! Sounds like the pointers are settling in. Meanwhile, if doubts or questions arise, or if there is still an assumed belief that there is "a me on a path", look deeply into the space - where does this assumed "I" arise from? That Empty Naked Being is YOU; while the "I" is a thought and is not What You Are ... YOU are That Awareness prior to consciousness, which appears here and now as the sense of being "I am". Seeing this once and for good ends the notions of seeking, seeker, and any path. Then it is clear that all paths lead away from Paradise and the Home you never left is right here, right now.

Q: What you write is true and I'm grateful for your clarity. Paradise is right here but at the moment thoughts take my awareness out of the stillness.  So my practice is to experience this peace on more of a constant basis as I know this is the only place that exist. Thanks for your correspondence. Love, P.

C: Awareness is NOT a belonging, NOT AN OBJECT! And "you" cannot EVER either attain OR escape this Awareness ... it is YOU ... this is simply the Eternal; Beingness that IS - this Spacelike Awareness belongs to NO one. In short, it ain't YOUR Awareness; it is just ... empty Ordinary Non-conceptual Presence-Awareness. You do not need to practice to BE. YOU ARE. THAT is the incontrovertible indestructible Eternal Awareness.

Don't confuse personal consciousness of "stuff" with Timeless BEING-Awareness!

C: thank you Charlie. I love your passion and focus

C: Okay, you are most welcome. Stay in touch, as Oneness moves you to do that. Meanwhile ponder: Where does this “sense of being a me, a personality” come from? See what is seen, and notice that all this that appears, appears in the Eternal Non-conceptual Impersonal Being-Awareness that you truly are. That is the beginningless timeless ever-fresh true nature of this Isness - arising right here and right now, whatever “time” the clocks say it is and wherever “you’ apparently are, as Living Aliveness Itself.


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