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09 oct 08 - on realizing god

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09 Oct 2008 - on Realizing God

 Q: I caught one of your videos on YouTube and wanted to ask you if you have become broad enough to realize god, i call it god, you can call it what you like, out of existence and both in and out? 

C: This Loving Oneness (god or whatever label you like) cannot Be Known. To "know" Oneness there would have to be a sense of separation FROM Oneness. Who cannot see the fault in that logic? Being, Awareness, Livingness is right here. That registers all thoughts, emotions, stories, identities etc. in Timeless Space. YOU ARE THAT.

Q: Yes, I do perceive this, what I was referring to was the process. Some would say that enlightenment is "now" and that it takes no time, and it does not, for those who are enlightened, but enlightenment does take time and it is a process when you are in the midst of it, at least it was for me, but I can only speak of my own experiences, not for yours or others.  To realize god, is to realize god in existence and out of existence, and in both and be able to have sufficient ground, to be big enough to realize god both within and without as the one. To see god in gods terrible, torridness, and to see god's magnificent beauty and to have realized that underneath it all, its nothing, nothing to speak of.

C:  Well said.

Q: You are Guru, I bow at your lotus feet.

C: YOU are "The Guru", there is ONLY You.

It's all the Mirror - The One Self.

Love, charlie

Q: Ah, well Charlie, there is only one Guru in existence and that is "I". That "I" that is reading these words and that "I" that is typing them now, is Guru.  "I", who am Guru acknowledge the Guru,"I" within you. Guru appears outside of you to push your awareness inward so that Guru within you may arise, that is the way I perceive it. But I am preaching to the preacher now aren't I.

C: remain unborn

Q: I have climbed the mountain of myself. In this place, where the air is so thin, and the coldness of truth for most would be unbearable, I can look down and see where I have come from, and survey my surroundings. In this place where there are so few, I can see others who have climbed to their peak, summit or pinnacle, out there I can see you my friend, and I know that indeed I am in resplendent company.

C: Ditto. Because you are the mirror and I am the mirror – NOT Two. More musings on This Wordlessness ….. you are the mirror and I am the mirror – NOT Two. we remain as we are, one I called we, one humanity called us, one Self called ALL-THERE-IS.... and yet - there IS no IS… No guru no disciple no path no goal no space no time no self no other yet this IS that is NOT seems so very seems that it IS.

One essence appearing as .... everything.

No one out here. You see your Self in the mirror of the empty mind, dear One.

Just poetry. I have no Truth to tell or know, not here not now, not as This.


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