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20 sept 2008 - seriously? who sayeth?

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20 Sept 2008

Seriously? Who Sayeth?

Q: Namaste. Hi David or is it Charles? People take the name very serious and I do wish to honor your form. But maybe I could call you unbroken consciousness, or would you mind if I called you Shiva?

C: Take the name seriously? NOT HERE. You can call this body whatever you like. Names that have been attached to this include asshole, hey you, jackoff, chuck, me, I, you, charlie, david, charles, chip, "spiritual names" narendra and ishan, a numerology name "harleigh"; also "the evil one", "the holy one", a master, a fool, a bhagavan, a fake, "another false guru", and a total phony (that's my favorite - every "identity" is PHONY!). So what?

If you believe you are your body and its name, and believe you are a "personal you", a personal powerful (I am great and I make it happen!) or powerless entity (O poor me I am such a weak litle schmuck) - in other words, if you assume you ARE an entity, an independent force for either good or bad, success or failure, a separate ENTITY (a THING) with choice and will and independent existence apart from the seamless totality, you will and must project that assumed entity out and append it to other patterns of energy that you assume are also “real persons” with self-important attachments to names and a lot of other bullshitty stuff.

Q: Well, I do not wish to write this way to make this form seem special; we are trying to be ordinary here so I guess we are not that ordinary yet, LOL -

C: Trying to be ordinary!? WHO! So you want to be special by being ordinary and not special? You are out of luck.  Some call this that You Really Are "Ordinary Awareness". That pointer has nothing whatsoever to do with "being ordinary" like a person being humble or some such nonsense! Besides which, let’s be clear - You have my unconditional Love. Now you want my approval. Not a chance!

Q: As you see we encounter many problems here.

C: What we? You got a mouse in your pocket? There is NO “we” anywhere. Just words, little turds or farts of energy called “language” – AKA the house of ignorance.

Q: I send this mail out of curiosity wanting advice from an enlightened being - or at least someone that seem very conscious.

C: If I ever meet one of those I will let you know what she or he has to say! Actually I did have a cat once who was absolutely enlightened! I will share HIS Divine Word with you: MEOW! Got it?

Again let’s be clear: There is no such thing as AN enlightened being (person). There are no such “beings”. All there IS, IS The One - BEING (Singular!).

Q: I do not like to judge peoples state of awareness but that is how this mind works.

C: So you say. But what is speaking and assuming it’s being heard? What is this claim that you know how a mind works? Show me this “mind!” It is a four letter word, a thought-form. Like a cloud in the sky of Being-Awareness, and nothing real at all! Who are you that assumes these false beliefs and re-asserts them like so know-it-all? Look into these false assumptions! You talk to yourself and listen to yourself and then ignorantly assume there is a speaker and a listener. Totally false – look and see, where is this separate I-ME that still claims it thinks and talks and wants and is not already whole and complete?

Q: 1. Do I have to go to India or some place to meet a guru or enlightened being to continue my development? Some say that even the presence of an enlightened person that can be in the state of total now and higher consciousness will help you to lower your own number of thoughts and raise your consciousness.

C: To REPEAT a singular pointer: There is no such thing as AN enlightened being (person). There are no such “beings”. All there IS, IS The One - BEING (Singular!). So, “some say” all sorts of bullshit. WHO would need to go to “Indiato BE what you already ARE? Who assumes there is something to "develop"? That one just does NOT exist in Reality. So that will be futile yet who knows, anything could happen in this dream! Wherever "you" go, Here You Are.

Q: I have always been looking for things externally and this to me just seems like another attempt to look for the solution on the outside, like this mail.

C: You are sensing that this "externally oriented approach" is absolutely FUTILE, yes? So what makes “you” keep doing what doesn’t work? What is the alive energy that propels that body to write and think? Look into yourself and notice that Aliveness which powers it all, breathing, heartbeat, the sun, the entire universal appearance. That infinite Impersonal Universal Power, One Absolute Prior-To-Consciousness, that ONE “manifesting” as Intelligence-Energy, IS the Timeless Real; that arises as all of it, including the fake seeker’s  claim of "I am me" and "I think and I feel" - which is merely a false claim made in language and reported ad infinitum - but repeating lies ain’t ever gonna make ‘em TRUE!

Q: 2. My meditation is not going as well nowadays as it used to, I am not being in the same state of meditative consciousness as I used to be. What to do? I can’t force my self to become meditative.

C: WHO meditates? WHO claims it is or is not going well? Who says anything is “mine”? Seek the core of that “one you call I-me” that CLAIMS it is doing this mediating, thinking, feeling, knowing, or NOT knowing. WHO ARE YOU? What is writing the script, authoring the play and acting the play out? Find that entity if you can (BUT notice that you will never find what does not exist!)

Get the answerless answer to that query and what is found - by no one - is that there IS NO PERSON with these imaginary troubles and woes. Where is this “poor me” that wants advice and also claims it cannot force itself to become anything, more meditative or any other “Something-I-Am-Not-Already” that “Will-Become-That-Someday”??

Q: 3. I wish your form health sincerely from beyond my heart, so that more people may get your excellent help and so that you can laugh some more. A small tear I feel right now.

C: Thanks - but once more, to be completely clear: It’s ALL imagination. There is no one here and no one there and yet there appears laughter and tears. Nothing is actually happening, and yet, it IS a VERY vivid and real-appearing DREAM. The issue is you like some of the dream and dislike other parts of it while lazily ignoring the pointers that exhort you to investigate WHO or WHAT is THAT which never changes right here right now always ever eternally fresh, alive and indisputable? Being- ONE, All, Nothing, Unborn, Timeless, Spacelike – these point to that which has NO attributes and is NOT an object that another object “I-Myself) could ever attain!

Q: [I suppose I should] stop thinking so much about this mail and be present instead.

C: If “you” can! But LOOK: Who will do or not do this? Besides you are already present and aware! You cannot NOT be present. Only some ideas "I am present" or "I am not present" might appear but these thoughts appear IN this Presence. There ain’t NO WAY OUT of This Presence! Who cannot see this?

Ponder these pointers and let the false be seen as false!

“Who is beating your heart right now? Who creates the next thought? Who brought the sperm and egg together that generated the body? Who grew your body? Who is functioning the body? Who is generating the thoughts in the brain/mind? Basically, the “who” is entirely conceptual, an assumption, not a real thing in itself. It is a notion. That notion is doing nothing at all!” – John Wheeler

"Everyone is the Self and indeed, is infinite. Yet each person mistakes his body for his Self. In order to know anything, illumination is necessary. This can only be of the nature of Light; however, it lights up both physical light and physical darkness. That is to say, that it lies beyond apparent light and darkness. It is itself neither, but it is said to be light because it illumines both. It is infinite and is Consciousness. Consciousness is the Self of which everyone is aware. No one is ever away from the Self and therefore everyone is in fact Self-realised; only – and this is the great mystery – people do not know this and want to realise the Self.  Realisation consists only in getting rid of the false idea that one is not realised. It is not anything new to be acquired. It must already exist or it would not be eternal and only what is eternal is worth striving for”. ". - Sri Ramana Maharshi

"Once the false notion ‘I am the body’ or ‘I am not realised’ has been removed, Supreme Consciousness or the Self alone remains and in people’s present state of knowledge they call this ‘Realisation.’ But the truth is that Realisation is eternal and already exists, here and now". - Sri Ramana Maharshi

“The thought 'who am I?' will destroy all other thoughts, and like the stick used for stirring the burning pyre, it will itself in the end get destroyed." ". - Sri Ramana Maharshi

“Give up all questions except one: ‘Who Am I’?” – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj



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