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25 Aug 08 ~ "shock and awe"

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Shock And Awe

Q: Hi Charlie, There was a recent shock in this mind-body organism as it was discovered that there is not the unborn and the born as two things.

A: Shocking indeed! But -- to whom?

Q: Is it true that the unborn is also consciousness at play?

A: Conceptually, sure. Consciousness at rest, Consciousness in motion, are NOT TWO. Consciousness or Beingness IS all there is.

But the concept ain’t the reality of This Nondual Isness. Now: What is That which asks and what is That which answers? BOTH are only appearances in what is Real -- YOU are That in which question and questioner appears. So in this, there is no “truth” -- and all there IS is "truth'. Not Two.

Q: It has been a pointer to see that there is an infinite context and then there is whatever is being experienced as the finite.

A: Finite and infinite are both this -- and neither is this. So – that is still linguistically just conceptual dualism. AKA bullshit, not to put too fine a point on it! You see, “Context” and “Content” are NOT Two. And in any case BOTH are merely concepts! This that is pointed to is that Understanding beyond concepts and THAT is the not-conceptual-natural-understanding that belongs to No One.

Q: What got knocked out was the perception that the unborn is emoting a play of form and function. This statement now seems separate. The unborn and the dream are "not-two."

A: So that IS cool! And, Not-Two, of course! But caution that the concept is NOT the actuality! So that is all okay so far as “language" goes, but THIS is prior to language -- it's sensed "here" that this is seen "there" by no-one, yes? But all this is just bubbles of Being - an appearance in (or as) what you are -- This Empty Presence. Yes? In any event it does sound like there was/is a sense of this timelessness  – I describe this as a “dying before you die” to paraphrase the sage Bankei. Yes? But again for whom? :-)

Q: It was in the context of reading some Ramesh [Balsekar]. There was also something said by him that spoke to that -- there is only pure functioning.

A: Yes. This is (as a pointer)  the “functioning of Totality” but the concept is NOT what is pointed to by Ramesh, or this appearance, or any so called “other” in the guise of “teacher”. Or “friend”. By the way, utterly irrelevantly, “I” do adore the appearance called “Ramesh”!

Q: If this shift is one of truth then what else can be said about this?

A: Absolutely nothing. There is NO “truth” in THIS. Because “truth” is concept and THIS so-called “shift”, which happens outside of time and to no-one, is Beyond Concept. That said, well -- welcome to the Home you never left!

Mind you, this can be a very common “experience” and the warning here is do not take ANY “experience” to be the Reality of what is pointed to. This is beyond concept and beyond experience. What does that leave? Nothing. Just That. That, No Thing, yet appearing as Every apparent Thing -- THAT Thou Art!

So finally look into this, and ponder:

Francis Crick - Nobel Prize recipient in medicine for deciphering the DNA code said, ‘You, your joys, sorrows, memories, ambitions, your sense of identity, free will and love are no more then behaviors of a vast assembly of nerve cells’.’’ – And, “Anything that appears in the manifested reality - whether it appears as a thought, mind, body, other, no-one, – anything, nothing - is, in the final understanding, just appearance in a non-conceptual awareness”.

~ John Greven

So: Where is the doer in this? There is NO shift, NO awakening, NO realization., NO “truth”. All there is -- is all there is.

That. Only That.


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