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09 Sep 2008 - There is No "Me" - And Yet, I AM

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09 Sept. 2006

There’s No “Me” - Yet, I AM

Q: The last few weeks have been tough, anxiety felt like it was gonna blow me up and I didn't know what to do. But then I realized that when I read your material all I did was read without actually 'looking'. I have this habit of wanting to just finish anything I start reading.

C: Lots of people have that one … to rush forward without really stopping to look where the pointers point. Good catch!

Q: So I went back to “Paradise Found” and read slowly, and in the last few days there seems to be a difference, I don't know what it actually is but I’ve started to do things that I used to find near impossible, like getting out of bed....LOL!

C: The pendulum swings both ways, from lethargy to energy, sickness to health etc. Now what is that which never changes, that IN which the pendulum swings? THAT is what is continually pointed to as the Reality that allows for the entire appearance to appear, the unmanifest to manifest, the Absolute to appear as the relative.

Q: When there are anxious feelings I now automatically ask, 'who's anxious?', 'Where is the 'I' or 'me' that says it feels anxious?', 'who is it that is asking these questions?' - No answer - Who, who , who, who , who, who, & where - show yourself - no answer!

C: THAT is what you are – no-answer, no-thing, there is no personal entity doing a anything, there is the direct seeing that yes, there is no me, and yet, I AM. Just That: I AM and prior to language.

Q: When there are no thoughts, then sometimes images will pop up or subtle feelings but they all come & go - without thoughts, images, & feelings - what is there? - is there anything?

C: There is Nothing. There is Everything. Absolute appearing as Relative. Being. Awareness-Consciousness. Aliveness. THAT eating a heart and growing hair 24/7 until the organism disintegrates. No one was born. THIS – Birthless and Deathless, One No Thing essence appearing as all that arises – a quiet wow.

Q: One pointer that felt like how a Mike Tyson punch would probably feel like was your pointer to question: What is prior to language? When we were all babies we knew no languages, we couldn't talk, there was no 'I' or 'me', yet the body didn't die - it still functioned perfectly! - So how did that happen? Is there perhaps something other than 'I' or 'me' that is actually the godfather undercover?

C: No. There is ONLY Being, being nothing, being something, being everything. NOT two. No mummies and daddies in the background taking care of us or pulling the strings. There is NO such thing as a “Father-Mother-God" apart from a language of dualism that assumes “I am me” and “There are others", and "a Big Dude named God” running this show. ALL there is is The Show. AKA EVERYTHING.

Q: Many thanks for your pointers, emails, & website - thank you, much love.

C: It's my pleasure, dear One. Much Love right back atcha, “me called not me”. One I AM, appearing as many. The magic show! Enjoy!


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