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04 nov 08 - what is the 'final understanding'?

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What IS 'The Final Understanding'?

Q: I hear about a “Final Understanding” and I wonder, can you say what that is?

C: Sure. There is no final understanding. That is the final understanding. The more “useful” question is, where is that “I-me” that asks this and considers that there is something other than this beingness-presencing here and now for this me-thought to “attain someday”? Where is that “me”? If you claim “I am me”, well, is that really true? What’s your evidence? In your own being-experience? Notice that it is a self referral conception while the non-conceptual Is-Ness remains eternally untouchable and lovingly allowing it all to seem real – until the pointers come at that and an investigation happens. Then it’s clear and obvious that you ARE and that is not a “me-identity”. In short, it was a dream that no one woke from.

Here’s The Good News:

There is absolutely no reality to, or need for, some imaginary “shift”, “awakening”, enlightenment” or any other conceptual-experiential story that the seeker tells herself or himself is not happening yet despite all his or her practices and inquiring etc. None. Why? Because in actual FACT you already ARE, and that Is-Ness is all that’s being pointed to as your True Self, the Eternal Awareness behind the appearances and stories.

This is YOU conscious of being. Undeniable yet so often overlooked until it’s clearly pointed out. There never was “an energetic contraction” or a “flip-flop between ‘me-ing and be-ing’ – all that stuff is an irrelevant and meaningless story, of a believed in and assumed believer story, told by words and what you are has never been a word! (If “you” are a word which one are you? If you are a word how come that word is not there all the time, even in deepest sleep?)

When it gets pointed out from clarity that no such entity as a me ever existed, that what you are arises from absolutely nowhere as the consciousness that is present and aware of being present, then the inauthentic assumption of a separate “me” fades quite naturally and effortlessly. There is no need for protracted practices or asking endlessly 'what am I?' (which is another mental story happening right within the Is-Ness that is Aware and Awake as conscious presence.) When clarity dawns through the story and what is seen is the undoubtable light of being-presencing, then the search ends as the seeker is no longer a focus in mind. The mind is seen as words, feelings, emotions, story, and storyteller, appearing in the empty fullness of the luminous love that allows the whole show to appear and subside like a hologram appears as an “expression” of Laser Light.

Let’s be really clear on this point: a still mind is still a mind. A peaceful state is still put a passing state. That state, that mind (thoughts including the core thought “I”) all are appearing and disappearing in the whatever-word-you-like such as Beingness, Nothingness, Emptiness that You really are.

This is what is pointed to by all pointers, such as “know thyself”. What John Wheeler points to as “The Light Before Consciousness”. (A book I highly recommend, by the way. Get it HERE.) The True selfless nature of That is … Love.

So ….. that’s a lot of words to point to the wordless natural and original statelessness that you truly are. Perhaps something will be seen. However as we point out the obvious clear presence of consciousness, arising on the no thing of the Ultimate Absolute Nondual Is-Ness, then the words will have been worth typing.


“There is no greater mystery than this: Being Reality ourselves, we seek to gain Reality”. – Sri Ramana Maharshi

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