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27 sept 08 - where does "I am" come from?

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27 Sept 2008

Where IS ‘I AM’ Located?

Q: Firstly, a word of thanks for your writings and videos....I really do appreciate you taking the time to point out to all the truth of non-duality. Your pointing resonates with me, however I am not sure where I AM located.

C: NOWHERE. This Awareness that You actually ARE HAS no "location" and no beginning, no end. Where does NOW start? When did HERE begin?

Q: My body/mind is here in north east England but I don't understand that I was never born and will never die and that I am non-local.

C: This CANNOT be "understood." This Awareness TRANSCENDS the mind of language and identity, and the seeing is, 'there is  no me, and yet, I AM". All that was "born" was an IDEA of "being me". THAT idea dies into deep sleep at night and is "born" of a morning on "waking". The Unborn is Being Itself! THAT is the Aliveness that beats the heart in that deep sleep.

Dear One: You cannot get it; you ARE it. One-With-No-Other. One without a second. Oneness just that. These words point to That which is PRIOR to language. You are THAT.

Q: I would appreciate it if you would help me out here. I would love to share a couple of beers with you.

C: Help who? I see no person there who need help nor do I see a person here who would offer help. This is a dream; you dream you are a person and dream there is a dream teacher who would help ypu understand you are dreaming. But if it is ALL one, ALL One Dream, who would be either awake OR asleep?


Q: Thanks again Charlie.
No centre ..... no boundary.
No self .... no other.
No inside or outside.
No past or future.
Pure awareness in which all is appearing unbidden.
Warmly welcoming.
Pure emptiness....vastly filled.
No future.  No here or there.

C: Bingo!





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