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11 sept 08 - who is frustrated

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11 Sept 2008

WHO is Saying “I Am Frustrated”?

Q: I read on your website that you spent close to 30 years searching?  Wow!  I've been at it less than 10, and I'm frustrated.  I conceptually understand it all, but there isn't any experience to go along with it.

C: You say "I" am "frustrated". WHO is that I? Where IS that I? Is it a real "entity" with any independent power apart from That Which Powers The Sun? What IS That Power? Is it a personal matter? Where is this "person" in deep sleep?

This is NOT a concept and NOT an experience – it is NOT for "you" because "you" do not exist! All there is is BEING, a Seamless Whole with nothing separate or apart from It - and THIS we call IT is NOT an "IT" at all, NOT a thing another thing can "know" - so language fails miserably to even point - language cannot represent, describe or evoke so language is simply the wrong tool for this Understanding That Belongs To No One).

What IS, the Timeless Reality, is PRIOR to language.


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