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26 August 2008

All Is Lost!

Q: I want to thank you for the continuous flow of pointers coming from your website to my mail box.  I open your “nowsletters” last, because I know I’ll be drawn into the land of unexpected happenings.  One of the tributaries I followed landed me on Tony Parson’s doorstep. He pounced on me like a spider on its prey.  I approached one of his books, “Nothing Being Everything”, with the complacent curiosity I reserve for the mind thrills I’ve come to expect from the usual non-dual suspects --  [names several ‘famous teachers’] -- you know the list better than I. Mr. Parsons stopped me in my weary tracks and threw this brain against a wall.  The man has no mercy; he took my best hiding place and tossed me out with a laugh. This spot won’t work, being is already here!  Now I know with absolute clarity that all there is is this.  Then, lest I find refuge in clarity, he reminds me that of course, clarity isn’t liberation. It’s just this, being clear.  So here I am, knowing the end is near, running from it and toward it at the same time.  Lord help me, all is lost!  Anyway, I owe it to you Charlie, thanks for being.

Charlie: Now this is the great good news! The home you never left, the love that belongs to no one!

Remember, in This there is no "becoming, no "someday when", no "end that is near", absolutely NOT!

In this Seamless Whole there is only everything appearing in what You already always ARE - Timeless Presence, appearing as aliveness and what "we" call birth and death, sleep and dream and waking, appearance and disappearance, are simply "aspects of a seamless whole" and That thou art.

Nowhere to go no one to go there, nothing to get no one to get no thing.

This is all there is. Emptiness full, Stillness moving, Silence screaming

Welcome Home!


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