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Just stay with your own undeniable sense of being. Now the joke is you cannot NOT stay with being! So it is that simple -ultimately. That is all there is to "staying with I Am."


To claim that following Sri Nisargadatta’s injunction to “Stay with I am" and refuse all other following thoughts after I Am is “tough” or to assert “I am not one-pointed enough” indicates that a simple point is being overlooked. YOU ARE. Existence IS and arises as the knowing “I sm, I exist.” That truth when ignored results in mistaking the simple staying with this knowing-existence and discarding all identities except that Single One I Am requires effort or struggle. That is the misconception that you are actually a separate being and must exert all kinds of effort to “not be” that separate being. But ALL of that is a story told by the false entity that continually proves its separate existence to itself ONLY through it’s own ignorant assertions. This is too simple: You ARE, Being. You are NOT a thing that thought can know or grasp. All thoughts of I apart from all that is are based on the one core misconception that a thought – the one letter word thought “I” - is what you That is all there is to get. Don’t refuse to get that; it takes no effort to realize you are not a thought but actually the Space in which all thoughts arise and subside, like blowing clouds in an empty sky. And the Light of the Sun – analogous to your True Blissfully Ever-Present Self – is never actually missing, only overlooked.


When you believe that a voice in your head that says "I am trying to not believe the voice in my head but ..." you are believing that voice saying "I am trying." Just see that right now, and do notice that "this voice" saying I am tis or that is appearing right here in your own Being, without which there could not BE any voice or any silence. You must see that the "voice" is not always talking in your head, right? The obvious example is deep sleep. No voice, yet, you are, and that you-are-ness beats the heart and breathes the body. No mind, only Being. When that voice says "I don't know how to do inquiry" or "I am doing it all wrong", that is the voice telling you lies and so long as the lies are believed there will be an appearance of being separate. But again, where does all that go in deep sleep? This is not complex. It's just the simplicity of seeing that a thought is not what you are. Inquiry consist in a) knowing and trusting that what you are is Being and only Being, and b) dropping all identification with the thought "I". Keep it simple.


This is stunningly simple.

You are This Presence of Awareness, absolutely Empty and Meaningless.

You are NOT a concept, NOT an experience, NOT a thing the mind can grasp or own.


There are no "enlightened persons."

There is only already Enlightenment that belongs to no one.

To realize that there is no enlightenment a person can attain  ...

... because there IS NO PERSON ...

           ......   is Enlightenment.

In Summary:

YOU ARE - EMPTY. Being-Awareness-Peace.


... all you can say to what you ARE is NOT THAT NOT THAT.

Now you are self realized.

Always NOW.


Don't Miss The Elegant Simplicity Of This.

Something sees these letters and sees the forms called words, and that same ever-present something sees the space between the letters and the words, the screen of the computer that allows these to appear, and the space in which computer, body, knower, and seer, appear.


That Space of Being Awareness effortlessly holds and allows it all to be. As it is. No resistance. Eternally Presencing Reality. Did you overlook all these spaces and the Space-Awareness that allows it all to appear? Right here and now are you overlooking the Being-Presence that allows the seeing of the body? The observing of the I thought that appears? What is seeing? Being sees and sees the appearance of a self, reading. That Being is what You are. It takes NO time or effort to BE. This, Being-Eternally-existing, is what you are. Don't believe the voice in your head that tells you that you are a thing that can suffer and die. Being as you are means abandoning all identities once and forever. You are That - Being, and nothing else.


You have read the books. You have practiced inquiry. You have meditated, seminared, done yoga, practiced breath control, read more books, asked endless questions of so-called teachers, served the guru, been a good boiy or girl, cleaned up your past, forgiven your father and mother, gone to church and ashram and mosque and temple and made burnt offerings endlessly to stone statues and pictures of long dead so-called sages … and where has that gotten you?


You seek and never find. Like a cat chasing its tail, except, YOU think “I am getting closer and closer to thee, My Tail”! It MUST be occurring to you that maybe you are looking for something that ISN'T REAL, and moreover looking WITH  something that ISN'T REAL..

All this is happening/has happened/will only happen as appearances IN this Infinite Presence. This Presence IS Utterly Unimaginable and Utterly Unavoidable. There is NO exit from Presence. There is NO entry to Presence. Presence IS and cannot be known, experienced or grasped. Seeking is absolutely BOUND to fail!

In this Presence there is NO you and NO me. There is ONLY This Presence. Full Stop.

BAKE in This Presence. Let This Presence cook the ego. What will remain is what IS here and now: Freedom. Life. Just That. Nothing else.









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NOTE If there is persistent and deep psychological suffering, please make sure there is not a physical component. If you have thoughts of suicide there may be a mechanical element ... get a good physician and/or psychiatrist (NOT a psychologist) to look at the machine and see if it has some chemical imbalance. Non-duality is NOT a substitute for proper medical assessment and care!