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1. "I AM UNBORN" - Talks With Sri Nisargadatta 

2. Pradeep Apte's "Nisargadatta Quotes"

3. Free version of "Perfect Peace" by Charlie

4. Free version of "Paradise Found" by Charlie


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You Are Unborn Deathless Being

You are NOT a THING. You were never born. You are “like space” – empty, meaningless, neither here nor not here. There is no IS. Before and after are nonexistent. There is only what IS and THAT is NO THING. Yet THAT seemingly appears as everything. But NothingEverything are NOT TWO. And THAT concept is NOT TRUE EITHER.

Seeking "Wholeness, Completion, Happiness, Love or "Liberation" from “Another”, whether that "revered other" be a "Guru, Guide, Lover, or Friend", is a perfect way to avoid Paradise. Paradise is THIS. Just as it Is and just as it Isn’t. All seeking "out there" is a dream of a “me”, foolishly knocking on the door to Paradise, from inside Paradise. Paradise is only lost in seeking it. This Loving Oneness Cannot Be Known. To “know” Oneness there would have to be a sense of separation FROM Oneness. Who cannot see the fault in that logic?

(Download or get print copy of "Paradise Found", "NO WAY OUT", "Perfect Peace", "From I Am To I Am With Love", "Life After Death" and other books at discount here)

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A Review of "Paradise Found" by Rodney Stevens

Charlie Hayes graciously sent me a copy of his excellent Paradise Found: Recognizing and Living as the Infinite Love That You Are (Nondual Expressions, $24.95). It's a nondual, no-nonsense hodgepodge of quotes, pointers, humor, discussions, and admonitions (e.g., "Look for yourself. Don't believe, disbelieve, accept, or deny any concept!"). Up front, Charlie furnishes us not only with the basics of the book, but of ourselves: "YOU are Awareness, simply being. No one can say they do not exist. That existence, the sense of 'I' as in 'I Am,' is undeniable and inescapable...So the simple pointer is, what you are IS That Presence of Awareness."

I think of Charlie as America's Nisargadatta. His toughness is matched only by his compassion. I get the feeling that if he were to toss you out of one of his discussions in Enid (Oklahoma) for being overly conceptual, he would give you a hug first. (I can't see the sage from Bombay doing that!)

And speaking of teachers, Charlie's nondual lineage is absolutely top-of-the-line: He came to his understanding through the writings of and conversations with Bob Adamson (who was taught by Nisargadatta) and Bob's premier "student," John Wheeler. It goes without saying, then, that Paradise Found is not to be missed. You can order the book from Amazon or (for only $19.95,a $5.00 discount) from Charlie's store at:

(Rodney’s excellent Blog can be found HERE.)



About Charlie’s Latest Book,

Paradise Found

"Charlie's book - 'Paradise Found' - contains all that a seeker needs to realize what they are. Yet as Charlie so eloquently and ruthlessly puts it - nothing is needed, there is nothing to realize, what you already are is nothing - no-thing... any "one" who could benefit is more of the same illusion, the false assumption of personal and limited being, the erroneous self-center which appears to need realization.

"Charlie uses words and levity brilliantly to point to THAT which is prior to words, THAT which contains the ideas of seeking and enlightenment, suffering and peace... THAT ON WHICH the entire dream appears to appear.

"'Paradise Found' combines quotes from various "teachers", along with his own experiences and conversations with "seekers" to form a consistent theme - "YOU" ARE NOT! The YOU you've taken yourself to be is a FICTION.

"If you consider yourself a seeker, this book does only what any clear and direct teaching can do - give you no ground on which to stand, give you no handle to hold, give you no self in which to retreat, give you no hope or meaning, leave you totally and completely naked, swinging in the breeze... pointing to the fact that the very idea of YOU is only ever an appearance in the clear ocean of timeless awareness which you've always been".

~ Randall Friend

Paradise found, "From I Am to I Am with Love" and Charlie's other books are available for DISCOUNT international purchase and shipping, and also for immediate DOWNLOAD, HERE



A Review of "From I Am to I Am With Love"


Charlie tells it like it is and delivers the timeless message of Advaita in the tradition of Sri Nisargadatta and Bob Adamson. From the very first pages you are given the tools to know who you are and to investigate that until there are no doubts left. I am so grateful to Charlie for creating this guide book and sharing his time and energy without which knowing that "I Am" would have been mere words. Through the efforts of people like Charlie, there is a growing movement in Advaita today that was first sprouted in India, cultivated in Australia and has now taken root here in America. If you are finally finished wondering when "you" will get it, read this book and end the search.


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