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Resolve Your Authentic Identity First

If there is a sense of longing for love, happiness or peace, a feeling of needing to locate a truth, a sense of something still missing or something wrong, you must resolve the core issue of your real “self-identity” right from the beginning. Knowing what you are and also knowing what you are not is essential to realizing the natural state of your true Being. But knowing what you are not (not that not that, not body not words not this or that) will not necessarily give the final push into the Eternal State. One can spend a whole lifetime on self-inquiry, yoga, study of scriptures, meditation, worship, or any other path of “becoming” and “someday” and end up with nothing more than extreme frustration - unless the core issue of authentic identity is not resolved right out of the gate.

Do you know what you really are? Get THAT handled first.

What are you? Undeniable Being. YOU ARE. Any doubt about that? Awareness IS. Any question that Awareness IS?

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