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28 sept 08 - watching the magic show

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28 Sept 2008

Watching The Magic Show Called ‘Life’

Follow-up from Jeremy (listen to his Hardball IV audio)

J: Everything is really evening out! I owe you the credit for the final push, although on a deeper level there is total understanding that "you" did not do anything and "I" had nothing to understand because neither one of us exists!! That does bring deep peace, who is there to feel guilty, judge people, hold grudges, worry about wrong decisions yada yada yada, when there are NO PEOPLE doing anything, no decisions have ever been made on any level and no mistakes, accidents, tragedies, etc, EVER because WHO WOULD THEY HAVE HAPPENED TO? Everything is a divinely orchestrated masterpiece dancing to infinitely perfect intelligence, we (whatever that means) THE AUDIENCE OF NONE simply watch it all unfold NOW


C: Thanks for this great good news!

As John Wheeler says, “Settle in with the awareness-presence, and whatever its characteristics are, naturally become evident. That is already present, but overlooked. Just as being and awareness are ever-present but often not recognized, so is the non-suffering and unchanging freedom of your ever-present true self. I can only point; it is up to you to see it for yourself”.

All any “expression” of this can do is point. You did the looking and now the fruits are here. Congratulations! Love ya.





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