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01 Nov 2008 - What Is A Who?

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What is a Who?

Q: I am asking who am I 24/7 as much as I can…

Okay: Now there is just one tiny question ...

What is asking 'who am i'?

All arises from out of no where - to whom? And who asks this?

Love asks for itself to be known yet it is already here already now already forever for noperson everywhere now.


Ponder this from "Paradise Found" – Chapter 75:

Question: Awareness of I AM seems to be the key that unlocks the door that isn't really there. Staying with the Awareness I AM seems to be so simple, pure and natural. But then along comes an identification with some event or aspect of "the story" and whoosh a trap door seems to open into the jungle of thought and confusion. No light in that jungle. A complete "forgetting." Round and round I go trying to see and sort it out (suffering) until finally I give up (Surrender). That Surrender seems to lead back into the light.

C. And ALL of that happens in this Presence of Awareness. This Awareness is NOT a “thing” that comes and goes. IT IS.  And this Isness registers all the comings and goings of thoughts, sensations, identifications with a story, feelings, sensations … sentience appears in That and THAT is what NEVER changes. You cannot escape That. IT IS, Being-Awareness-Aliveness, present and clear prior to and during and after all movements of thoughts feelings etc. Surrender? Who is there to do that? Dissolution of the false happens when there arises an investigation into the nature of the I or me we have mistakenly taken our self to be.

Q: How to stay in the Awareness of I AM and let the story flow?

C. You cannot escape that. Wanting to “stay in That” is happening IN that. It is like water to the fish: So clear and obvious that it is overlooked (but the analogy falls short because Awareness, unlike water, is NOT a thing you can grasp or know.) Awareness is the Silence of Stillness knowing; the knower and known are illusions arising IN that Being-Awake-And-Aware Aliveness that is the Real. THAT is non-conceptual and therefore cannot be grasped by the “I” which is itself only another concept. That I can never “know Oneness.” You are NOT that I-thought which tries to stay with I AM. Being IS and that you are. Attempting to stay in That is a flip strategy for avoiding That.


“There is no greater mystery than this: Being Reality ourselves, we seek to gain Reality”. – Sri Ramana Maharshi

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