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17 sept 2008 - YOU are That IN which THIS Appears

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17 Sept. 2008

YOU are That IN which THIS Appears

Hi, Charlie; Re Hardball IV Audio, I downloaded this discussion -  I have listened to it 3 or 4 times. I laughed my ass off over and over as i realized i was just like that seeker. I could tell you I have been a seeker for 30 plus years but you would yell at me :) "Where the bleep is this seeker??" I have been working a bit with Scott Kiloby, which is where i heard you at first. Scott is wonderful but i knew i needed someone to shake the piss out of me. You did that. Beyond that i dont know what to say. Questions while they have not stopped mean nothing. I really have nothing to say but thank you and would you mind if i continue to have some contact with you until the i is shaken from the tree??

C: Thanks for writing and it sounds like there is some good seeing there. Nice to hear! Feel free to write or call as The Timeless One moves that appearance for the apparent happening of that!

Q: There is and there are really no questions left, however there is still a “person with a name” who seeks. I can not for the life of me tell you what that is but the energy or thought that has believed itself to be “me” continues. I continue to ask "Who am I" and just watch, but at times i feel like a leaf in the wind...from thought to thought. Something is clinging to "life", to not "dying". Something seems to believe their needs to be a shock to see clearly. Could just be another thought...

C: YOU are NOT ANY thought.

YOU are That IN which it all appears.

Love, Charlie

Q: Thats pretty clear...:)

I LOVE your pointers and very much love your love based harshness (IE NO Bullshit).

C: PS: YOU are NOT ANY thought.

YOU are That IN which it all appears.

Love, Charlie

Q: LOL...Got it!

C: Stay put!


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