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07 sept 08 ~ the real me is everything

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07 Sept 2008

The “Real Me” Is Everything

Q: I have fully understood that I have always been the awareness behind the world, and it (the world) has never touched the real me.

Not true. This Infinity of Being (or Awareness, soetimes used as a synonym for Being) has never been absent. Try to escape Being! Cannot be done. The point is, this – Being – is BOTH Silence and Sound, Stillness and Movement, awareness and content OF awareness. Being is BOTH this empty background “behind the world” AND the appearing “world” of forms and time, locations and apparent persons, trees, cars, bombs, presidents and peasants. All there IS is One, Being everything. Note well that one word: Everything. In short the “real me” IS BOTH “the world” and the “awareness behind the world”. Advaita: It points to This One-NOT-TWO-Ness of ALL of this! Nothing appearing as everything; one essence Being both no thing and every thing and all that arises as this "manifestation of essence" "between". Being nothing, wisdom; being everything, love. NOT two.

Q: However I go back and forth between feeling like the absolute and feeling my humaness instead of just being the witness of it.

C: Again that is just not true. And if you seek a "feeling of absoluteness" you will forever fail! "Absolute” and "Relative are simply two apparent aspects (or linguistic labels devoid of any actual substance) of this One Ocean of Beingness! So seeking to get and hold that is a fools errand. Who is separate to seek? Do you find a separate I-person apart from Being-Awareness-Aliveness??

You as Being don’t move and change yet all that changes appears not only IN that timeless space but is also arising presently AS the “manifest aspect” OF that timeless space. It is NON duality – meaning, NOT two. Or, One-Without—Second. It cannot be attained. It cannot be lost!

Q: How do I stabilize as the ultimate witness?

C: “You” do not exist apart from totality, the One. Look for a separate "me" and you find only what is Real: Nothing/Everything. So where is any question of stabilizing? This idea of “witness” also assumes something to be witnessed by a witnesser and seems to favor the witness over the totality. That is pure dualistic nonsense.  What assumes it is separate and a witness is only arising in words, language, and these sounds we call words cannot actually divide anything! Another way to see this is, if there is indeed ONLY ONE, then even these words and ideas and assumptions are ALSO that One. You simply cannot separate yourself from Everything. Who is it that assumes it is separate and asks this? Look and see if there really IS a “separate one” and then ask yourself, how can an assumed entity which is nothing but a temporal appearance of a thought either divide from totality OR stabilize as totality?

What we point out here is that EVERYTHING IS THAT. All there is, is Being. Being seemingly separated and being seemingly whole. Being all experiencing and all surmising and imagining and speculating and opining. There is ONLY Being and THAT is what is always so, eternally Real. In that there is no “me” and yet you are, knowing I AM.

Q: You have my deepest appreciation and respect, thanks for all your help.

C: Firstly, you are of course very welcome. But secondly: No one needs help to be this Totality of Being. All these ideas of helper and helpee are false assumptions of separate entities that on investigation simply cannot be found to exist apart from Being. All there is is Being and That is what is. Now paradoxically even these false assumptions are also Being, appearing as the seemingly separate subject and object. But do understand at the deepest level that nothing is actually separated and that language is simply telling itself lies! (Of course that "understanding" is a direct NON-conceptual knowingness that is already fully known and this belongs to NO ONE.) In summary: There is simply nothing to get – there is ONLY Being, being even this! There is no real “person”, no “individual” anywhere anywhen. The undivided Whole cannot be split apart. Full Stop. regardless of how many assert that there is separation. Repeating a false assertion cannot ever make it true. Assert the earth is flat. Does that make it true? Assert I am me and separated from others and this world. Does that make it true? NO!

Again, Full Stop.

Ponder this: “There is no deepening of what you are. Your nature is full and complete as is. All bondage and confusion is caused by concepts of being something other than you are and granting belief to those notions. Reality, or your fundamental identity, is not a matter or approach, time or development. That is the beauty of it. It is not becoming, but being what you are”. (From John Wheeler).

And this: Timeless Loving Oneness Cannot Be Known. To “know” Oneness there would have to be a sense of separation FROM Oneness. Who cannot see the fault in that logic?

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"You do not know what you are and therefore you imagine yourself to be what you are not. Hence desires and fear and overwhelming activity in order to escape". - Sri Nisargadatta


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