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  Consultations ~ Heart To Heart

If you would like to explore The Pathless Path Of Being, consultations are available ... inquire to for details and/or to schedule a call or an in-person meeting.

Calls can be done on Skype also. Email for instructions.

You are welcome to call USA +1 580-701-4793, between 10 AM and 8 PM Central Time (GMT -6 Hrs).

Or write us, with a brief question about your search.

For a more formal (longer) consultation please write or call to book a session. The suggested donation is $70.

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Contact for Appointment:

Skype: Charliehayes36 E-Mail: Facebook: CharlieHayes36

Telephone +1 580 701-4793 (USA Oklahoma, GMT – 6 Hours)

Thanks to all who have generously shared a few dollars to help meet the expenses and keep the site up, making the message freely available to sincere seekers around the globe!)

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Consultation, about one hour, by telephone, Skype, or in person. An MP3 recording is included and a CD can be mailed upon request. Fee US$70. Thanks for your generous support of the Message.

Heart To Heart Donations ~ If you'd like to donate to support the message you may do so with this button. Just fill in any amount from (minimum) US $5 up. (NOTE - Donations to The Eternal State - Advaita Nonduality are not tax-deductible for U.S. federal income tax purposes). If you prefer, you can mail a check or money order for any amount you want to offer to Charlie Hayes, 1111 S. Oakwood Rd. #1308, Enid OK 73703.

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